advise do no approach

Calum Hood Smut

A/N: This is the third installment in the series I’ve been writing about how I think they would treat you the first time you had sex. Sorry it’s been a while! I hope you like it :)

Calum: “Well, of course I want to have sex with him, I just don’t know where to start,” you complained into the phone. You were talking to Amy, your number one confidant.

“Talk to him about it, you know how he’s really laid back,” she advised.

“I guess so, but how do I approach the subject? Do i just go up to him and say ‘Let’s have sex’?”

“Hey, babe.” You jumped when your boyfriend walked into the room. “Who you talking to?”

“Oh, you know, just Amy,” you answered, collecting yourself.

“I’m going to pick up a pizza for tonight. Is that okay?”

“That’d be great,” you smiled, happy to take a break from cooking (Calum couldn’t cook for shit).

“I’ll see you in a bit,” he said, pecking you on the cheek.

“Do you think he heard us?” asked Amy.

“I doubt it. But I guess I’ll talk to him after dinner tonight,” you sighed.

“You got this, girl.”

“You’re right. Thanks. ” You wished you felt as confident as you sounded.


“Hey, babe, I’m home,” called Calum from the hall.

“I’m in the kitchen,” you replied. You were chopping vegetables for a salad. Calum placed the pizza on the counter, along with an unmarked black plastic bag. “What’s that?” you asked, glancing between the mysterious package and your boyfriend.

“It’s just a little something I picked up on my way home. It’s for you.” There was a mischievous glint in his eyes that made you start to wonder. Now very curious, you fished inside the bag and pulled out a small black cardboard box. Opening it and discarding the tissue paper, you held up the little pink cylinder.

“Oh my God,” you exclaimed, face burning, “is this a vibrator?”

“I overheard you and Amy’s conversation earlier. Maybe you could show me how it works?” he smirked.

“Okay,” you said softly, your words competing to be heard with the beating of your heart. “Bedroom, then?”

“I kinda want to try it here. Do you mind?”

“No,” you grinned. Kinky.

“Why don’t you hop up on the counter, babe.” You lifted yourself onto the island. Immediately Calum attached his lips to yours, arms pressing your bodies together. Obviously he was not in the mood to take things slow, and neither were you.You tugged lightly on his hair before pulling away to remove your t shirt. Your jeans came off next, leaving you in your black bra and polka dot undies. You slid out of both.

Pausing as Calum’s eyes devoured the sight of you, you smiled.

“You were thinking about this on your way home, weren’t you?” you teased. “Tell me what you were thinking about.”

His expression darkened. “I was picturing what these titties would look like. And how perky your little ass would look with nothing on it.” Calum took a moment to slip off his singlet. “And then I started wondering what you would sound like. If you were a screamer, or if you came silently. And I’m dying to know how you feel. So, Y/N,” he whispered, sending chills up your spine as he leaned closer, “can I touch you?”

At this point you were dripping. Calum always seemed to know just how to influence your emotions, whether it was calming you down or cheering you up. You never considered what effect it might have when it came to sex.

“Please,” you breathed, “touch me, Cal.”

He wasted no  time in turning on the vibrator, pumping it in and out of you.

“Feel good, babe?”

“Yeah,” you managed, your voice a notch higher than usual. Still working the vibrator, Calum began circling your clit with his calloused thumb, the rough pad against your most sensitive area exciting you even more. You began to moan as you felt the burn between your thighs increase.

“Cal, I’m gonna cum,” you whined.

“No you’re not.” Swiftly he pulled away from your heat. “You get to watch me touch myself first.”

“You fucking tease -”

“So are you.” He winked cockily, then wriggled out of his jeans and briefs. You rested back on your elbows, enjoying the view of his engorged member in his hand. You felt proud to know that you were turning him on - although your body begged for release, your mind found satisfaction in watching Calum get off to you.

“Ughhhhh,” he groaned, “yeah, you look so good, babe.”

“What are you going to do to me, Calum?” you smiled coyly.

“Fuck you until you can barely walk.” He growled before holding your leg in the air and thrusting into you. You arched your back at the intensity of the feeling, whimpers and moans filling the air. “Are you ready to cum? Huh, babe?”

“Ready when you are,” you hissed. You weren’t going to let Calum be the only dominant one.

“Then cum for me,” he demanded. With his permission you felt your orgasm coursing through you, felt him reach his peak with a series of heavy, throaty groans.

“Damn.” You  opened your eyes. Calum was leaning over you. “You have such a beautiful afterglow.” You grinned self - consciously as he helped you off the counter and sat with you on the floor. “I’d been wanting to do this for a long time.”

“Me, too,” you admitted, “since our one month anniversary, I think.”

“I’ve wanted to take your virginity since the first date!” And as you sat cross-legged there on the cold kitchen tile, laughing with your boyfriend, there was no other place you’d rather be.