denerim  asked:

One ★ for all your Dragon Age characters!

(I included my two main characters from the tabletop campaign, bc it’s still Dragon Age, it excluded all the NPCs or this list would go on forever lol) 

Esben: Since leaving Anderfels he has been really interested in cooking and discovering the local cuisines while traveling. Especially (frilly Orlesian) pastries have caught his interest. …He also named his horse Cinnamon bc damn, that’s a great spice \_(ツ)_/

Arno: Because he’s an apostate but has been living as a city elf for most of his life, he is very skilled at defending himself without magic. He still owns the staff he got from the Dalish, but it’s safely kept away and he is carrying daggers instead if he’s in need of weapons. Not risking getting in trouble with the Templars, you feel?!

Sereda Aeducan: She has a little pouch in which she collects pebbles from the different corners of Thedas. When they are traveling on different missions, Alistair will collect some as well to give to her once they reunite again. Now they both collect pebbles for each other. Actually Sereda paid a smith to put one pebble in each of their wedding rings.

Emric Amell: His favourite animals are bunnies. There were some in the Circle’s garden, and they are the only thing he misses. The mabari that he adopts after Ostagar is also called Bunny now. 

Garrett Hawke: He can’t swim and also gets seasick very fast. Isabel teases him about it, but also convinces him to learn how to swim. He reluctantly agrees, but makes her swear not to tell a single soul. However, it quickly becomes the worst kept secret, although everyone of their friends pretends not to know about it. 

Marian Hawke: She can’t hold her liquor very well, so she rarely ever drinks (or stretches the drink with water). Varric: “I can’t write about the Champion ordering water in a tavern!”  Marian: “lol”

Daud Lavellan: He has troubles falling asleep because the responsibilities of being the Inquisitor and having the Mark weigh heavy on him. Some evenings he spends with Josie on the sofa in front of the fireplace, because her presence calms him a lot. In the morning she is often already gone, but he wakes up covered with a blanket and breakfast next to him. Other evenings he spends with Sera in the tavern - her wild tales and cookies always are a great distraction and her pillow covered room is much cozier than his own. 

Landa Lavellan: She is equally proud and worried for her younger brother Daud suddenly being the Inquisitor. They are each other’s only (related) family and her priority has always been to protect him. So the first thing she does when Clan Lavellan hears the news about him is to travel to Skyhold to be by his side. She quickly finds out he has a lot of good people around him and stops herself from mothering him. 

Luana Adaar: Luana’s dream is to own a ship. She grew up in a town by the sea and spent much of her childhood playing at the beach. Sera eventually gifts her a cool hat when Luana keeps talking dreamily about how cool it would be to become a pirate.