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highschool freshman tips?

Um. I’ve taken online courses since I was 8? So I’m afraid I can’t offer overwhelmingly specific words of wisdom, but here’s some general advice!

  • Get your morning schedule down. This may take some time after summer, but figure out what’s the best time to wake up in order to get fed, dressed and out the door on time. Making a playlist of songs to help wake yourself up is always great, especially if you know that when a certain song comes on, you have 20/10/5 minutes left, or that once the playlist ends, you’re late. 
  • FOOD! IS!!! IMPORTANT!!!! oh my gosh, never skip breakfast. The older a teenage you become, the more energy you burn. School already completely screw over the necessary amount of sleep for a healthy teen, which can leave you sluggish in the morning and not overwhelmingly interested in learning. Waking up your metabolism can help this! If you can, make sure you get a big breakfast. If not:
  • Stock up on apples, oranges/tangerines, granola/nutrition bars (Lara Bars & Quest Bars are both pretty good at filling you up), yoghurt cups, etc. Stuff you can grab if you’re too late for breakfast, AND stuff you can keep in your backpack for mid-class snacks. Consistently eating filling foods (aka, not bags of chips) throughout the day helps to keep your metabolism running which, in turns, keeps you awake and willing to learn. Try not to eat IN class, but grabbing a few bites at your locker or during bathroom breaks can help. 

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24hour shift workers need cocoa and pajamas like pls guys das not healthy.
Also if you don’t think they all meet up secretly at 5am for morning coffee or cocoa together before the villagers wake up then you’re wrong shh.
One last lazy tablet doodle before bed because it is 2am. I’m still not getting the hang of this thing but I guess it takes a while to get used to again.

I overwork myself a lot with work and stuff and forget to sleep, I need someone to tell me to take a break a lot. So if you see this on your dash then it’s time for you to take a break.

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starting a new job tomorrow, any inspiration/advice owl mom? :^)

i have no advice since i have no experience with that so..
Good Luck! you can do it, believe in yourself and be proud :’D I’ll cheer you on!

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Any advice on OWLS, boys, and friends for an incoming 5th year girl?

Refreshing your brain by relaxing and focusing on other things is vital to doing well on such stressful exams. Don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Some of them are worth it, and some of them aren’t; be careful, and learn to tell the difference.

(Your OWL scores will probably last longer than that boyfriend, anyway. :p)

As for friends…

*thinks back on her past friendship with Severus Snape*

Don’t do things that would hurt them, and don’t accept behavior that hurts you. Good friends only make you better. 

If you’ve got good friends at your side, you’ll get through the year just fine. :)

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Hi! I was wondering if you have any Ravenclaw related back to school tips or relaxation methods? Thanks! I love your blog btw!

Okay apologies that this is super late and most of you are probably back to school already but imma do this anyway:

1. you gotta make that learning fun. yes ravenclaws generally enjoy learning but if the subject just isn’t appealing to you then you’re probably going to find it super hard to motivate yourself. ravenclaws are also super creative so make that learning more fun by making yourself some super pretty notes. You learn and you have something nice at the end of it

2. write your own notes. lots of teachers will probably give you hand outs but seriously your own notes are a million times more important. ravenclaws thrive on originality and like having something unique to them that’s personalised so it’s most beneficial to them and them alone. everybody is different and has a different way of learning so the way your teacher gives out notes probably won’t work for you so just do it yourself

3. try to be organised. I know this is a big one, and I also know that ravenclaws are stereotyped as being super organised but tbh I think most of us would rather spend time focused on our interests than on clearing shit up. this is probably a mistake. yes there are much more fun things to do with your free time than tidying but just put aside half an hour every week to clear out your folders of any junk and life will get so much easier

if anybody else has any particularly ravenclaw-esque back to school tips then let me know in the comments!

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I just want to say that you're awesome with words. I'm a white middle class teenage girl and I understand my privilege(not even autocorect can help me) but I never knew how to put it into words until you explained it. So thank you! Btw awesome blog!

I think privilege is about accepting that you’re never going to really understand what oppression feels like. You can sympathise and try to understand but at the end of the day it’s something that’s incredibly difficult to understand unless you’ve been in that situation. The best thing we can do is realise the privileges we hold and use our position to listen to the problems of others without dismissing them. I’ve never really noticed much racism in my area but I realise that that’s most likely because I don’t see it as clearly as a poc and the best thing I can do is to take their complaints and use my privileged position to voice concerns that may otherwise get ignored, and try to work towards a more equal society