Thedas Connections

I love that Merrill is from the same clan as Warden Mahariel.

I love that Inquisitor Cadash is related, however distantly, to everyone’s favorite bird-hating golem, Shale.

I love that the Hawke family is related to Warden Amell.

I don’t love that Warden Surana was taken so early that they can’t remember who their family was… but I do love the potential that gives fanfiction writers to invent their own fascinating backgrounds.

I love that Warden Brosca is related to the prince of Orzammar (and that they get a statue in a special spot in Orzammar).

I love that the Trevelyan family is related to House Pavus.

I love that the Cousland’s ancestors were involved in Flemeth’s story… and also werewolves.

I love that Clan Lavellan was savvy enough to send a spy to the Conclave, and then bold enough to demand the Inquisitor be returned to them unharmed.

I love that Warden Tabris’s mom passed down a knife that has been in their family since the Exalted Marches called the fucking Fang of Fen'Harel (!!!!)

I love the letter Adaar gets from the Valo-Kas Mercenaries that has a P.P.S. that says “If you are dead, disregard this message.”

I love that House Aeducan was begun by a dwarf who led the dwarven armies against the darkspawn during the First fucking Blight, holy shit!

I love that Serault is the last destination of Divine Justinia before the Conclave, and that the poor Marquis of Serault gets kidnapped and needs to be rescued by the Inquisition!

Basically, I love that the Warden, Hawke and the Inquisitor (and even the Marquis of Serault) all have a place and history and a gods-be-damned stake in this world, regardless of where they come from.

lmao just imagine how traumatized a dwarf warden would be after the brecilian forest. they come up onto the surface and haha wow ok trees are already VERY big and slightly frightening uh? uhh???? why is that one moving?? haha um that tree is moving. it’s moving toward us hey guys why is that tree moving VERY FAST AND VERY AGGRESSIVELY TOWARDS US HAHA HEY GUYS!!!!!!

they never trust trees again. every time there’s a suspicious noise in the woods? “hey alistair, give that tree a whack with your shield.”

“what? why?”

“just checking.”

“look, im sure the whole ‘sentient tree’ thing was just the brecilian forest. this tree isnt alive.”

“how do you know?”

“well, because…because…”

“alistair please just hit the tree with your shield.”


Female Wardens arriving at Ostagar
  • The youngest daughter of Bryce and Eleanor Cousland, showing up at Ostagar broken and wounded with a snarling disposition and a propensity toward using threats of violence to address the lack of respect from her fellow recruits, determined to fulfill her last promise to her father, regardless of what the nation thinks of her family now.
  • Adaia and Cyrion Tabris’ daughter, arriving at Ostagar having already killed so many humans, she feels as if their blood will never wash off her hands and in some ways she never wants it to, suspicious and distrusting of every single human she runs across, vowing to show them all what a scrappy fighter from Denerim’s alienage is really capable of.
  • The Princess Aeducan, a princess no more, her identity erased, her title stripped, showing up at Ostagar with her head held fucking high, not caring if she has to look up to meet the glance of all the cloud heads she meets, speaking in a stern voice that commands authority and respect, staring down those who would challenge her with a withering glare.
  • The huntress Mahariel, arriving at Ostagar clinging to life, a fever raging in her blood, but on her own two fucking feet, stoically bearing the pain of Blight sickness with a quiet strength so vast even her human healers can’t help but be impressed.
  • Brosca shows up, eyes sharp and deft fingers twitching, already sizing up every person that crosses her path as a possible opponent, or even a mark, eager to get on with this whole Blight business and ready to knock some Darkspawn skulls together, performing a duty with more honor than the feckless nobles of Orzammar could ever hope to achieve.
  • Surana arrives with her swishing robes and wide eyes, feeling raw and hurt from recent betrayals, but an insatiable curiosity propels her to swallow her fears and explore the wide world around her, secure in the knowledge that lightning and fire can be called at a moment’s notice into her soft, uncalloused hands.

Female wardens, arriving at Ostagar–whether they’ve always known the world was cruel or whether they just discovered the fact, their spines are already made of steel.

am i the only one who cries like a tittybaby when i think about the fact that the inquisitor i didn’t choose got nuked at the conclave

like, adaar/cadash/lavellan/trevelyan still had every reason to be there. there were spies and noble delegates and leliana hired qunari mercs. they were theeeerree

the same thing happens in DAO with the warden you don’t choose

brosca starves to death in a prison cell while beraht does god knows what to your family to punish you, aeducan is exiled to the deep roads and presumably killed by darkspawn or turned into a broodmother, mahariel gets tainted and dies horribly and painfully from the blight, tabris either gets brutalized and murdered by vaughan or imprisoned (and presumably still brutalized and murdered…), cousland gets slaughtered along with the rest of their family, and surana and amell are probably killed by abominations or become one themselves

no hope or redemption, no friendships, love stories, rivalries. no proving themselves or making their parents proud or just making a spectacle of themselves or or or

whether it’s the warden or the inquisitor i just agonize at character creation because THESE ARE MY CHILDREN AND I AM KILLING THEM /ugly sobbing