I’m not sure if this really cool video can be watched outside Brazil, but it’s a great interview with sweetheart Rebecca Sugar and I translated some of the questions:

1. Are the animals of Steven Universe based on real life animals?

2. is there a character that, as it develops, surprises you?

3. do you have a favorite fusion?

4. talk about your inspiration to create the songs, and how is your creative process!

5. Do you watch the episodes of Steven Universe dubbed in different languages?

6. if you could fuse with any gem, which one would be?

7. which food from Steven Universe (universe) is your favorite?

8. any advice to young people that wishes to become writers/musicians/animators like you but are too shy?

I haven’t seen it before, only in this PTBR version so, IDK?? It’s lovely and Rebeccas’s interviews are always well thought and fun to watch! 

The single best piece of advice I can offer young people currently in, and recently escaping environments of abuse is this:

If you at all possibly can, buy yourself a $10 prepaid cell phone at walmart and hide it. Give the number only to people you trust and keep your abusers completely unaware of it. If you can’t get one for yourself, get a friend to get it for you and smuggle it to you.

In a situation of abuse having a phone your abuser doesn’t know of and can’t cut off or take away can literally save your life.

And when you’re away from your abuser having a phone they can’t control or harass you over can save you a ton of emotional ache and worry.

Please, if you are being abused, find a way to get one of these phones.


Art School | Sophie Roach (Austin, TX)

Drawing and painting her way through an imaginative landscape of intricate and visual entanglements is Austin native, Sophie Roach.  Her artwork has endlessly covered  surfaces from– guitars, beer cans, Vans, to entire rooms.  And if that isn’t already insanely rad, her organic approach and laid back attitude make her not only incredibly humble, but also a super awesome collaborator.  While finishing up one mural and starting up new projects, we had the chance to ask Sophie a few questions about her art, her career, and her approach – from finding her voice, attacking a mural, to digging the quietude one might find as a mail person hah!  

Photographs courtesy of the artist. 

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5 It Gets Better Videos That Will Keep Your Pride Going

Since 2010, the It Gets Better Project has collected over 60,000 video stories from LGBTQ people and their allies from around the world. Here are some of our favorites from June 2017.

1. Advice From Your Favorite Drag Queens - DragCon 2017

At this year’s DragCon, we met up with some of RuPaul Drag Race’s most wise & hilarious drag queens to ask them for the advice they’d give young people in today’s LGBTQ community.

It Gets Better Project

2. Older Generation Tells Younger Generation: “It Gets Better” - SAGE Table

We partnered with SAGE Table to start conversations with LGBTQ community members of varying generations and backgrounds. Among them were social media creator Shannon Beveridge, Matthieu Dahdah, our own intern McKenna Palmer, and more. The crux: how can we change our future without knowing our past?

It Gets Better Project

3. President Michelle Bachelet - President of Chile

President Michelle Bachelet advocates for the LGBTQI youths of Chile – for their talents and abilities through which a more democratic, inclusive, and tolerant Chile will be built.

“There is a world of possibilities waiting for you,” she promises. [Though she says: “hay un mundo lleno de posibilidades esperándolos”]

Todo Mejora

4. Todo Mejora - Google Mexico

Google employees assure others from the LGBTQ community that the future is for them – that it’s for everyone, and that they don’t need to worry about being “normal.” 

“Normality” is a beautifully diverse world, they assert.

It Gets Better Mexico

5. Berivan Aslan - Member of Austrian Parliament

In her video, Berivan Aslan fully condemns the bullying & violence toward the LGBTQ community and emphasizes that we will make it better.

Es Wird Besser Österreich (Austria)

Craving more?! Go to, or keep scrolling to learn more about the cool things It Gets Better and its affiliates are doing around the world.

COLOMBIA: It Gets Better Colombia participated in Pride Month by Marching through Bucaramanga. They invited participants to share their photos using the hashtag #unamarchalgbt

MÉXICO: Our team in México also marched for Pride! Check out their photos across Mexico City on their Facebook here, along with other organized Pride marches alongside the U.S. Embassy, AT&T, Nielson, and more.

CHILÉ: Our affiliate in Chile has launched a new campaign #PorUnFinalFeliz which hopes to provide welfare and assistance to LGBTQ adolescents targeted by bullying or who otherwise have suicidal thoughts. For information on how to contribute, access more information here.


We were so honored to interview our favorite drag queens at this year’s RuPaul’s Drag Con. They gave us some really inspiring advice for LGBTQ young people!

Reminder that everyone has breast tissue, so regardless of if you’ve got breasts or not please check your chest regularly and know what’s normal for you. It’s important so that you can catch breast (tissue) cancer early or even just to keep an eye on things that could be something else like cysts or water retention. 

captainbooksnob  asked:

Any advice for speaking with young people who want to give up on freedom of speech? They seem see "freedom of speech" as a euphemism for "hate speech." Of course, in these times, I can see why they would have that perspective.

And your alternative is what? All speech needs government clearance? Everyone should just be nice and say nothing anyone else could possibly take offense at? (Which, of course, cannot be  –  someone can take offense at everything.)

Free speech has costs. It has consequences. It can inspire with awe and it can intimidate with hate. It can inspire with hate, too, unfortunately. And its burdens unfairly fall on the weak and the marginalized all too often.

But until someone can answer the question, “your alternative is what?,” I’ll stick with free speech and the messy public square. I’d rather defend any victims of free speech WITH free speech than try to defend them without it.

LGBT+ Scouts and Guides! I need your help!!

It’s Pride Month, and I wanted to make a Vlog (or maybe a series of vlogs, depends on how many responses I get from this), and an accompanying blog post, discussing being non-straight and non-gender conforming in scouting and guiding.

I’m Asexual and Biromantic myself, out to my scouts, and I get some sense of them that regularly ask me questions about sexuality and gender.

While I can discuss Asexuality and romantic attraction with confidence and know that the information I’m giving them is correct, I can’t do the same for other sexualities, mostly because sexual attraction is something I don’t understand, and I definitely can’t for gender.

So what I would like from you guys is your stories. Stories of coming out both at home and within scouting or guiding. If you aren’t out, why did you choose not to? Stories of queer friends in scouting or guiding. Has your sexuality or gender affected your experience in scouting or guiding? If you could change anything within scouting or guiding, what would it be (about the organisation, leaders or your own experience)?

And most importantly: Do you have any advice for young people, both lgbt+ and not? And is there anything you’d like to ask me, or anything about my experience you’d like me to talk about?

If you’d rather talk about this in a conversation (which would be great actually because we can probably get more information AND make friends) then we can do it through either messenger on Tumblr, or a skype call. Or you can just send me an ask.

As this is for Pride Month, there will be a deadline to allow me time to make the video etc. The deadline will be the 24th June, in a week and a half. Please get your responses in as quickly as possible. The more the merrier.


My advice for young people, even for young children, is not to put too much stock into solidifying your personality. Or rather, don’t box yourself into some caricature of a person based on what you think are your core personality traits. I’m 22 and grappling with the realization that I’m not the same “type” of person I was 2 years ago. You will find out that you are going to go through so many changes in your life so when your parents charactize you as happy or your teachers say your quiet or you really like a certain sport, please don’t try to force yourself into that role if you feel like it’s not fitting as aptly as it used to. Learn to be flexible and give yourself growing room.

anonymous asked:

what advice do you have for young people just starting out with standup? love your work!!!!

Nice! thank you! 

Advice? Work, just work! im moderately talented but I have a strong work ethic. Quit talking about doing stand up, and watching stand up, and just go to an open mike! This comedian said to me: get up and bomb just bomb. What he meant was just go out tonight, go and do it, do it terribly but listen to what happened and learn from it. 

You don’t wait around for people, you just go to work and be better tomorrow.