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how often do you think you should take your measurements?

this is a REALLY good question, anon!!! 

i typically keep mine on my phone in my notes for easy access and i haven’t updated mine in probably a few months–but i think the best practice would be to retake them any time you’re doing an order from a brand new place that you might not be as sure with the sizing as you are some of your mainstays. 

like, i don’t even look at the size chart for forever21 or torrid any more, i’ve been the same size at both of those places for a long time and the size difference is significant enough that i would not bother retaking my measurements before making an additional order. HOWEVER. if i was buying something where very specific measurements are listed–like a one size fits all item on a chinese based website like aliexpress or something similar, or a buying a vintage piece off of etsy then i would absolutely make a second check just to make sure that i’m good. there’s a really big difference in terms of accuracy when you’re buying something that has very fixed measurements versus buying from a much more standardized chain store. 

also–any time that you’re looking to make a larger order from a new place. when i made my first bigger order with boohoo i rechecked my measurements first, and that way i could familiarize myself with their size chart with fresh information and make sure that for my first bigger order i was making good choices. 

i don’t think like, there’s a really good concrete time frame that you should re update things–it depends so much on your body and metabolism and if you have a lot of weight fluctuation or not–if you’ve been actively doing something to change your measurements (like trying to get BUFF) then it’s definitely a good idea to update that information so you’re not buying stuff way too small for you or w/e. 

but yeah–to sum up, right before a big purchase at a new place is always a good opportunity to update this information, or any time you’re looking to purchase something with extremely fixed, non-flexible measurements like something tailored or a one-size only item. 




Remus: ….. What are you doing? 

Remus: … That’s a muggle camera. 

Sirius: *grins* Lily gave it to me.

Remus: The pictures don’t move you know… 

Remus: Can you choose a moment when I’m clothed?  

Sirius: *smirks* 

Remus: *sighs* … At least let me hide the scars. 

Remus: *sits down on the bed across from Sirius* *raises an eyebrow* You do walk around topless all the time. 

Sirius: *casually* You should definitely take my advice and never wear a shirt. Ever.

Remus: *slowly grins* … Alright. 

Remus: You want to play this game? 



Remus: *laughs* Alright… you’ve had your fun. No more pictures.

Remus: I’m serious. 

Sirius: Really? What a coincidence! So am I.

Remus: No more pictures. 

Sirius: Wouldn’t dream of it.


Mom says you should never ask for advice you aren’t willing to take. I wasn’t sure I agreed. Having an unbiased pair of eyes point out a sensible solution was helpful. But the sensible thing and the right thing weren’t always the same choice, and no one but you could truly understand the difference.
—  Jenn Bennett, The Anatomical Shape of a Heart

It was -6 degrees in Tallahassee on the night of the 15th of January, 1978. Nita Neary described coming into the sorority house because it was so cold. I decided to see how cold by researching the weather that was recorded for that night. I’d certainly say that -6 constitutes as “harsh cold”, no? When writing, some people do a lot more researching than just “readin(ing) Wikipedia.”

I suggest you maybe take your own advice and read Wikipedia because it’s almost as if you think the whole state of Florida has the exact same climate? “Tallahassee straddles the boundary between USDA Hardiness Zones 8B and 9A,[21] the coldest temperature of the season is typically around 20 °F (−7 °C).“

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i just started posting my art on tumblr but its getting zero attention. i was wondering what was it like when you started (you probably posted one of your amazing drawings and tumblr broke for the day because it couldn't handle your badass art lol) also do you have any advice for taking pics of traditional art? should i make them more artsy with props and angles or should it just be simple and neat pic of just the drawing?

Look at that badass first drawing I posted on tumblr that have… OH MY!…

the whole 8 notes!!! Amazing! I still don’t know how tumblr managed to survive this.

I had had a deviantart account before I joined tumblr (but I think it’s even harder to be noticed on deviantart).
Anyway, my first tumblr blog wasn’t exclusively my art, I reblogged other people’s art and edits and… everything really. Also, I drew shit tons of Sherlock fanart and some nice people with bigger number of followers reblogged my drawings. Still, the most popular piece got maybe 3k notes.
I made atalienart in december 2014 and for four months not much happened. The post that got the most notes (1070!) was a tutorial. Then this drawing happened and people liked it very much and some other drawings got around 5k notes since then yay! :)
And then (…I have a feeling I use “then” too often…), almost a year after I’d started my art blog, Draco Malfoy changed my life bringing more and more followers, asks and interest. And look where I am now, with my wasted life, not a single message from Rowling, 4/10, don’t recommend.

Also, no advice for taking pictures of your art because it all depends on your aesthetics. I like both, I mean I’m not that interested in your fancy markers laying next to your drawing, I won’t reblog the picture for the Fancy-fix 5mm Chisel Tip Liquid Chalk Marker Pen, I’ll reblog if I like the art. But I saw some really pretty compositions that I liked. Sometimes I even like enjoy those photos of screens with drawings better than the “normally” posted drawings… idk man, whatever tingles your pringles.

Such a long answer, sorry. Good luck with your art! :)

  • Person: *comes to me for advice*
  • me: whoa whoa whoa... first I need you to sign this safety waiver stating that I am not personally responsible for any sort of damage that may be caused should you take my advice.

Someone writes in to an advice column with a dilemma: after a health problem a few years ago, he lost interest in sex, started identifying as asexual, and is now much happier than when he was interested in sex and engaged to an asexual woman he loves very much. Then he learns that the health problem is treatable and he will probably go back to being interested in sex if he gets it treated (and it won’t spread or have negative health effects beyond disinterest in sex if he does not get it treated). 

The advice:

You should take your medication, because it’s a good idea to treat infections, and be honest with your partner about what you want out of your relationship. You may find yourself feeling much the same as before, or you may experience a slight or even significant change in sexual desire. It may be that you continue life as an asexual person and find meaning and peace in this identity, or it may be that you experience an uptick in desire and will have to find a way to reintroduce your sexuality to your new and improved personality. Since your fiancée is asexual, this might involve some significant renegotiation of the terms of your relationships—you may stay together, you may develop an open relationship, you may part ways.

I think this is silly. The point of health is that it lets you lead a good life. If you are happier with no desire for sex than you were when you wanted sex, and you are in a happy relationship with someone who does not want sex, then there is nothing requiring treatment. Insisting that a state satisfying to all involved be changed because it is not innate is putting function and ‘health’ ahead of the actual person. 

This guy tried having a sex drive and not having a sex drive. He likes his current set and values his current relationship. There is nothing to cure.

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Seriously, stop being so rude to people who ask for things you might already have on you faq. If you don't like them, just skip them. You don't have to answer every ask. Don't get pissy at people just because they didn't do something they may not have known they were supposed to do.

I’m sorry, but what? Girl when was I rude lmao why’re you trying to start something????

There are links (html and physical copy-paste ones) to my FAQ everywhere. Like really, where do you get off? Despite this, I’ve been very politely answering people with links to their requests anyway, like I literally don’t understand why people like you just have to attack people like me on anon for no goddamn reason.

P.S. Do you know what happens when I don’t reply to people? I get the same ask sent to me multiple times by people who feel like they are entitled to their answers, and entitled to them quickly and now, which is why I technically have a (mostly ignored) FAQ. So please sit the fuck down.

“I THINK YOU SHOULD TAKE DESPERATE TO A NEW LEVEL,” said the guy who had two months to work a fool-proof plan to woo the man of his dreams and he came up with things like joining a group he wasn’t even interested in, snatching up every single paper towel from a bathroom dispenser, and recreating movie kisses.

I mean… it worked for him but lmao.

Hi anon! Sorry this took a while to respond, I wanted to put some good thought into it. Answer under the cut, since it’s a little long :)

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I don't have snap chat but I don't block or not look for info on M and I haven't seen any of these pics/snaps with her family you and your minions are ranting about. You talk about others staying in their own fandom, maybe you should take your own advice and not go looking for things to bitch about. Just a thought...

I don’t have to go looking for it. No research required. It’s all on her very public snap chat.

Continue to worship her. Trust me. When the time comes. You’ll see just how unworthy she is and just how much she has been hurting Darren for years.