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How Corruption Could Possibly Work

It was revealed in Wanted, that Blue Diamond has pathokinesis: the ability to affect anyone in her path with her emotions.

Meanwhile Yellow has electrokinesis.

Notice that Blue affects gems emotionally, meanwhile Yellow affects them physically.

 So this does mean White affects gems mentally? She’s the supreme leader of Homeworld, so it makes sense.

So is this how corruption works?

What about Pink?

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Yu-Gi-Oh! Bunkoban 21 - Chapter 312

So back in the day when the bunkoban was released I found this website documenting the differences and extras. They covered that there were some dialogue changes and a few things tidied up (such as the BEWD
tablet being tidied up) but that was it. And considering it was random volumes I assumed they were finished.

Until I bought volume 21.

I don’t have a full set yet but from what I have this seems to be the only one with added pages. I wonder though if the other volumes for the AE arc have added pages given how much Takahashi was rushed for the arc AND ill.

But anyway. Chapter 312 contains 6 BRAND SPANKING NEW PAGES and I have to say I do love Takahashi’s updated style.

So it’s just been announced that Atem has been found so Aknadin is rightly freaking out because he thought he had it in the bag of Seto becoming King. He heads down to the prison cell with thoughts of killing Kisara so he can give his son the White Dragon.

Guard tells him that Seto ordered that she be moved and the guard can’t tell Aknadin where to. Poor guard gets stabbed for his trouble.

We then see Kisara looking out at the mess caused by Thief King Bakura crashing out of the palace and being chased by the others. She thinks that ‘the people and the town are being wounded’.

Next page is her thinking that ‘this calamity is perhaps….’ She then remembers what she was told about the ‘demon she is carrying within her own heart’ ie her ka (and way to give the girl a complex). So given her thoughts and memories she seems to be wondering if she herself caused what has happened (either physically or metaphorically as she is told a lot that she is bad luck). Guard tells her time is up and she has to return to her room. We then pan up to Seto watching and the next page is him watching some more before turning away.

We then go back to what was originally the next page which is everyone gathered with Isis as she explains what she found.

My personal opinion is I love these pages, not just because I’m a fan of the pairing but also Kisara. It’s so nice for her to get some more screen time, to get more insight into her and the pretty art hardly goes amiss!

The Fool with art of Ryou is the tarot card for this volume.

theonehoyle  asked:

What are your thoughts on each mayor arc? We know you despise the current one ^_^ and which one is your favorite?

Entrance Exam Arc - Some of the best Animanga stuff I have EVER SEEN happened in this arc - The first chapter and Izuku’s emotional state and how he Kept trying despite everything and All Might and how he took Izuku under his Wing and Izuku using One For All for the first time were the absolute BEST THINGS. This Arc HOOKED me in the space of the very first episode. 

Battle Trial Arc - Get FUCKED Bakugou! Also, this is where Mina first caught my eye. Mostly because she called him Midori - Hence her nickname for him in AE. 

USJ Arc - to be honest, I’m pretty neutral towards this arc. I thought it was cool, but It just didn’t jump at me until All Might Vs Nomu. This is the first time I noticed Todoroki though - And his hair was BADASS. I actually bleached and dyed my hair after his, or at least the white part  - Still have it in as we speak. 

The Sports Festival Arc - This is my second favorite Arc - The development for Todoroki and Izuku, and the fights were absolutely incredible, the Quirks amazing, and Izuku actually kicking ass brought me mass catharsis. The fight between Izuku and Todoroki was amazing, and Shinsou’s Quirk actually gave me the shivers. Everything about this arc makes me pumped. Season 2 BELONGED to this arc as far as I’m concerned. 

Stain Arc - My general reaction to this arc was “God damn it Iida.” Still, Stain was AWESOME. I loved him as a Villain, and how he actually wasn’t just “Mwuhahaha, I’m evil because someone has to be in this story”, but he had a goal, an ideal. I just adored it. 

The Semester Test Arc - Nedzu, if you drop anything else on my precious Pink girl, I’m gonna give you a reason to hate Humans. 
Seeing Bakugou’s pride broken a bit was fun as well. I liked this arc quite a bit to be honest with you. 

Field Trip Arc - Okay, hands down, this is my absolute favorite arc. There is NOTHING about this Arc I dislike (Aside form Mina being cooped up in a lodge the whole time, but let’s face it, knowing Kohei she wouldn’t have done much.) The fact that they actually lost made it feel so much more real, like, these Hero students aren’t just unstoppable. they CAN lose. And that just elevated everything for me. I liked Kota too - He ACTUALLY had weight to his character, and it showed a side of Heroism that just hadn’t been explored. 

Hideout Raid Arc - Holy FUCK Bakugou isn’t a COMPLETE bastard. this arc actually made me like him as a character. I mean, He’s still a scumbag, but I enjoy his character now. 
This aside, All Might versus All For One was fucking. Phenomenal. I joined in reading the manga around the time this finished as well, so that’s how long I’ve been around. I adored every second of this fight and this arc as a whole. It was so well done, I didn’t even know it was another arc in its own right. 

Hero License Exam - Oh boy, NOW things start falling apart, don’t they? 
While I loved the idea behind this arc… We didn’t need another arc focusing on Todoroki. This arc was perfect for looking at some other characters. Jirou, Mina, Hagakure anyone? Am I the only person who particularly wanted to see what they had done, because damn they had improved significantly - Hell, Even bring back some of Izuku and Bakugou’s old classmates and have them fight against the two of them - That would have been amazing! (I really wanna see Izuku’s old classmates squirm in front of him now. I would find that so amazingly funny.) It feels like a lot of potential in this arc was ruined thanks to the focus on Todoroki. Again. 
We just didn’t need more on him. Him being the focus took it away from characters who actually needed some development. Todoroki didn’t gain anything from this. Nothing that happened to him made me change my opinion on him, nor did I ever think that it was needed. 
Also - I don’t care. Izuku should have won that fight between him and Bakugou. That turnaround was bollocks - I get WHY it was done from a narrative standpoint, but from an execution standpoint, I think Kohei just got sick of drawing it. 

The current Arc (The hideout raid arc) - AH-AHAHAHAHAHA. OH BOY, DON’T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THIS PILE OF GARBAGE. I’d be here all freaking DAY going over everything I absolutely despise about it. 

The last two arcs have made me feel like this - During the first year and a half, Kohei was throwing everything at the wall, to see what stuck. 
Now, instead of throwing more things to see how everything else would stick, he’s throwing the stuff he KNOWS will stick to fill in the wall.
It feels like he lost a lot of his spark and willingness to take risks - That and the current arc is just so bad, I honestly wouldn’t mind a complete ret-con at this point. And considering this arc had one of MHA’s most bullshit retcons, you can see how much I despise it. 
I could go into an entire rant about this arc. Everyone I’ve spoken to has always conceded to my points, so I think that I’m safe to say that this arc is, once you look at things, just really, really bad. Terrible writing, poor character choices, a bullshit retcon and a Quirk that removes all risks from everything - I could go on, but I won’t, or I’ll be here all day. If you enjoy this  arc - I’m actually jealous of you. 

On the whole - the last year had been a massive drop in quality, and I hope to God Kohei notices this and gets his shit together.