lostinsimnation asked:

Hi! I checked out your blog and I think it's really nice. Your sims are really cute, but I would recommend the "hideheadlineeffects on/off" cheat, because of the plumbobs and bubbles. I just thought to tell this to you, please do not take this as an insult. I didn't mean for this to be rude or anything. If it did offend you in any way, I'm sorry, just thought it could help you bring a bit more realism to the story. Lots of love, LostInSimNation <3

OMG thank you and NO! I won’t take this as an insult!! How could I!??? Thank you very much for the advicev, you’re such a sweetie! >.< *hugs you* my story on sims is a bit ahead, but I’ll start using it right away, so when you see those little thingies disappearing, you know your words have been heard lpoud and clear *kisses*