It’s Zan’s Birthday today.

She belongs to Photinus and she is one of her oldest characters. She is also the protagonist of a story that she’s been working on for years now, a story that she’s put her everything into. It’s a work in progress still, but I have never seen a story with more potential than the story of Zan, Fort, and Jin. To be honest, it reminds me of my own story, more in the development than the story itself, because I see my own struggle in hers, and I hope and pray that she is just a little ways away from spinning this story into a reality. Already, there is so much depth to her worlds and her characters, an entire cast of living breathing interesting people wandering about wide eyed in a living breathing world.

It makes me infinitely happy to hear tell of your stories, Photinus, to see that you trust me enough to let me in on the working delicate details of one of your most precious stories. You are a monumental storyteller already, Photinus, and I am beside myself with wonder to watch you grow.

Happy Birthday, Zan Pyralis! Here’s to another year of running through Aegroto with a chainsaw and taming that story! I know that you can do it, and I’ll be here for you every step of the way!

[[I am also sorry that it took me so damn long to get this to you oh god.]]

aegroto, aegrotare, aegrotavi, aegrotatus

1st conjugation verb

To be ill or sick, mentally/morally ill

Found in a graffito from the house of Marcus Vesonius Primus in Pompeii; “aegrota” was written three times. Often the repetition was used to ensure the likeliness of a curse to work. Gotta make sure that shit happens.

DIR EN GREY and Latin

As a Latin student, I thought I should apply my knowledge to something I’m passionate about. 

  • in situ - in it’s original place*
  • tabula rasa - blank slate
  • dum spiro spero - while I breath, I hope**
  • age quod agis - do what you are doing
  • ratio ducat non fortuna - let him consider reason, not fortune
  • vanitas - emptiness/uselessness/empty pride***
  • finem lauda - the final praise

*Literally “on site”
**Commonly paraphrased quote from M. Tullius Cicero in his Letters to Atticus. The full quote is “aegroto, dum anima est, spes esse dicitur” which means “to the sick man, while there is life, it is said there is hope”
***This word has a lot of meanings those are the basic ones. We get words like vanity and vain from this word.

Other things:

  • Amon refers to the ancient Egyptian wind deity Amun. The Romans considered Amon the equivalent of Jupiter (Greek: Zeus). 
  • Diabolos (διάβολος) in greek means “slanderer” or “liar” and also can mean “the Slanderer” or “the Devil”, and in Latin it is the accusative plural form of the word “diabolus” meaning “devil”.