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Doing last minute work

So you procastinated waaaay to much and you now have to do all your work in few hours. It’s okay. We’ve all being there. We all procastinate and probably will procastinate all our life. It’s part of human nature.

That doesn’t mean procastinating is okay. It causes unnecessary stress we could perfectly avoid by sticking to organisation plans. Procastination is not extra free time. It’s wasted time. Because let’s be honest, it’s not like we are writing Shakeaspere instead of doing calculus homework.

Anyways, we procastinated and forgot we had stuff to do. So now, what? How am I going to be able to do this? Don’t worry guys, I got you. This advices are from a master in procastination, aka me :)

  • Quick organisation. Take 10 minutes to organise and sort out everything you have to do. Start by the things that are due the next day and are harder to do. Don’t start an essay for next week if you have an assingment due tomorrow.
  • Be effective. Do what you are supposed to do. Don’t wonder arround trying to make your notes look pretty, or adding a beautiful cover page to your project. You don’t have the time. Stick to what you have to do and add the extra things when you have the time.
  • Take breaks. Not very long ones, but five ten minutes each half an hour is pretty reasonable. If you do all your work load without taking deep breaths in between, your study will not be as accurate as you wish it to be. But be careful, taking a break is an easy way to fall into procastination again.
  • And last, DO NOT PANIC. Panic is not going to help you. Take a deep breath and think about all the things you CAN do, not the things you won’t be able to do. Everything can be fixed, and you are going to make it through this school year with amazing grades and feeling super proud of yourself. WE CAN DO THIS GUYS.

anonymous asked:

Hello Sam, in a couple of months my partner & I will be moving to another country for two years (to the opposite side of the world from where we are now!). Although I'm very excited about it, I'm also a little scared. I have anxiety which comes and goes with severity and change can sometimes be difficult for me. I worry about not having security and feeling unsettled but I don't want anxiety to hold me back from living life! Do you have any advice for preparing for this/mastering these feelings?

Yes. Give up your expectations as to how things are going to be. They may be better than you expect or they may be worse but what is certain is that they will be different than your expectation.

So, go and flow. Stay loose and supple. Adapt to the changes. Flow.

Happy Birthday John Green! Read His Inspirational Advice to Aspiring Writers and Creators in the Digital Age

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We’ve read the wise words from Ernest Hemingway and George Orwell on writing. While Hemingway urges us to stay drunk on writing, Orwell demands that we use less adjectives to compose an effective piece of writing.

Although we have been bestowed by many wise words from literary masters for years, John Green’s advice seems to be one of the most genuine, timeless and inspirational set of words we have heard in a long time.

In honor of his birthday today, we invite all writers to give him a listen. We kindly ask that you drop any preconceptions and notions about the popular young adult writer and treasure his comfort.

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