organically asked:  Help!! How can we beat anorexia? My daughter has it. She loves you & Ash& lil dude. You are like part of our family. So Im reaching out to you!! Thanks!

I can’t give professional advice and I highly recommend you seek that, but I will say that you can help your daughter by showing your support for helping her get healthy. Recognize that eating disorders of any kind are serious and severe and require the help of professionals. As she goes through treatment, support her and above all make sure she knows she is loved.

Here are a couple websites that can get you started on the right track, I hope:

Anonymous asked: Dear Pete-

No one knows that I’m bisexual, and I feel like it’s a ~trend. A lot of girls (and boys, I guess) walk around saying that they are because they kissed someone of the same sex one time. It seems to me like they say it so they can be “different,” but I’m pretty sure it’s my actual sexual orientation. How do I tell people without making it sound like I’m just saying it for attention?

I thought you would know a lot about this. ;D

Okay. So. This is just one opinion and pretty much you should try to stick with your guns on what feels right for you.

Coming out is tricky (and often scary) business. Especially when you are younger, people are likely to blow it off and insist that you “can’t know yet” and similar bullshit. Honestly, sexuality does not need to be anyone else’s business but yours and your partner’s, but if you feel like you need to Come Out to people, you need to be prepared for the fact that some people aren’t going to accept it and that it doesn’t matter because you still know how you feel. If you ever need LBGTQ support (the whole acronym is really long, so we are stopping there), the Gay-Straight Alliance is a great community.

And yes, yes, Pete would know all about that.