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AEAC 30 Gauge AWG Wire 1000ft Roll Mobile phones,


AEAC repair wire 3-year warranty valid. It is strongly recommended to use a good-quality wire, for your safety

  • Brand:AEAC
  • EAN:0624586836398
  • EANList:
  • Feature:1000ft long distance to meet the demands of your work
  • Feature:Copper wire wrapped in tin exterior, more conducive to welding (scrape the surface of the tin, you will find genuine copper)
  • Feature
    External image
    ifferent color choices conducive to the maintenance infallible
  • Feature:Resistant to water, oil, solvents, fungus
  • Feature:AEAC service, 3 years warranty valid
  • Label:AEAC
  • Manufacturer:AEAC
  • PackageQuantity:1
  • ProductGroup:Home Improvement
  • Publisher:AEAC
  • Studio:AEAC
  • Title:AEAC 30 Gauge AWG Wire 1000ft Roll Mobile phones, tablet computers, navigation systems, notebook computers, walkie-talkies and other electronic products repair wires–Brown
  • UPC:624586836398
  • UPCList:
AEAC Small Digital Volt Ohm Coil Meter; Micro Portable Pocket Pro Design Multimeter Low Resistance Reader; Red LED Panel Ohmmeter & Voltmeter Resistivity Multiple Tester Wireless Build-in Coil Connector to Check the Charger of Battery
AEAC Small Digital Volt Ohm Coil Meter; Micro Portable Pocket Pro Design Multimeter Low Resistance Reader; Red LED Panel Ohmmeter & Voltmeter Resistivity Multiple Tester Wireless Build-in Coil Connector to Check the Charger of Battery

AEAC Small Digital Volt Ohm Coil Meter; Micro Portable Pocket Pro Design Multimeter Low Resistance Reader; Red LED Panel Ohmmeter & Voltmeter Resistivity Multiple Tester Wireless Build-in Coil Connector to Check the Charger of Battery

External image

  • Range for tested resistance: 0 ohm to 9.99 ohm
  • This Multimeter built-in coil threading connections for voltage and ohm readings.
  • The display is bright and easy to read its coloured red.
  • Portable pocket pro cape ohm resistance meter; plastic case, convenient to carry out
  • Requires 2 X AA batteries. Not included

This product to enjoy 2 years of free warranty service

External image

List Price: $ 39.99

Price: $ 11.99

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Kerala solar scam: Audio has Congress leader ‘tutoring Saritha’ ahead of her deposition

Television channels in Kerala Wednesday aired the audio of a purported conversation between Congress state general secretary Thampanoor Ravi and ‘solar scam’ accused Saritha S Nair in which Ravi can be heard tutoring her ahead of her deposition before a judicial commission.

In the audio, Ravi, a loyalist of Chief Minister Oommen Chandy, can be purportedly heard telling Nair that her statement before the commission should be in line with what Chandy had said. In his statement, Chandy had told the commission that he had met Saritha three times.

Both Nair, who deposed on Wednesday, and Ravi told TV channels that they had a phone conversation on Tuesday. Nair also said someone she knew may have recorded the conversation.

Listen to the recording

The purported conversation is as follows:

Ravi: Saritha, you should be able to answer questions very well. You should say you had not met Chandy in Delhi.

Nair: Okay.

Ravi: Two times in office and another time on a stage. You should watch what our man (the government counsel) says.

Nair: Okay, okay. My statement would be recorded tomorrow.

Ravi: Saritha, you should be careful… while answering questions.

Nair: That cross-examination by Bjiu (Radhakrishnan, co-accused)…

Ravi: Yes, that scoundrel. He would be trouble. The statement should be very safe.

Nair: Okay sir, I understand.

Ravi: When is the examination slated for tomorrow?

Nair: Tomorrow morning, sir…

Ravi: Yes, yes, read today’s (newspaper) Mathrubhumi.

Nair: Okay, I will. One website has given Chandy’s full statement.

Ravi: What are you going to say about the letter? (Nair had written a 21-page letter and handed it over to her lawyer while she was lodged in a jail in Pathanamthitta. It reportedly contained names of VIPs and a senior police officer allegedly linked to the scandal.)

Nair: The letter was stayed. (The Kerala High Court had Monday stayed an order of the commission to produce the letter before it.)

Ravi: What will you say?

Nair: That is a personal issue. It was not related to this issue.

Ravi purportedly advised Nair to consult the government counsel before appearing before the commission to record her statement. Nair purportedly said she would meet the counsel directly as the phones used by her and the advocate could be tapped.

Runners brave -35C in Genghis Khan Ice Marathon

Wolves and bitter sub-zero temperatures were the perils facing runners in the first Genghis Khan Ice Marathon which took runners across remote parts of Mongolia. The race was staged in breathtaking scenery in the Tuul Gol River area, a region so heavily populated with wolves that teams of dog sleds were provided to keep the runners safe as they crossed the wilderness and to carry supplies and medical equipment.

Only nine runners took part, although some support runners joined in for part of the distance, and British doctor Andrew Murray came first, in just three hours, seven minutes, with Douglas Wilson of Australia taking second place 35 minutes behind him with another Briton, Paul Dunstan, third in four hours, 12 minutes.

Still gasping for breath, Murray said afterwards: “It’s not easy but it’s absolutely perfect conditions for ice running. It started off about minus 34 or minus 35 [Celsius], it’s maybe now about minus 26 which is actually quite nice and mild for a Mongolian winter apparently. Three days ago it was minus 47.

"The one thing that’s difficult is route finding. It’s really clearly marked but you’re [busy]looking around at all the mountains, the ice, the huskies, looking out for wolves, yaks. The Mongolians are extremely friendly. They don’t know what is going on but they all give you a wee wave, a thumbs up or some sort of signal that they mind you, so it’s great.”

Australian Lucja Leonard, finished fourth overall in 4 hours, 19 minutes to take the women’s title with Slovakian Lenka Istvanova and Marina Ranger of Britain sharing second place.

Brand in Moskauer Textilfabrik: 12 Tote

Bei dem Brand einer Näherei in Moskau sind mindestens zwölf Menschen ums Leben gekommen. Nach einem Vermissten wird nach Angaben des Zivilschutzes noch gesucht. Die Polizei geht von Brandstiftung aus. Da man mehr als zwei Brandherde entdeckt habe, vermute man vorsätzliches Handeln, sagte ein Polizeisprecher. Unter den Toten sind mindestens drei Kinder. Die Flammen verwüsteten ein 3000 Quadratmeter großes Areal in der Stromynka Strasse im Nordosten der Hauptstadt. Nach einem Deckeneinsturz waren auch Rettungskräfte gefährdet. Unbestätigten Berichten zufolge handelt es sich um eine Näherei, in der Migranten beschäftigt waren. Die Opfer sollen „nicht slawisch“ ausgesehen haben.

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Should I Over-Inflate My Car’s Tires To Improve My Fuel Efficiency? Question Of The Day

A few more pounds of air might give you better gas mileage but it’s likely to do more damage in the long run.

Photo by Highways England / Flickr

Question: How much does over-inflating car tires increase fuel efficiency?

Answer: For anyone thinking about giving this a try, the short answer is a bit deflating: Not very much. Over-inflating tires to improve gas mileage is akin to taking a larger-than-recommended dose of painkillers, thinking it will work even better than the prescribed amount. You might feel better faster, but you also put yourself at risk for more serious problems.

“You can increase fuel economy by increasing air pressure,” said Mark Cherveny, manager of global regulations, standards and compliance for Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. “But the improvement would be marginal at best and Goodyear definitely does not recommend doing it.”

Car and tire manufacturers collaborate to develop optimal tire pressures for vehicles, and those pressure recommendations stem from extensive test data. “What you end up with is a tire/vehicle combination that maximizes a number of tire-performance characteristics, such as ride, comfort, handling and tread wear,” Cherveny said. “If you change the inflation pressure, you affect those attributes because you change the ‘footprint shape’ of the tire.

Photo by Antti / Flickr

“For instance, if you increase air pressure (above recommended levels), you’ll decrease the ride comfort – you’ll feel every little bump,” he said. “Moreover, it increases the risk of impact damage if you, for example, hit a pothole.” Handling on corners also deteriorates.

Here are a few more thing to consider regarding proper tire inflation. To get an accurate reading, check the air pressure after your car has been parked for at least three hours. And if you do happen to check the pressure while you’re filling up at a gas station, assume the reading you get is two to three psi higher than what the pressure will be after the tires cool off. 

You should check your tires’ pressure at least once a month because tires lose about one to two psi a month, through natural air loss. That drop is more dramatic in cold weather; tires can lose one to two psi for every 10-degree drop in temperature.

Another note of caution: The tire-pressure-monitoring systems now standard in most cars aren’t always accurate. By the time the warning indicator goes on, your tires could already be as much as 25 percent below the suggested tire pressure.

The risk is not worth any minute gain you might get.

We’re scouring the Internet to uncover interesting questions that people have posted looking for advice from the unwashed masses. We will contact experts to give you well-researched, professional advice. You can also submit questions to

Punjab declares two holidays in primary schools

Chandigarh, Jan 22 (IANS) Primary schools in Punjab will remain closed on Saturday and Monday in view of cold wave conditions, the state government said on Friday.

Education Minister Daljit Singh Cheema said all government and aided primary schools across the state would be closed on Saturday (January 23) and Monday (January 25), whereas others schools will open as per routine.

Amritsar and Ludhiana cities recorded maximum temperature of 10 degrees Celcius on Friday.

阿基師調教人妻主播 蘇瑋婷救命喊不停







Νεκρός ο άνδρας που έπεσε στις γραμμές του ΗΣΑΠ

Τέλος στη ζωή του φαίνεται πως ήθελε να βάλει ο άνδρας που πριν από λίγη ώρα έπεσε πάνω σε συρμό του Ηλεκτρικού,  μεταξύ των σταθμών Άνω Πατήσια και Περισσός…Πληροφορίες του enikos, αναφέρουν πως λίγο μετά τις 14:00 το μεσημέρι της Κυριακής, ο άνδρας αφού αρχικά έκοψε

Αυτοί είναι οι φόροι που έρχονται για κάθε κλάδο...

Η απαίτηση των δανειστών να ανοίξει… εδώ και τώρα και το φορολογικό, μαζί με το ασφαλιστικό, ο υπουργός Οικονομικών, Ευκλείδης

धुळे कारागृहात कैद्याचा आत्महत्येचा प्रयत्न

धुळे : जिल्हा कारागृहातील न्यायालयीन कोठडीत असलेल्या 21 वर्षीय तुकाराम खामकर या तरुण कैद्याने विष प्राशन करून आत्महत्येचा प्रयत्न केल्याची घटना शुक्रवारी सकाळी घडली़ त्याची प्रकृती गंभीर असून त्याच्यावर जिल्हा रुग्णालयाच्या अतिदक्षता विभागात उपचार सुरू आहेत़
दरम्यान आत्महत्येचा प्रयत्न केल्याप्रकरणी कैद्याविरुद्ध शहर पोलिसात गुन्हा दाखल केला आह़े खामकर याने सकाळी बॅरेक क्रमांक 2 च्या मागील भागात विषारी औषध सेवन करून आत्महत्या करण्याचा प्रयत्न केला़ हवालदार पंडित बोरसे यांनी सहअपराधी बंदी भिला कोळापे याच्या मदतीने त्याला दवाखान्यात नेले.
बलात्काराचा आरोपी
तुकाराम खामकर याला भादंवि कलम 376, 305 अन्वये दोंडाईचा पोलिसात दाखल बलात्काराच्या गुन्ह्यात 25 ऑक्टोबर 2015 ला पोलिसांनी अटक केली होती़ त्यास जिल्हा कारागृहात 2 नोव्हेंबर 2015 रोजी दाखल करण्यात आले होत़े तेव्हापासून तो न्यायालयीन कोठडीत आहे.