adweek ad of the day

Something new for brands: Tumblr Sponsored Days. 

Launching this day with Nike’s (nikewomen) #Better For It campaign.

Here’s how it works: Pinned to the top of a user’s dashboard is a short message or call to action, like Nike’s “Embrace your uncomfort zone.” 

It’s styled like our notes and follower notifications—something familiar, unintrusive, and decidedly clickable. And what it links to deepens the engagement: An exclusive tab on the Explore page, one of the most trafficked and engaging pages on Tumblr.

You fill the tab with content. Your own, someone else’s, or a mix of the two. It’s a wall of whatever content suits your brand. You don’t even need a blog to have a Day. 

Buy a Sponsored Day for an ongoing campaign, to launch a new blog, or just for fun. Contact your Brand Strategist or email

You can also read what our own David Hayes has to say about Sponsored Days in AdWeek.