im 15 5'5 and i weigh 143 pounds, whats the healthiest and fastest way to lose weight, my goal weight is like 115-120 pounds

Lisa: Why do you wanna lose weight? Sounds healthy to me, that’s about the same as me. If you wanna be more active, you can set fitness goals like a better mile time or something, but try not to set goals based on your appearance. I did that when I was like 14, I was so insecure. I never reached my goals ‘cause they just kept changing and getting more drastic, it’s so bad for your self esteem.

God created you with so many gifts and talents, even your ability to make people smile is one of a kind. Whether you lose 20 pounds or gain 20 pounds, you’re good enough. 
And don’t compare yourself to other people either! I used to do that, it’s so bad!! You know, you’re good enough 'cause someone else isn’t (by your standards), you’re skinny 'cause someone else is fat, OR you’re fat 'cause someone else is skinny, you’re poor 'cause someone else is rich… it’s all ridiculous!
You are YOU. You’re not better OR worse than anyone else, just different. You’re good at some things other people are bad at, you’re bad at other things that some people are good at… in the long run, it all balances out. We all have failures, successes, victories, heartache. You have SO much to offer the world, what you look like is the least significant thing about you!
You have so much love inside your heart to give to people You can make someone’s life such a beautiful place. No matter how much you weigh, how many mistakes you’ve made, how many people you’ve hurt, you will ALWAYS have love to give. THAT is why YOU are good enough :)

how do you find that sense of direction in your life?

Lisa: First, you figure out what you wanna do. Then, you write down your goals for that: short term and long term. Each morning when you wake up, you need to know exactly what you’re working toward that day. Like for us, today we worked toward our immediate goal, getting the choreography down for our upcoming performances. Doing well at those shows helps with our long term goal of having a successful music career and helping as many people be happy and love their lives as we can. Make sense? Every day you need to be taking small steps toward your dreams. Then you will have a sense of direction :)

How do you remain kind with arrogant people?

Lisa: You remember that arrogance occurs when someone is overcompensating for insecurity and shame. As soon as you realize that you just take pity on them. It especially helps if you know how it feels to be arrogant/insecure because then you can relate. I used to feel that way and still struggle with it from time to time (don’t we all) so I try to sympathize

i'm 15 and haven't get a boyfriend. is it wrong? :(

Lisa: i’m 19 and i’ve never had a boyfriend, never been on a date, never been kissed. it’s really not a big deal. 19 is so young! 15 is SO young. you have SO much time to figure out who you are, find your values and discover what you will and will NOT put up with in a relationship. please keep waiting! it’s a great choice to make! people get hurt every day from moving too fast but who ever got hurt from taking things too slow?

VALENTINES DAY!!! single... :(

Lisa: valentine’s day is a great day for everyone! wear pink white and red, go to the store and watch all the men buying flowers for their women, buy yourself some chocolates and/or candy, maybe throw in a bouquet of flowers for yourself too, leave people anonymous love notes, tell your parents you love them, smile at people, wear heart jewelry, listen to love songs, watch the movie valentine’s day!!! haha there are so many great ways to celebrate such a wonderful day! LOVE IS ALL THAT MATTERS IN LIFE. IF YOU AIN’T GOT LOVE YOU AIN’T GOT NOTHIN. everyone needs to stop thinking that love is only hormonal young relationships because that’s not love. love is what we live for whether we like it or not so CELEBRATE IT AND ENJOY YOUR LIFE <33333333