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twisted fairytales: THE LITTLE MERMAID (modern sapphic au)

Bet'cha on land they understand,
Bet they don’t reprimand their daughters.

And she sighs, and she swoons, and she’s hummin’ little tunes, even has a sorta glow!
What on earth could it be?
Any hammerhead can see! That sigh! That glow! That swoon!
Oh, no! She’s in love!

Somewhere there’s a girl who’s like the shimmer of the wind upon the water,
somewhere there’s a girl who’s like the glimmer of the sunlight on the sea,
Somewhere there’s a girl who’s like a swell of endless music,
Somewhere she is singing and her song is meant for me!

And her voice! It’s warm as summer sky,
And that sound, it haunts my dreams, and spins me ‘round,
Until it seems I’m flying…

Poor unfortunate souls, in pain, in need,
This one longing to be thinner
That one
wants to get the girl,
And do I help them? Yes, indeed!

Look at it all, hall after hall, perfect as you could please here!
Marvels galore, and even more, gee, did I mention she’s here?
And if - who knows? - all of it goes past even these extremes!
Just look at me and you will see someone beyond her wildest dreams!

Just let your emotions tell your body what to do, see how much a single gesture can reveal!
And every little step, every single step, is one step closer, to saying what you feel.

Sing with me now! Sha la la la la la, my oh my,
Look like the girl too shy ain’t gonna kiss the girl,
Sha la la la la la, ain’t that sad?
Ain’t it a shame? Too bad, she’s gonna miss the girl.

And at the ball, what will occur?
Maybe I’ll find that voice…
But I’ll lose her!

But fathers have to learn their daughters have to grow,
And if you truly love them you must let them go…
And oh, I love you so, if only you could know….
You love her
very much, don’t you?

And now at last, love has surpassed each tribulation!
Mermaid and woman
finally can join and be one!
Now they can smile, walking the aisle, here at their wedding celebration!

Now they can be who their meant to be, now they can gaze on a new horizon!
Here between ocean and sky,
forever and on!
Now they can walk, now they can run, now they can stay all day in the sun!
Just you and me,
And I will be,
Part of your world!

My Secret Romance Episode 1

Well, HELLO! AND HOT DAMN! I knew from the preview this was the story about two people who had accident-prone meet cute and a steamy one night stand, but I did not expect for them to have such an amazing chemistry from the set go. I ship it, guys. I ship it hard. And I really enjoyed where the storyline is going, how it was written and the acting so far.

So, the story begins when our leading man, a bratty player chaebol, is forced to work at one of Dad’s resorts. Cha Jin-wook comes across as your every kdrama chaebol, you know he has a bad attitude but deep down there’s a heart of gold. Except this time around that golden heart doesn’t seem to be all that hidden, as a matter of fact I believe Jin-wook has no problems showing and expressing his feelings. By the end of the episode, and especially after the epilogue, I could see he’s way more vulnerable and lonely than at first glance. Also, the fact he was willing to share his bad mood and relate with a complete stranger says a lot about him.

Why did he left the bouquet of flowers for Mom and didn’t stay or talk to her? Dad clearly knows his son is not happy at all, but he’s trying to make it better by giving him a purpose and that is inheriting the company. I wonder if that’s what Jin-wook wants. Still, our hero came across like a good and healthy guy who needs to work on himself but has relatable and understandable troubles.

Of course, no story is ever complete without the counterpart: Lee Yoo-mi, who I came to love from the moment she appeared on the screen, is down on her luck and she’s dreading any interaction with her mother. Why? Because Mom used to be an erotic actress and while I understand how it could have been embarrassing for her when she was growing up, as a young independent woman I hope she can work on her relationship with her mother and be a little more understanding.

But Yoo-mi problems go beyond her relationship with her mother since she’s having trouble passing her exams to become a nutritionist and is doing even worse at job hunting. To top it all, she runs into Jin-wook and share embarrassing meet cute, over and over again.

What took me by surprise is that the show took the chance to start the story where it usually ends: by not only getting the main couple together but also sharing feelings and relate to each other. We have what usually takes several episodes to build up from the very beginning. I’m not saying it’s love at first sight, because that’s not how it came across to me, but there’s something brewing there. And of course there’s a physical attraction. Whatever happens next, I hope is as good as that scene at the beach (rawr!) Jin-wook might have kiss her first but it was Yoo-mi who made the decision to go on. I’m really looking forward to see how their relationship progress from now on.

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PS: Secretary Jang is a comedy goldmine.

"The Handmaiden" And "Goblin" Take Home Grand Prizes At The 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards + Full List Of Winners

“The Handmaiden” And “Goblin” Take Home Grand Prizes At The 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards + Full List Of Winners

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The 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards were held on May 3 to celebrate the best and brightest of Korean films and dramas. Actors, entertainers, directors, and screenwriters arrived to a dazzling red carpet event before participating in the prestigious awards ceremony. Suzy returned to MC the event and was joined by actor Park Joong Hoon.

The grand award in film was awarded to Park Chan Wook for his movie,…

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American Chipmakers Had a Toxic Problem. Then They Outsourced It
Twenty-five years ago, U.S. tech companies pledged to stop using chemicals that caused miscarriages and birth defects. They failed to ensure that their Asian suppliers did the same.

“I started getting very sick in 2000 after I got married and became pregnant. I was diagnosed with lupus. My baby had a brain tumor when he was 1, but it turned out to be benign, and now he’s all grown up. He’s in high school.

I kept getting sick and kept being hospitalized. In March of 2014, I was tied up to a dialysis machine for a long time. We were worried that if I were to have a kidney transplant, my immune system would fail and it would turn into cancer. But it’s been three years since I decided to have a transplant.

My husband was a healthy man before he gave me his kidney, and I feel so sorry when I see him look so tired. He’s the youngest son in his family and I’m sorry to his family, I’m sorry to my family.”

Koo Sung-ae, 41


*Spoiler alert!*

It was so hard to watch this scene.

As Choi Sung Jae’s life flashed through, moments before his suicide, he recalled memories that reflected his deepest desires.

All he wanted was for someone to understand him, to care about him, to be on his side. Even something as trivial as “how was your day,” because he just wanted someone to care. He wanted to belong somewhere– a family, a place where he can call home. He wanted to be treasured, to be important to someone, and to receive the unconditional love that he never knew as a child.

The most insufferable part is that all these memories of people who love him, don’t actually love him. Much like how Bong Sun felt uncomfortable with Chef not being able to differentiate between her and Soon Ae, Sung Jae’s most precious experiences happened while he was possessed by the evil spirit. Can you imagine how lonely he must have felt when his deepest desires were coming true, only to be robbed by the evil spirit? How desperately he’d wished that he could’ve been the one fully experiencing it?

Maybe that’s why he ultimately chose death. Because the life that he wanted to badly was, in reality, not his. He still didn’t belong, he was still alone, and he had been used by the evil spirit to do such horrendous acts to people.

Or perhaps he just wanted to protect his loved ones from this evil spirit, and keep it from doing more harm. Even though they didn’t love the actual him, the fact that he thought of them before dying shows that he loves them. And maybe it’s easier for us to think that although he had to end his life in tragedy, at least he ended it with selfless love, the one thing that he most desired.



You guys are having “GOT7 1st Japan Tour 2014” in Japan right now, what’s the concert like?

Yugyeom: We will perform our Japanese song “Around the World” for the first time and we also have prepared many sub-unit performances. Please look forward to it!

JB: I hope it’s a concert that the audience can enjoy and have fun with us. The space between the stage and the seats is very close. It is the best way to get closer to our fans.

When we mention GOT7, we can’t forget about “martial arts”, isn’t it scary?

Yugyeom: I’ve injured my leg when I was a trainee and it was the first day that I learnt martial arts. I did a backward somersault, but I didn’t land properly so I got injured.

Jr.: All the members have small injuries but we can’t talk about it in front of Yugyeom. (laughs)

We heard that because Jr. is timid, so he took the longest to learn the tricks. 

Jr.: I have a lot of unnecessary thoughts on mind, such as “what am I going to do with the schedule if I get injured?” To be honest I’m still scared just by talking about it. In the beginning, even a cartwheel was difficult for me.

Mark’s flips are very impressive. Is it also martial arts?

JB: Although it looks dangerous, but it was actually a movement that we succeeded at first try. But the landing poses were unstable so we had to practice a lot on the landing.

Mark: I think I have jumped hundreds times to master the flip.

Do you guys want to try other dancing styles?

Jr.: I want to learn modern dance. If modern dance and street dance can combine well together, I think it would turn out to be a very cool dance choreography.

Yugyeom: I want to try modern dance too. I learnt a bit just before our debut and it was really fun, even though my leg injury did hurt a little.

JB: I want to try tap dance. It’s one of the style under House dance which I really like. If you put these two together, the steps will be really smooth. Also, I want to learn jazz dance. When I’m dancing, I have a greed to achieve a beautiful (body) line.

JB was involved in a car accident recently, are you okay?

JB: I’m okay. I’m fine but the manager, coordi noona, stylists that were on the car were very startled. Because I had schedule the next day so I didn’t even show a sign of tiredness.

Is this the distress of being a leader?

JB: I told the members not to be late, but it is difficult when things like this happen. I’m not the type that arrives late but if I was late myself, then I can’t say much to the members. I have a lot of responsibilities. I have to be the role model (for the members) but when I couldn’t, it really troubles me.

Jr. was casted in “Dream High 2”, is there a role that you want to challenge?

Jr.: Science fiction related films. When there’s nothing in the background and you have to imagine while you act. I watched “Avatar”, it was just a blue screen at the back, the actor had to act by himself and then they put everything together with the graphics. I want to try that.

During the trainee days, you guys received sex education from teacher Koo Sung-Ae. Was it helpful? 

Yugyeom: At the time, I was in my 2nd year of middle school. Because I didn’t have much knowledge about it so it was useful.  

Jr.: It’s not something you can learn from anywhere. It’s basic common sense. And I realized that “ah, because it’s sex education so it’s necessary to learn.”

In “Roommate 2”, Jackson showed his immense love for meat, have you always liked meat?

Jackson: Compare to not getting enough sleep, it’s a more sensitive issues to me if I’m hungry. I like everything except for spicy food. If I eat spicy food, I will sweat a lot, but having said that, the spicy sausage stew is very delicious. I sweat like a pig when I’m eating it.

Yugyeom: All the members like eating meat. When our schedules ends, we go back to our dormitory, and we order braised spicy chicken with vegetables to eat while watching the TV.

We heard that Bambam’s mother is big fan of Rain. Does she still like him?

Bambam: She likes Cha Seung-won now. She watched the drama “The Greatest Love” and fell for him. Instead of liking singers, now she likes tall and handsome model-turned-actors.

In “Win” GOT7 had a dance battle with YG’s WINNER, it left a deep impression on us. At the time Yang Hyun Suk praised Bambam, how did you feel?

Bambam: It felt great. Actually, afterwards people around me kept giving me good feedbacks, saying “ah, this kid has got something.” And I want to do better so it’s becoming a burden.

Early this year, we saw the news that GOT7 members were diagnosed with swine flu. You guys must have been startled?

Jr.: There are many people misunderstands that it’s really painful to have swine flu. Actually it wasn’t that painful. The swine flu virus has been around for 4 years, right. So you will recover real soon after taking the medicines.

JB: It’s improper to call swine flu an illness. It’s actually just a cold. I didn’t even know how long I’ve had the swine flu. I did a check-up, and I was told that it has been more than a week. I was very healthy that I didn’t even realize I had swine flu for a week.

Bambam: Actually it’s still painful. I’ve had a cold for 2 weeks now.

If you guys didn’t become singers, what do you think you will be doing right now?

Jackson: Maybe I’ve participated in the London Olympic? Even if I didn’t get a gold medal in fencing, I would still get a good mark. I was a champion when I was little.

Mark: I think I would be an ordinary university student in America.

Youngjae: Studying for the national college entrance exams.

Yugyeom: A dancer. I like dancing so I will continue to dance.

JB: A soldier. I will be in the army. I will be the private first class soldier serving in the army.

Bambam: I think I will be doing something in Thailand. I had some activities before coming to Korea.

Jr.: I will be a psychology major student in a university. I have a desire to learn about people’s psychological state.

What do you guys want to achieve as GOT7?

Youngjae: I want GOT7 to be known for having pure talents.

Bambam: A group that leads the trend. It would be great if we become a group that can make a difference in the industry.

JB: It would be great if other singers can make remakes of our songs, or follows our performances.

Mark: I want to become a singer that receives acknowledgement upon the other singers.

Jackson: I want to become a singer that is a role model for everyone. And I want us to become a group of 7 members with its own color.

Jr.: It would be great if GOT7 can last for a long time. Even though it’s good to be the best, but I hope we can become a group that can gather up together whenever we say “hey let’s release an album”.

Yugyeom: A group that can last for a long time. I want us to succeed individually and get to the top.

What are your future plans?

Jr.: We are planning to release our third album. We are working really hard on it. We are aiming to become great singers.

JB: We’ve really worked hard this time, so we want to receive the rookie award. I hope our efforts will be rewarded. Please show us a lot love!

Scans & Translations: KIMMYYANG