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Okay so if you don’t know already, I love Doctor!Cas in destiel fics SO MUCH. Like I don’t even need to read the fic if it has doctor!cas in it, i’m already there XD. 

So here’s a list of the best/my favorite destiel fics with Doctor!Cas in them. I’ll update this from time to time when I find more fics :) (I track the doctor!cas tag on ao3 lol) All of these are AU and complete! 

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I Need To Get This Out There

I have severe eczema all over my body, including my face.  There are few things that people do/ say that drive me mental.  Let’s go:


You think this would be common fucking sense, but NOPE!  The amount of fucking stares I get when I am minding my own business is unbelievable.  Imagine if you got a really bad hair cut and everywhere you went people were staring at you.  Even when you catch them staring they continue to do so.  It makes you feel like you are two inches.  Now multiply that feeling by 10 and that is what people with eczema feel like.

2) Do Not Point it Out

Yes I know it is there, I can feel it.  I ask you: What good does it do to point it out?  It is not dirt; I cannot just wipe it off to get rid of it.  This also adds to the anxiety that eczema causes and it is flat out rude.

3) Do Not Say: “It’s gross!” or “It looks painful!” or “It looks dry!” etc.

Look I know how it looks like to the public.  I cannot help how it looks.  Trust me it looks gross to me as well.  However, there is nothing I can do to really change how it looks or how long the recovery takes.  Plus, it is painful and no amount of pain-killers will get rid of the pain.

4) “You should cover it up!” 

HAHAHAHAHA! It is not that fucking simple man! First of all, eczema heats up really quickly.  If someone is the cover the area the eczema will burn said person, until it hits the cold.  Secondly, if they were to put say foundation on it both of these scenarios will happen.  When eczema is covered, the patch will look hella dry.  All it will do is make it look less inflamed rather than be a solution.  Let’s say that the person has a lot of makeup skills to make it look invisible, makeup will still hinder it.  like covering it up with cloth, the eczema will burn underneath causing the flare to worsen.

5) “You should try this (insert over the counter drug/natural ‘remedy’)”

At this point just shut the fuck up.  Let’s start with the drug argument shall we.  Do you honestly think I would not be keeping tabs on new products and not testing them out.  I know of pretty much all of the drugs out there and they do not work.  Correction, they work for those who are extremely mild or for people who think they have eczema when they don’t and only have a normal rash.  all those creams do is num the itch so you don’t scratch.  They do not stop it!  Now for the natural “remedy” crap.  Let’s get this clear,  THERE IS NO FUCKING CURE FOR ECZEMA!  For those who says “I used this all natural mixture/oil/whatever that my alchemist recommended and it cured my/baby’s/whoever eczema” That is all fucking bullshit!  Like with the over the counter, it more or less nums it.  A lot of the ingredients they use are mild moisturizers.  Now moisturizers are need to help the healing process of a flare, but like I said before, there is no cure.  These moisturizers just get rid of the dryness which prevents spread, not riding the body of it.  With this said, these moisturizers (more or less they are oil based) are mild.  These oils are primarily used in adding into things like steroid creams.  It adds to the moisture content on top of the pre-moisturized area and working power of the steroid. This argument drives me more nuts than the over the counter one because of my Teta. I know they are trying to help, but you are not a doctor, do not try to act as one.

6. “Have you tried taking cold showers?” or “Have you tried moisturizing?”

Of course I have! I personally hate cold showers, but because of the eczema, it is the only option I have unless I want it to spread.  It is one of the advices you receive from the doctor along with the application of moisturizers once your eczema starts flaring. 


No shit sherlock! I know they are bad for you, however they are all I have right now.  There is no other way to really treat it currently without harmful medication.  So unless you are researching a cure for eczema, do not preach to me about how bad they are and what they may cause, because I already know.


I already know that.  However, it is a mental issue.  Role-play time again!  Imagine that you have a feather lightly going over your skin.  After a while, you want to bat it away.  Now imagine if you were not allowed to bat it away.  It would eventually dive you nuts and you will knock it way.  Again multiply that feeling by ten and that is what a person with eczema had to deal with.  The point of which we need to scratch is our breaking point.  Eczema legit will drive us mad, to the point we will do anything to stop it, even if it means worsening it.

Those are only some of the thing people with eczema have to deal with.  I probably missed a tone of comments that drive us nuts.  If you know of someone with eczema DO NOT do/say these things to them.  If you have some things that dives you nuts feel free to add.  If you do not have eczema and have questions please feel free to ask me.

“Keep Pain Away” Sigil

It’s really crappy looking, but it worked well for me lol. I had cramps in school once, and so I made this baby up, drew it on my skin, and focused all my energy onto the sigil. It actually worked for a bit, although afterwards I was dirt tired. It made it so I could friggin walk again without physically almost falling down from pain, hahahaaaaa…I hate periods…

Note; Witchcraft and Magick is not a substitute for medication and/or advice/directions from professional doctors and health specialists 

Advice/info from my vegan doctor

🌿vegans are overall more sound of health than non vegans and are less prone to all sorts of health issues like high cholesterol, cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, etc

🌿the only way to get (bad) cholesterol is from animal products OR when your own body produces it (your body produces both good and bad cholesterol!)

🌿VEGANS DO NOT NEED TO TAKE VITAMINS! vitamins are extremely unregulated, and it’s so much more likely that you will take a vitamin that has too much of something and will poison you or cause other health problems rather than it helping you. Unless you have an extremely limited diet or a precondition, you are almost certainly getting everything you need! Vegans usually have a MORE balanced and nutrient rich diet than non vegans. The average person, vegan or not, doesnt need to worry about vitamins. But if you feel off - see your doctor first before taking any sort of vitamin supplement.

🌿studies have shown that if you could have one food to survive off of for the rest of your life, it would be SWEET POTATOES. Why? They are one of the most nutritionally sound foods in the world. The Okinawan people have a history of living 100+ years on average and a huge staple in their diet was sweet potato! Also, aside from all the other vitamins and nutrients found in sweet potatoes, they are packed with beta-carotene which can help prevent cancer. A study showed that people who ate enough beta-carotene per day (found in 1/3 of a sweet potato) were almost 70% less likely to develop breast cancer than people who didn’t consume as much beta-carotene. Additionally, you should NOT just go out and buy a beta-carotene supplement! Vitamins and nutrients you get from supplements are not the same as when you absorb the nutrients from food. Beta-carotene supplements have actually shown to make it more likely for people who smoke to develop lung cancer… Summary? Throw out the supplements and vitamins and start stocking up on sweet potatoes! They are versatile and can be made sweet or savory (you can seriously season them any way you want and it’s delicious, last night I had curry seasoned sweet potatoes), can be used in a huge variety of recipes -like vegan Mac n cheese- and can also just be microwaved for a quick meal! (Pro tip: a cheap, fast, filling and nutritional meal is a microwaved sweet potato with a side of seasoned beans (always rinse beans first before cooking))

I will add more to this as I continue to see my doctor!

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How would the RFA + V take care of their S/O when they're on their period?

Didn’t really know what to write ahhh

Yoosung :

  • he has a sister so he knows, sometimes she made him go and buy pads - and even though he was mortified and embarrassed af - he would still do it and it’d be no different with his s/o, except he might feel like he’s a hero saving his s/o or whatever he tells himself to make himself feel cool
  • would do / buy / cook anything his s/o asks of him & makes sure his s/o eats healthily
  • if his s/o is in really excruciating pain to a point where they’re crying, he might cry with them

Zen :

  • also one who’d buy anything his s/o needs - except he wouldn’t be embarrassed, in fact, he might make a whole thing about it like ‘yeah I’m buying tampons, for my partner, yeah I know I’m a cool boyfriend’ - and would bring them flowers and chocolate everyday until their period’s over
  • might ask on his twitter - or reddit or something - his fans what they think he should do to cheer their s/o up if they’re going through a particularly painful time
  • he supplies a bunch of his comfy shirts and sweatshirts for his s/o to wear & would try to get his s/o to be a little active since he read it helped with periods - he’d suggest taking a walk, stretching with him or maybe some more ‘intimate’ activities if his s/o is up for it

Jaehee :

  • oh, she knows. She just. She knows. There’s always an entire box of pads and one of tampons - always. There’s also a big tub of her favorite ice cream that she’s willing to share when her s/o is on their period.
  • If they had their periods at the same time - and Jaehee didn’t have too much work - they’d lie on the bed, leaning against each other while sharing their ice cream and clutching heating pads on their stomach
  • they use this opportunity to pamper the one going through 'their time of the month’, putting hair and face masks, making the best and most comforting cup of coffee…

Jumin :

  • he knows what periods are but he can’t really understand how much it would hurt or how it would feel so; he asks his female employees what to do (and they think it’s really fucking weird jfc Mr Han) and then seeks professional advice from doctors (who also think it’s weird)
  • if the pain is too bad, he’s willing to take all his work home and work there so he can still be with his s/o - he gets very protective of them during these times
  • would be more affectionate when they’re on their periods, hoping to make them feel a little better by holding them close, taking naps with them in the middle of the day, giving them massages..

707 :

  • Doctor 707 is in and prescribes his s/o the most ridiculous 'treatments’ he finds on the internet + the ones he makes up - surprisingly, some of them actually work 
  • would provide an endless supply of Dr Pepper or any other sodas to help his s/o + if they need a heat pad, he doesn’t have one but he’ll plop himself on their stomach and lie on them (might not be that helpful but you know)
  • he doesn’t go out much but he’ll make an exception for his s/o and leave the house at any time, even during the night, to buy whatever his s/o wants - he might also draw his face on the pads’ wrappers (why)

V :

  • he’s already a sweetheart by default and yet, he manages to up the sweetness by a thousand when his s/o is on their period - he’ll buy them flowers, their favorite cake from the best bakery around, would take them on a walk outside and take pictures together, smooch his s/o all over and tell them how beautiful they are
  • he knows natural home remedies for everything - including period pains - and has the most extensive collection of herbal teas and infusions you’ve ever seen, he’s got his s/o covered
  • he’d encourage his s/o to get some sleep while he takes care of whatever chores or even some work they have so they don’t fall behind when they get better
Dealing with Doctors When You Have a Chronic Illness

When you have a chronic illness, or deal with chronic pain, you learn pretty quickly that you are your best and only advocate. Doctors can often be rude, dismissive, and distrustful. They may make you feel like you’re unimportant, or imply your symptoms aren’t as bad as they really are. They may even accuse you of lying. 

It took two years, and six doctors, to finally have my endometriosis taken seriously. It was frustrating, and I often felt like maybe I was going crazy. Like maybe the pain really was all in my head. 

Here are a few things I’ve found helpful, and some advice from a friend of mine who is a doctor. Please feel free to add to them in reblogs or messages, I’d like this to be comprehensive. 

Some helpful phrases:

I’m not happy with my current method of treatment because…

I no longer feel my symptoms are manageable.

I want to trust your expertise, but I don’t feel that I’m being taken seriously.

I’m confused, can you repeat that?

I don’t understand, can you simplify that?

That will help with the pain. Is there anything that can help with…?

When going to see a doctor about a diagnosis


Make a list of your symptoms, medications (including supplements), medical history, and family medical history before going in.

Be firm and clear about how your symptoms have affected your life, and what you would like from any possible treatment (for example, is it more important to you that you are able to work full time, or that you are completely free of pain?)

Tell your doctor all your symptoms, but make sure they know which ones are the most severe, and which ones affect your life the most.

If you have a uterus, tell your doctor if you plan to have children someday.

If you don’t plan to have children, ask your doctor if the treatment would be different for someone without a uterus, or who they considered old enough to decide not to have children. Ask why they have chosen the current method of treatment instead.

Ask your doctor to repeat any instructions they have for you, and write them down. Speak up if you’re confused, and follow the instructions carefully.


Exaggerate any of your symptoms in order to be taken more seriously.

Downplay any of your symptoms because you don’t want to seem annoying or attention-seeking.

Leave anything out because it’s embarrassing or difficult to talk about. I can guarantee your doctor has heard and seen worse.

Lie to your doctor about your diet, exercise, or drug and alcohol use. They won’t judge you, or report you to the police, and it could be relevant.

Leave the appointment without a solution, prescription, or avenue of further research (eg blood tests, or a referral to a specialist).

Get angry or feel ripped off if the doctor has to google a few things. GPs are general practitioners, and it would be impossible for them to know everything about every pill and illness on earth. They’ll still get more out of a google search than you will, because they have a much better understanding of medicine and the human body.

Edit: Just to clarify, because I made someone really angry because I think I wasn’t clear on this point. If you go to a specialist, and they type all your symptoms into google and base your diagnosis off of that, of course you have every right to be angry. I’m talking about a GP checking side effects or contraindications before prescribing you something, or quickly checking to see if there’s any new information about your condition since the last time they learned about it. It would be impossible for them to know everything about every illness and medication ever, and I would personally rather they checked before prescribing me something. Doctors have access to medical journals and information that we don’t have access to, and in general they know a lot more about bodies than the average person. 

Of course, your doctor should listen to you, and talk to you about your symptoms. That’s kind of the whole point of this entire post. I just don’t think you should automatically dismiss a doctor as an incompetent idiot just because they might want to double check something before tell you.

How to talk about fatigue with your doctor

Fatigue or exhaustion can be hard to describe, and just saying you’re tired all the time can be misleading.

Write down the times of day you feel most tired for at least a few weeks before going in. Also write down what you eat, and any exercise you do. This may be helpful to the doctor, and even if it isn’t, you may be able to find some patterns that help you manage your fatigue on your own.

The doctor may ask you to rate the feeling of fatigue on a scale of 1 - 10. This can be helpful, but is also subjective. Make sure you also communicate how the fatigue has affected your life. Is it preventing you from going to work? Have you had to give up the things you love because you feel too tired to do them? Has it affected your relationships?

How to talk about pain with your doctor

Describe the physical sensation. Just saying it hurts doesn’t help the doctor figure out what’s going on, so you need to be specific.

You can use words like constant, intermittent, throbbing, acute, aching, dull, sharp, burning, stabbing, stiff or tight.

You can describe your pain by comparing it to other things. For example, my pain feels like needles, being squeezed too hard, a broken bone, a toothache, a cut from a knife, an electric shock, waves that come and go, a bad sunburn, banging my elbow etc

Describe where the pain is taking place. Be specific, but try not to guess at a particular organ or muscle, even if you’re very familiar with the human body. 

If it’s helpful, you can print out this chart, and colour in the areas that hurt.

Make sure you specify whether the pain is deep inside your body, or superficial (on or just under the skin).

Tell your doctor what effect the pain is having on your life. This is extremely important. They may ask you to rate your pain on a scale of 1 - 10, which can be helpful, but pain is subjective. One person’s 8 might be another person’s 4. 

It is much more informative in the case of chronic pain to tell your doctor things like: My pain stops me from going to work on a regular basis; my pain prevents me from doing the things that I love, my pain makes me irritable, depressed, anxious, or short tempered; my pain is unbearable; I am no longer able to work full time as a result of my pain; my pain stops me from having sex; my pain has affected my relationships; I no longer feel I can manage my pain.

You may think your doctor is only interested in physical symptoms, but in reality telling them the ways your illness has affected your life gives them a much clearer idea of the severity of the symptoms, and of what treatments are necessary. 

I hope this is helpful.

we have some pigeons making their nest in our balconies. Now initially my aunt tried to stop them from making the nests by throwing away the twigs and such cause she didnt want any pigeons in her house
but the pigeon laid the eggs on the ground she was making the nest.. now after the egg was laid, she started again making a nest and this time my aunt couldnt do anything, because then it will be morally wrong.

She has made a nest with Azadirachta indica, also known as Neem, Nimtree, and Indian Lilac is a tree in the mahogany family Meliaceae. It is one of two species in the genus Azadirachta, and is native to India and the Indian subcontinent including Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

This is going to be highly beneficial for her because neem has anti bacterial properties

neem is known as “the village pharmacy” because of its healing versatility, and it has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for a long time

The neem leaves(from which the pigeon has made the nest) has some amazing properties:

◆neem leaves have anti-bacterial properties which help with infections, burns and skin problems. It destroys the infection causing bacteria and stimulates the immune system.

◆The leaves and flowers are eaten as a potherb. In Indian folk medicine, the leaves are prescribed for many ailments, including intestinal parasites, swollen glands, bruises, sprains, and malaria. Leaf extracts have been shown to have antiviral activity and delay blood clotting (confirming their efficacy as traditional snakebite treatments), and the leaf essential oil has strong antibacterial and antifungal ­activity. Research on neem’s potential against malaria is now under way in Africa.

◆many herbalists recommend chewing the leaves, taking capsules of dried leaf, or drinking the bitter tea. The leaves cleanse the blood, help the gastrointestinal system (ulcers), support the liver.

◆ research suggests that applying extract of neem root or leaf to the skin helps repels black flies. Also, applying neem oil cream to the skin seems to protect against some types of mosquitos.

¤¤ This information is meant to supplement, not replace advice from your doctor or healthcare provide. Never delay or disregard seeking professional medical advice from your doctor or other qualified health care provider. ¤¤

🍃 Spell for Reassurance 🍃

As someone who suffers from mental health issues, I often need reassurance to help me push forward. This spell combines advice from my doctor on how to heal from past trauma or troubles, and fill yourself with love.

(side note: no spell or magick can replace a doctor. A doctor should be your very first step for any physical or non-physical healing. This spell is only an additional supplement and may not be right for everyone.) 

🍃  Gather  🍃 

✨ Bottle

✨ White Candle (for peace)

✨ Paper & Pen

✨ Obsidian (to dispel negative energy)

✨ Citrine (for healing)

(side note: if you prefer not to use citrine because it is heat treated amethyst that is fine. Amethyst can be substituted in for it’s calming abilities)

✨ Salt (for protection)

✨ Basil (for love and protection)

✨ Parsley (for Love and Protection)

✨ Rosemary (for healing)

✨ Thyme (for healing)

✨ Turmeric (for purification)

🍃  Process 🍃

Begin by grabbing your pen, paper, and obsidian. Hold the obsidian in your hand as you think of a phrase of protection. Mine was, “I am safe, there is no pain here.”

With the obsidian in your hand write the phrase on the paper. Let the energy from your obsidian dispel any negative thought. When your finished roll it into a size that will fit into your bottle.

Prepare your other ingredients. Let each herb touch the citrine. Let them absorb citrine’s healing power.

Layer in your salt, basil, parsley, rosemary, thyme, and turmeric into the bottle. Somewhere halfway through place your rolled note into the bottle and let it be covered.

Close your bottle and light a white candle. Gently wave your bottle of the smoke for purification, then use the melted wax to seal your bottle.

🍃 Moving Forward 🍃

Keep the finished spell bottle somewhere you can easily and quickly find it. On it’s own in will fill whatever room or space it’s placed in with positive energy.

Whenever you feel extra anxious or upset grab the bottle and hold it in your hands. Repeat the phrase written inside the bottle, while breathing deeply. Let the phrase and the love from the bottle lift you up.

Repeat as often as needed.

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Hello! I ~really~ wanna write a time travel book (thanks to Doctor Who) but I can't find any ideas. I want my protag to run into the time traveler... and I think I want the time traveller to have stolen the travel device... and that's all I know. Maybe mu protag is important in the future - I have no clue. Got any ideas?

My advice to you is: 

Watch or read something totally different from Doctor Who. It may be a horror movie, or a sci-fi anime, or a crime book. After you are done reading/watching, see if you can take any element from that story, and adapt it to your time travel novel.

This is an exercise for writers to think outside the box. I use it all the time. And always end up with awesome new ideas.

Another important thing to take into consideration is that characters (and the dynamic between characters) is the powerhouse of your story. Settings are cool. A nice plot is great. An original premise is a good start, but how characters will interact with one another is essential for readers to be captured. People love to read about people (or anything that shows consciousness). That’s why dialogues are so awesome to read. It’s the closest we’ll ever get from characters.

So, thing about the dynamic between your protagonist and the time traveler. What kind of relationship should they have? Rivals? Friends? BFFs? Lovers? Childhood friends? Ex-lovers? Enemies? Sworn enemies? Starcrossed lovers? Strangers? Neighbors? Classmates? Coworker? Cursed rivals? Married? Siblings? Half-siblings? Parent and child? Grandparent and child? Bully and bullied? Patient and doctor? Teacher and student? Supernatural creature and hunter? Choose the dynamic that just sounds right to you, and create the story around it.

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Twelve & Bill, post housing collapse and Bill having to move back in with Moira

?&i, all i can write anymore is two people in a room having a conversation

Bill got most of her stuff back. The photographs of her mum, enough of her wardrobe, her laptop. Still down her independence and impending adulthood, though.

She felt like a little kid who’d tried to run away from home and only got as far as the end of the block.

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TW SELF HARM MENTION! Do u have any advice for finding a good therapist? I had multiple therapists as a teen, but my mom would take me for a few sessions, decide i was "cured" and stop taking me, then take me to a different one a few months later when i started acting out or self harming again. I have no idea how to find a good one as an adult when i have to do it myself! I have an appt to get back on meds next month and i would also like to find a therapist. Hope youre having a nice day!

Take recommendations from doctors you already know

If you’re out to friends, ask for recommendations

Search online, you can filter by all sorts of things

Look for someone who can handle whichever specific things you need help with, look at the differences in qualifications as well as openess to different ideas when reading profiles.

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I have a weird request: What do you think the male paladins (and Coran) do when their s/o is in labor? Who faints? Who cries? Etc.

mod Flux: I don’t think this was weird at all, I had fun answering it lmao thank u for this experience


  • He reads all the possible material about expecting/raising a baby before the due date, dude even has a baby bag ready and everything so when it’s time to get to the hospital he’s got a plan and will be as patient and reassuring as his s/o needs
  • Is actually pretty nervous he’s about to become a dad, but keeps his composure like a champ and focuses entirely on making sure his s/o is comfortable and doing alright – he’ll hold their hand the whole time and coach them through pushing and breathing and offer encouragement when possible
  • When everything is said and done and he gets to see and hold his child for the first time he’s overwhelmed with happiness. All the nervousness from before melts away and he won’t be able to stop smiling, he’s so thankful for his precious family


  • The entire experience would be incredibly surreal for him, no matter how much he tries to prepare for it. Has no idea what to expect, really isn’t 100% sure he’ll even be a good dad. It’s been a stressful 9 months for Keith.
  • He feels really useless and basically does whatever his s/o asks or tells him to try and make up for it. The good thing about it is that at least he’ll be pretty calm and probably good at keeping them calm too because of it. His s/o could actually crush his hand during the delivery and he would be chill about it because it was something they needed him for.
  • Once the baby is born he gets really quiet and just wants to sit and look at/watch his child do things like sleep. He’s a bit hesitant to hold something so small and delicate but when the nurse places the little bundle in his arms he knows he wants to do his best as a parent for them.


  • He’s had experience helping care for kids of all ages due to his large family so he’s confident and excited to be starting a family of their own with his s/o. Even though he does get nervous once they go into labor he’ll reassure them a lot so they don’t get stressed or scared.
  • The doctor asks if he wants to see the baby crowning and he gets a whole two second look at it before he’s hollering about regret, oh god the horror. His s/o will worry that means something is wrong with the baby and the medical staff threaten to remove him from the room if he doesn’t chill.
  • Cries like a baby when he sees his child for the first time and doesn’t really stop after that, everything about his kid is perfect and so amazing! I mean have you seen those tiny hands? Unbelievable.


  • The guy that constantly asks if his s/o is comfortable. Do they need anything? A pillow for their back? More ice chips?? Yes you have 2 cups of them already but he can totally go get more it’s no problem. He just wants to feel useful because sitting around waiting makes him even more anxious
  • Would also ask every 5 minutes if his s/o is dilated enough for the epidural because he hates seeing them in pain during contractions and knows it’ll only get worse. Reading up on this stuff was supposed to help him feel more prepared for when it happened, instead he has 1000+ scenarios where everything could go wrong.
  • Might be a little too stressed out to stay in the delivery room, but a warning or some advice from the nurses or doctor would help him calm down. As soon as he hears the baby’s first cries he’s also crying. Periodically bursts into tears the rest of the day


  • Who knows if Altean babies are born the same way as humans, regardless though Coran does everything he can to be prepared and is extremely excited to become a parent alongside his s/o!! Might even have some Altean remedies for things like morning sickness.
  • He tries to be helpful and remind his s/o about things they read or learned about but they really don’t want to hear it in this situation and Coran gets yelled at. He knows better than to take it seriously given circumstances, it’s ok he’ll just try to be helpful quietly.
  • He’s extremely moved to be a father, he can’t really muster up anything to say except for how thankful he is. Just wants to hug his s/o and child and keep this happiness safe forever. Is already making plans to teach his child about their Altean heritage and customs as well.

”بعيداً عن فلسفات علم النفس و نصائح الأطباء
و خرافات الموسيقي الهادئه لا أحد سيتذوق
طعم السعادة و هو لا يصلي و يقرأ القرآن.“

Away from the philosophies of psychology, doctors’ advices and myth of slow music, no one will taste The taste of happiness as long as they don’t make Salaah (pray).

I will add: Or read Quran.

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Hi, I spoke to my psychiatrist about my concern with bipolar disorder (via advice from my doctor) and he told me he doesn't think I am bipolar. I have no problem with this (I don't want to be bipolar), however, he also said he only believes in Bipolar I, and if he wasn't of this perspective, he said he would diagnose me with Bipolar II. Because of this, I'm not sure what do, because I'm now concerned I won't be getting the help I need. Any advice?

Hey, lovely!

I think it’s a bit strange that your psychiatrist doesn’t believe in Bipolar Type II. I advise seeing another one if possible.

- Lu