advice moriarty

forget subtext, here comes: text

sherlock flirts with john, winks at him.  john asks if he’s single, is happy that he is.  sherlock is flattered to be asked out but declines

sherlock asks john out on a date.  sherlock crashes his date.

sherlock and john fight like a couple.  mrs hudson points this out.  sally tells john to not hang around sherlock but concedes that he probably won’t heed her advice because ‘opposites attract’.  moriarty says that sherlock does have a heart, he kidnaps john the person he knows sherlock cares about.  john offers to die to save sherlock.

john’s girlfriend dumps him because she’s jealous of sherlock.  she says john is sherlock’s boyfriend, john does not deny this.  irene tells john he and sherlock are a couple, john smiles and does not deny this.

john acts like sherlock’s wife in front of the press.  the newspapers call john gay in the context of being sherlock’s constant companion.  moriarty talks about people that sherlock loves.  sherlock immediately says only one name: john.  

sherlock says that he will be reunited with john by jumping out of a cake like a stripper at a bachelor party.  sherlock thinks that without him john has no life and expects him to still be living at their old flat.  by the end of the episode john meets the press with sherlock acting like his doting spouse just like at the beginning of TRF

sherlock drops everything to write his best man speech and plan john’s wedding.  sherlock makes a very long speech about how wonderful john is and talks about all the great times they’ve had together.  sherlock says john is obsessed with him and that his blog is romantic.  john spontaneously gets up during the speech to hug sherlock, everyone claps like they’re the couple who just got married.  sherlock’s very prominent role in john’s wedding continues as sherlock plays the violin for john and mary’s first dance.  sherlock writes a special waltz for them to dance to.  sherlock teaches john how to waltz. 

 sherlock relapses into hard drug use after john’s wedding and subsequent absence from his life.  john dreams about sherlock coming to take him away.  john wakes up and answers his door hoping that sherlock is coming to see him.  mary is angry that john thinks sherlock is so important that everybody (kate) must know who he is.  mary is angry that john thinks it’s been a long time since he saw sherlock, it’s been only a month.  sherlock is dying until he remembers that john is in danger and then wills his hear to start beating again.  sherlock kills magnussen to ensure john’s safety.

mary is jealous that john is always with sherlock so she decides to go to baker st as a client as it’s the only way she will get to see her husband.  nonetheless john soon leaves her again to go off with sherlock.  when sherlock tells john that mary is in danger john is not concerned and dismisses the issue.  john attempts to have a romantic conversation with mary, sherlock inserts himself into it as if he were john’s love interest.