ae chan


seventeen aesthetics : [2/13]

theme : [ seungcheol knows just how to tend to your sadness ]

aes + chan

if work weren’t such a demanding necessity in seungcheol’s life, he had doubts smaller than a cake crumb he would spend each moment with you. joy would bubble up from the tips of his toes to the top of his head when he arrived at the entrance to your apartment building, your soft smile glimmering down on him from your position at the open window.

however, tonight, when seungcheol tilted his head back and pulled down his white cloth mask did a frown pluck along his lips. you weren’t poised at the window like usual, waiting patiently for his return from work. something was wrong. so what did seungcheol do when he creaked open the bedroom door and saw you sniffling into your sleeve? he sat down in front of you and grabbed your faded pastel sneakers, lifting each ankle delicately and slipping them on, tying the laces with nimble fingers.

seungcheol coiled an arm around your waist and snuggled you into the thick warmth of his bomber jacket, guiding you into the serene town streets while the sky faded to pink lemonade. he kissed the crown of your head and vanished your tears with his gentle thumb. he doesn’t hesitate to tell you he loves you either.