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Being Best Friends with Colton Haynes would include...

Requested? Yes.

BTW requests are still open.

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-Being one of Holland’s close friends

-going to set w/ her and meeting Colton

-Just having a gay best friend is basically an essential

-Being there for him when he comes out

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-Facetiming, skyping, texting ALOT when he leaves to go film arrow

-Taking photos together, like, all the time

-Becoming really close with his other castmates

-visiting him in Vancouver and showing up while he was filming one of his Arsenal scenes and him breaking character when he sees you to go up and hug you 

-listening to Adele when your just crusin’ in a car together and basically yelling the lyrics in a professional manner (haha, not really)

-Talking about anything and everything with him

-getting some relationship advice from him

“oh and guess which line he used on me next”


“I just need some space”

“ohh Y/N he did not.”

“yes, he did”

-devising horrible plans together.


“Shut. Up.”

“Well it’s not my fault you were there when Hoechlin was supposed to get pelted with silly string”

“Why did you think I was Tyler anyway?”

“Because of the way you walked back from set”

“But that’s how I normally walk..”

*Colton does his eyebrow thing and you pick up the other can of silly string*

“Y/N, no.”

“Colton, yes”

*covering him in silly string*

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9 & 33 for the ask thingy also you're really pretty😍

aww thank you anonie you’re too cute ☺️

9. fave MV at the moment

I’ve been listening to this song on repeat lmao (it’s KARD’s don’t recall)

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33. which idol is closest to your ideal type?

I’d say it’s GOT7′s JB. Firstly, he’s a cat person just like me haha plus he has this kinda cold image which really attracts me, like? Also I need someone who rather than cheering me up with hyper action, simply talks to me and gives me advice when I’m down since I think communication in a relationship is one of the most important things.  Ahh and also loyalty and I feel like he’s someone you can really trust once you’re closer and omg I just want to eat chicken with him and our 20 cats, watch netflix and stay in bed all day okay 😌😂

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Want to know the secret of drawing great backgrounds? Don’t think of them as ‘backgrounds’! These are environments. The places your characters exist within – not just backdrops to throw behind them as an afterthought. Too many artists forget this and become what Eisner called 'slaves to the close-up’, sticking with the one thing – people – that they’re confident they can draw– afraid that if they pull the 'camera’ back they might have to draw a dozen things they’ve never drawn before. Those who have seized on that challenge, however, have changed comics history with the worlds they’ve created. And so can you. Just remember to let your readers step into your world – make that world unique – and give them a reason to come back again and again.
—  Scott McCloud