advice from trees

if i’m being honest sometimes life is utter shit. but one thing that’s always a constant reminder of the good in life are the things around me and the simple beauty of it all. so if you’re in need of some reasons to stick around or smile, here’s some:
shooting stars
the night sky, constellations, the moon
the ocean (especially at high tide when the waves are huge or when it’s stormy oh my goodness)
sunflowers, roses, or just any flower of the sort
driving with the windows down and the wind just blowing your hair around and the breeze just wrapping itself around you
new books, movies, songs
meeting new people
falling in love/being in love/love in general
healing, getting over someone
that feeling where your heart flutters and you can practically feel it becoming a butterfly
laughing so hard your chest/tummy hurts
snow covered trees
autumn leaves
dancing in the rain
comfy clothes (SWEATERS, FUZZY SOCKS)
holidays (although i know these are rough for some people, me included.)
pups, kitties, etc.
that one person that makes you happy no matter the situation
being told you’re appreciated, loved, etc.
talking to someone on the phone or in person late at night
driving around at night
traveling, vacation
spilling yourself to somebody and them catching every last drop of it, knowing it’s safe w them.
hugs, kisses, cuddling
having a good day and catching yourself smiling over nothing/the little things
picking yourself up after a bad day
sleep after a long day
random compliments/compliments in general
and there’s so so so many more things. please don’t forget to thank the universe for what it gives you, thank the people around you for being there, and thank yourself for carrying you this far. there’s so many beautiful things in life, that includes yourself.