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There were two years between Winter Solider and Civil War. 2 Years. If Steve was actually interested in Sharon after Winter Solider that was plenty of time for him to reach out to her, once he knew she wasn't "Kate." But he didn't care enough to bother. That's how little he was interested in her. It's time you all stop rewriting canon. Staron wasn't a ship in the MCU. It was a kiss. Deal with it.

Boy, I should deal with it,

like most of you antis should take your own advice lol, if it was “just a kiss” to you- then why are you here making a fuss over how WE interpret the kiss as?

Also anon, Steve WAS very much interested- even after he found out she spied on him, even after he found out her relation to Peggy. The reason why he didn’t pursue her immediately after TWS is because he went to look for Bucky, it did NOT mean he wasn’t interested in going after her.

The only one I see trying to rewrite canon here is YOU, you’re refusing to even acknowledge the little things that makes Steve’s interests in Sharon legitimate, the things that are spread out through canon.

But go ahead, continue with your bitterness.

-Mod T