advice on women

Girls, do not minimize yourself to please or impress any boy. Don’t downplay your strengths: your intelligence, ambition, passion, or kindness so boys won’t feel intimidated or threatened. Any boy who thinks you are too anything for him is not enough for you.

Things to note about Chrom’s Army (Which you’d only learn from supports and DLC)
  • Henry wants to make a curse to rid mother’s of childbirth pain.
  • Inigo learned his philandering ways by misinterpreting his mother’s advice of “talk to women to overcome shyness!”
  • Brady promised Inigo to that he’d play violin for him if Inigo promised to dance with him.
  • Owain is haunted by his first kill and is terrified of bridges,
  • Lon’qu loves potatoes, while Panne cannot eat them.
  • Sully is a noble from a long line of knights.
  • Virion literally ran away from his wartorn country, hoping that if he ran, his men would resent his cowardice and stop fighting rather than die for him. It worked, to Virion’s relief and shame.
  • Virion beats Robin in chess. Consistently. He’s smart enough to realize he’s not fit to be a tactician however due to how much he sacrifices.
  • Libra’s parents, ironically, thought he was possessed by demons and abandoned him.
  • Kellam started being ignored by his family because he was selfish and never shared his toys. It just kinda…stuck.
  • Ricken can butter sculpt.
  • Basilio considers Gregor his equal and a worthy candidate for becoming a Khan.
  • Lon’qu doesn’t drink. Ever.
  • Stahl suffers from stomach cramps, but luckily, he’s a skilled apothecary.
  • Gaius can cook and sew extremely well.
  • Frederick is terrified of wild animals.
  • Gerome and Brady share similar fashion tastes.
  • Chrom once knocked Vaike out with his goulash in a cooking contest, then claimed he won by technical knockout.

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