advice from enjolras was an order

I still cannot over the ending of Les Miserables (book). Because yeah, we know the love of Grantaire, that Enjolras hold his hand in that last moment. But I don’t think you all realize how much emotional this makes me. Because the sure thing is that, yeah, we know- Grantaire is let to die by Ejolras’ side, by the side of the man whom he loved the most, the only thing he cared about, man because of whom he could’ve sobered in a minute and because of whom he can go from drunkily cheery to depressed because Enjolras thought him unsuitable for something (I’m not making things up, READ THE BOOK GUYS). But he was finally acknowledge by him. In the last minutes of his life, he was acknowledge by Enjolras. Enjolras gave his permit for him to die by his side. He acknowledge that even though R had different view on life, he was one of them. And he was smiling at him for the last moments and his smile faded only when 8 bullets went through his body.

And Enjorlas? Come on. He wasn’t smiling because Grantaire decided to die as the rest of them. He smiled because after all, this constantly drunk guy who sought only shallow pleasures and made fun of their ideas, man who SLEPT THROUGH REVOLUTION, finally said “Vive la Republique, I’m one of them”. He must’ve known Grantaire’s feelings for him, but he did not care, because for him this kind of love didn’t matter. But Grantaire wanted his permit to die by his side, even though they didn’t share beliefs the whole time, though he wasn’t fighting with them. And he inspired R to say “vive la republique, I’m one of them”, so I think this must’ve meant at least something to him.

ugh i hate this book