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I have failed my drivers test four times and if I fail my fifth attempt my learners permit is suspended for six months. I can do the course perfectly when I'm by myself and driving doesn't normally make me nervous but when I'm taking the test I can't think clearly and I've failed something different every time that has disqualified me. It has nothing to do with my ability, I'm a good driver. It's literally just about my anxiety holding me back so how do I not let it??

oh this is a tough one. not because it’s difficult per se, but because the solution is greatly dependent on what works for you.

anxiety management tools are varied and their impact can be hard to predict, however there is one that i find the most dependable. rehearsal. you’ve been through the test several times. you know exactly how it’s going to go. close your eyes, deep breath, mentally walk yourself through a perfect test. repeat. there will be slight changes from test to test, but the more mentally prepared you are, the better.

best of luck! you’ve got this! believe in yourself!