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okay guys i need help !!! I really want to get into comic books more since there’s obviously so much more story than the cinematic franchises provide and I’ve recently fallen back in love with Bruce Wayne and the Batman story so can anybody tell me where a good place to start might be? Because there are SO MANY batman comics at this point that I’m not entirely sure where to begin to get to the current issues (would that be the dc rebirth series?) as seamlessly as possible? pls help i am lost.

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Who're your top 10 fandom friends?

Just 10?! I adore too many people in this fandom. 😫 Fine, fine, just 10 people who I find especially awesome and am very grateful that they exist!

(I might be namedropping some people I haven’t talked to too much and admire from afar 😥, but I wish we did! 💘)

1. @peepeetah we’re having the BEST conversation about BTS and Kpop ☺️
2. @jakerogers128 Seb and Chris. Need I say more? 💕
3. @punexpectedly AESTHETIC queen 😂 and such a sweetheart!
4. @kittenmusicals Krysy is an amazing writer and I could go on and on for days about how much I love her work
5. @hollyashton our fandom queen! we share a love for Drake (as does @punexpectedly !)
6. @zigbadboy Zig. Zig. Zig. Love the edits.
7. @firefly-hwufanficwriter gives me awesome HWU advice and writes a Drake fanfic that I’m obsessed with. Always enjoy our discussions.😁
8. @zaddysloan her #yeet posts always make me laugh 😂 I love her she’s so much fun
9. @krystas always so sweet. I really like her insightful Choices commentary, esp for the recent TRR chapters 💕
10. @lanapowellblog LANA! Her gifs give me life 😂especially her reactions to Zig 🔥(also she is nailing the art game! inspires me to put out more stuff)

And 11. Everyone else I haven’t mentioned. I love all of you ☺️


Request: Okay so can I request a Tim Drake imagine based on the song “Ease” by Troye Sivan where the reader just sort of breaks down and can’t stop crying for a while and Tim is there to comfort the reader and reasure her she’s gonna be okay??

@whovianayesha @daisyboobear @jadedhillon @maruthor (due to lack of Timmyboo) @supernovares @too-many-fandoms666

Tim entered the apartment silently as to not wake you up. He might have been lacking in sleep but that didnt mean you should do too. You’ve been so hurt, you needed rest.

It was no secret to Tim that you missed your home. Unfortunately your house had been in a block that Joker had decided to blow up some months ago in the rage of yet another is his terroristic attacks. It wouldn’t leave your mind; how you had gone out with Tim that night, how he didn’t tell you it was your block that was being threatened, how he dared to leave you alone at that theater in the other side of the town, just so you wouldn’t find him.

Tonight was another night that you broke down crying as you saw him in his costume. The vigilante life was always scaring you to a point beyond imagination. You were afraid you’d lose Tim and after that attack seing him in his costume only made you think that he was reckless.

But there was that hope. This treacherous, toxic, poisonous hope you had that Tim was only trying to change the world and make it better. That’s what he used to comfort you tonight.

He slipped out of his costume and out of the sins he had done as he wore the mandle of Red Robin and wore plain, civilian clothes. He got into bed with you and pulled you close, combing his fingers through your hair as he let you cry your self out in his arms.

Tim knew you weren’t okay, but he had an extraordinary ability to put you at ease with his words. He talked about happiness, even though he knew that feeling was rather momentarily. He talked about long walks in a village just like Smallville or in a quiet beach. He talked abiut being alone with you and only you and he assured you he’d never ever leave your side even if he had to crawl up from his grave.

“How are you planning on doing that huh?” You sobbed once more as you raised your head slightly from his chest to look at him.

“I’ll ask Jason for advice. Don’t worry” he said with a half smile and for the first time he made you laugh. After all these months after all these efforts he had made to get you to laugh when you were crying, he had finally made it.

He felt a blissful pride coiling in his chest as he kissed the top of your hair and tried to shush your groans and fading sobs.

Time passed faster than it should while the two of you were having fun, doing all the things Tim had promised. Tim silently thanked Bruce everyday. He needed these weeks off the vigilante work. He needed you to be happy and to full fill his promises.

Even the rainy days didn’t seem to make you cry anymore. These little trips had seemed to make you stronger and mend your soul a little. Tim was so happy. Seing a smile on your face, seing the color fill up your life once again and the beauty and grace flowing from your movements. His heart throbbed with utter happiness and glory. He had managed to save your soul from going dark, he had became your hero. And in moments like these he wished he didn’t have to save anyone else.

But he promised himself he’ll do so for your sake. He’d try to make people happier with his vigilante actions.

And somewhere along the way, he got lost.

Timothy Jackson Drake

Wrote the gravestone that stood cold and proudly before you. Underneath the name his age, showing just how young he was lost. How many ambitions and hopes were killed along with him.

And just underneath that a phrase that killed you.

Beloved son, brother and boyfriend

Now that he was gone too you had no one tell you what flowers you should bring to the cemetery this week. You surely had people to go along with you. Dick and Jason weren’t leaving your side anymore.

It killed you that you didn’t know what were Tim’s last thoughts or words, just like your parents. And as you sat before the gravestone, saying your very very last goodbye to Tim and leaving your flowers down you turned your back and left, accompanied by Dick. You secretly wished Tim would dig up his own grave and get out but he wouldn’t have such luck. He didn’t know how to do it either way. He hadn’t managed to ask Jason for advice.