aegean seas


Location: Aegean Sea


The Greece Runestones of Sweden

The Greece Runestones are about 30 runestones containing information related to voyages made by Norsemen to the Byzantine Empire. They were made during the Viking Age until about 1100  and were engraved in the Old Norse language with Scandinavian runes. All the stones have been found in modern-day Sweden and most of them were inscribed in memory of members of the Varangian Guard who did not make it home.

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Location: Kalamata 

I am draped in dreams. A cloak of awakenings and glorious revelry. I am defying gravity. I bathe myself royally, drenched in celestial longing. I am a renegade. Daring to love myself the way I am. Daring to be seen and not sold out. For me, I am shining my light. No permission needed. 

Oia, Santorini

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A special thank you to @houseofbohemian for this beautiful Goddess shawl. I cherish it like the treasure that it is.

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Location : Kalamata


sapphic mythology: asteria

In Greek, Asteria means ‘of the stars’. In mythology, she was the daughter of Titans Coeus and Pheobe, and the sister of Leto. She was the goddess of falling stars and nocturnal oracles. She flung herself into the Aegean Sea as a quail to escape Zeus and became Ortygia, or ‘quail island’. When her sister Leto, pregnant with Apollo and Artemis, was pursued by Hera, Asteria’s island was the one place on earth which gave her refuge.


Location : Kalamata