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Recently I've been having a hard time with trines squares sextiles and how they work ect. I've looked them up ect but I still don't seem to understand what they add to placements. The only thing I got out of it is that trines and sextiles are postive aspects but squares and oppostions are difficult, but I think there's so much more to them than that and what if they're paired with another aspect towards the same planet like mercury square pluto and neptune trine pluto. Any advice or opinions?

Yeah there’s a lot more to them. (i’m working on an aspect series and hopefully I’ll soon get myself to finish it)
Conjunctions, Trines, Sextiles, Squares, and Oppositions are the 5 major aspects. Trine and sextile are harmonious (making the interaction between the planets go smooth and easy), oppositions and squares are disharmonious (making the interaction be troubled, complicated, uneasy). I don’t like to call them positive and negative because that’s kinda wrong - harmonious aspects can manifest negatively (eg making the native lazy) and disharmonious aspects can manifest positively (eg the native growing through them).
There’s a lot to talk about with them, but for a start:
Trines make something inate, it’s easily something that comes completely natural and is like a talent.
Sextiles make something very easy to access, but the native is usually more aware of it. It’s not AS integral as it would be with a trine.
Squares put a sort of barrier between two planets, it’s hard to make them work together and most often one of the two has to compensate itself in a way.
Oppositions can be troublesome, it feels like there’s common ground but it just somehow doesn’t want to work properly. They have great potential but there’s usually a need for perfection with them.

To the last bit, those are chart patterns and I didn’t study them enough yet but from what I know they make for a big “add-on”. I think @/ayyries knows more about them.

i really like the advice “write marginalized characters but don’t write about marginalization unless you experience it” 

absolutely i think cis people should expand their horizons and write trans characters, but they shouldn’t write stories about being trans. likewise i think allistic / NT authors should write about autistic characters! but not stories about being autistic. 

represent us. absolutely. but don’t tell our stories. let us do that.

So what if people don’t 100% agree with you. You have the right to have your own opinion, regardless of what anyone thinks.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin

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How can I get faster at drawing? I want to start a comic series but I take too long to draw the strips.

Hi anon! This is a great question!

I would recommend not getting hung up during the sketching process. Sketching quickly without over editing will speed up your workflow a lot, and allow your work to flow more easily. 

Practicing quick gesture drawing and composition thumbnails will be especially helpful for you, and hopefully help you gain both speed and confidence. Also study storyboarding concepts, as that might help you draw strips more quickly. A ruler might be helpful if going traditional, and digital will allow for faster and easier edits to strips. 

Further Reading/Other Resources

How to Draw Faster - video

Speed Comicking – Artist Advice – Medium 

Draw more Accurately - helpful because consistency in comics is good

Resources for Comickers

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Hi HeyWriters! I was wondering: do you have a tip to create a weak point on main characters? I´m making a story, but I´m having trouble since my main character is TOO overpowered. Could you help me with this?

(All of this is written under the assumption your character has superpowers or “special” abilities, so forgive me if you meant a different kind of power.)

I created a character concept when I was twelve. She had all the superpowers of my favorite heroes and then some. As time wore on she gained more and more until eventually my adolescent brain invented logic and realized she was actually ridiculous. Here’s how I depowered this character, who’s name is Ace, without completely ruining her coolness.

Step One:

Don’t be greedy. Any ability that does not contribute to the story needs to go. It’s taking up space that could be filled with credibility. I decided early on that Ace didn’t need most of her abilities, and by the end of the story she only relies on a few to get the job done. Also, if a character can do more than one thing that are all basically the same thing some of those should probably go (invisibility and camouflage, superspeed and teleportation, etc.). 

Step Two:

Apply real-world science. If you try to make your depiction realistic, you’ll want to have an idea of how these abilities might work and how they might not. Of course, you should suspend disbelief for some things if they’re truly essential to your character, but others can be adapted. For Ace there are some powers that only work under the right circumstances, and others that her body rejects or that give her physical pain when she uses them. Most importantly, special strengths come with special weaknesses. Sensitive hearing means loud noises are more jarring or harmful, regeneration means metabolism speeds up and the person needs to eat as much as a body builder. Any superpower you pick out will have a drawback, I guarantee it; if not a physical one then a social one (I’ll get to that).

This scene from The Incredibles is an excellent demonstration of superpower drawbacks.

Step Three: 

Consider how the character feels about all this power and why they obtained it in the first place. Ace was not born with abilities, but over time she chose certain powers for the purpose of defending herself or others. Some of her powers fade away when she stops using them, like any skill you fail to practice, and some abilities she just plain old refuses to use for personal reasons. Some are too difficult or time-consuming for her to master, and some even trigger memories of her traumatic past thus she discards them. This way she has a choice in the matter and her choice is not to bite off more than she can chew or what she doesn’t want in the first place. 

Step Four:

How do other characters feel about all this power? Perhaps some or all of your character’s powers intimidate, frighten, or anger others in the story. One of Ace’s friends dislikes how unstoppable she is, and others are taken aback by some of the things she can do or how she looks when she does them. On the whole, she hides what she can do or picks small things to do instead of big things, downplaying her own power when necessary. How your supporting characters react to the force of nature that is your MC is the most important aspect of her power.

Here’s an example from the X-Men of how other characters might react. 

For additional opinions and advice, read this and take to heart its ending line: “There’s only one fix that avoids all the pitfalls of overpowered heroes: refrain from making them really powerful in the first place.”

Yes, Ace is a flawed concept and all the advice I just gave is only a patch kit for that flaw. However, overpowered characters continue to excite readers and viewers alike, so I would never suggest we dispense with them altogether. Just, when you’re getting a headache from how overwhelming your character is, it’s good to consider dialling it all back and focusing on the power of their personality instead.


Super apologize for taking so long to respond, and thanks for asking in the first place.

I think this is important

Get to know someone before starting a relationship with them. Make them your best friend and let them become comfortable around you. I see so many relationships that are rushed and end early because each person failed to really know the person. When we meet someone, most of us aren’t ourselves at the start. We are nervous, taking small bites of food and making sure not to laugh too loud or obnoxiously. We don’t truly know how someone is like or what their actual personality is until some time has passed. Take your time with your relationships. Let yourself and the person become relaxed enough to show your true colors.

holy fucking shit

Sorry in advance for the TMI but I may have found the holy grail to my acne issues and I want to share for anyone struggling.
as far back as I can remember, I have struggled horribly with nodule cystic acne, not just on my face but my neck, chest and back. Sometimes so bad that I can’t even lay on my back or wear bras because it would hurt too much. I have been in and out of dermatologists since I was 13 and I was unwilling to try accutane, which is a drug that closes your sweat glands to minimize acne, though it can have severe health defects. 

I’ve always hoped I’d grow out of it and when I didn’t (I am 25) the lab experiments continued; every kind of chemical claiming to fix it, every kind of natural remedy to cure it, tanning, in and out of doctor offices testing my hormones, showering 3 times a day because I am an athlete..NOTHING WORKED. 

Well recently my back has been flaring up again and it’s been painfully embarrassing, so willing again to play chemist, I put my knowledge to use and made a concoction, put it in a spray bottle (to easily access my entire back) and OMG! it’s been 2 days and my skin doesn’t hurt to the touch and almost all the inflammation is down already. 

1 part witch hazel; a well known acne fixer
2 part Apple Cider Vineager; known to kill bacteria, dissolve dead skin cells, and balance ph levels
1 part bactine; acne of any type is a wound, treat it as such! Bactine is an antiseptic with lidocaine aka a PAIN RELIEVER so sooth your painful cysts

throw that all together in a little spray bottle and spray on 1-3 times a day and watch the magic

Don't be a parent...

If you can’t handle the fact that your child might come out gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered.

Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle
the fact that your child may have a mental illness.

Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle your child following a dream that you’re not too fond of.

Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle your child dating someone outside your race.

Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle your child being different.

Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle your child looking different.

Don’t be a parent if you wont have family time with your child.

Don’t be a parent if you plan on not being in your child’s life forever.

Don’t be a parent if you have doubts.

Don’t be an abusive parent, mentally and physically.

Don’t be a parent if you get mad when your child opens up to you and tells you the truth yet you punish them only for at least telling you the truth.

Don’t be a parent if you’re going to end up being a horrible parent.

Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle being a parent, don’t be that weak ass parent to not love your child the right way they deserve to be loved.

Don’t be selfish.

OCTOBER 2016 update: Reminder: Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle the thought of your child being LGBTQ+, Don’t be a parent if you’re not going to show your child the importance of manners and respect. Don’t be a parent if you’re not going to show your child how to be grateful & humble. Don’t turn your child into a rude and spoiled little brat. Don’t be a parent if you’re going to raise it to become a jerk. Don’t be a parent if you can’t accept your child following a dream you’re not too fond of. Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle your child dating someone outside your race or religion. Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle your child being different. Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle your child looking different. Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle the fact that your child may have a mental illness. Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle your child having a disability or health condition. Don’t be a parent if you wont talk and try understanding your child. Don’t be a parent if you won’t have quality time with your child. Don’t be a parent if you’re not going to teach them, inspire them, and provide them with support. Don’t be a parent if you won’t put your child before you. Don’t be a parent if you won’t teach your child good values and behavior. Don’t be a parent if you plan on not being in your child’s life forever, on purpose. Don’t be an abusive parent. Don’t be a parent if you can’t handle the idea of being a parent. Don’t be a parent if you’re going to be selfish. Just be a parent that loves their child unconditionally.
8 Studyblrs to motivate you this New Year

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As I slowly become more active on tumblr I thought I’d check out some new blogs to motivate me and wow did I hit the jackpot!

Whether I need a cute aesthetic to get me inspired, on-point advice and facts, or relatable quotes and life posts - here’s some people who do it amazingly. Prepare for a love-in! ♥️

@juliebunny-study  A neat aesthetic and a lil bit of français for motivation and inspiration.

@write-read-study  Cute, mixed blog with tips, images and, my true love: quotes

@howtogrowthefuckup  Finally!! Some useful succinct advice! Helps decode the unspoken “adult bible”. 

@sophocused  Lilac aesthetic to soothe your procrastination woes

@bulletjournaljungle Feel some handwriting envy, or feel inspired to make your notes more artsy. 

@emmastudies  Get some amazingly useful advice from someone who   seems to have seen it all!

@studywithcat  The friendliest blog for any questions, big or small, with cute pics amongst the asks. 

@intprocrastinationstudy   I feel so at home amongst the procrastination and realism of this blog, its just so bloody real   

(Should I be cringing at myself? *puts relevant gif below for distraction* )

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hey do u have any advice on how to be lowkey butch without making my mom mad

- ripped jeans, beanies, flannels, snapbacks can all pass for Straight Girl Style tm
- ask if you can cut your hair bc it’s too hot outside 
- darker clothes are easier to make look butch
- don’t do makeup (that’s more of a femme thing) because it’s too much effort/makes you break out/etc as an excuse
- don’t carry around a purse, try a wallet/etc instead
- avoid florals
- loose, baggy clothes
- jean jackets/leather jackets if you can

ik these all kinda rely on stereotypes and of course you can Absolutely be a butch and still do any of these things (butch/femme is much more than style), but they’re ways to sorta simplify the butch aesthetic without  if u feel me

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Who in BTS do u think performs the best cunnilingus?


well since you’re answering asks about cunninlingus *wink wink* mtl who do you think is the best and how do they prefer to do it -anon kook             

Since women are different and enjoy cunnilingus performed in different ways, it’s hard to say who is best and who is worst.  It’s a matter of personal preference. Instead, here is my general thoughts on the subject


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Jin – Doesn’t mind eating you out, but gets too horny really quickly and wants to stop licking your pussy so he can start fucking as quickly as possible.  Has poor discipline in this area.  As a result, you are best off doing a 69 so you can keep him motivated to keep going through a system of rewards.  You suck his dick for as long as he does a good job and you stop when he doesn’t. Works like a charm.

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Yoongi – Slow and steady. Doesn’t try to exert a lot of energy when going down on you.  He prefers to keep a soft tongue that goes at your clit at a consistent pace. Alternates with kissing and soft sucking of the clit.  Takes his time and is in no rush to get you off quickly – instead he prefers to watch you fall apart slowly.  Since he plans on being down there for a while, needs to be in a comfortable position – like laying you on a table while he sits on a chair, or has you on the edge of the bed while he kneels on the floor.

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Hoseok – Hard and fast.  Starts off gently just to get you warmed up, but goes at it as fast as he can as soon as you signal that you are ready for it. Firm tongue that laps quickly at your clit for as long as you can take it.  Alternates with tongue fucking.  Constantly looking up at your face while he eats your pussy to make sure you are into it. Loves it when you squirm – you have to push him away when you’ve had enough because he doesn’t know when to stop on his own.

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Namjoon – Has spent many hours watching lesbian porn to try to learn the best techniques.  Read somewhere that you should eat it like a mango and has taken that advice to heart.  Goes at it sloppy and full mouthed – willing to get his whole face up in there.  Never forgets to stick a finger or two in you while eating you out, but sometimes gets so into it, he forgets to move said fingers.  Constantly asks for feedback on whether or not he’s doing what you like.

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Jimin – Has a full on make out session with your pussy lips – doesn’t just focus on the clit.  Will do whatever you ask him to do.  He is desperate to please you and needs feedback. Loves it when you talk dirty to him and moan; he uses the sounds you make as a guide on what he should be doing. He will stay down between your legs as long as you are making some kind of noise.  If you get too quiet, he’ll worry that he’s not doing a good job and either start switching it up or stop altogether

Originally posted by eatmark

Taehyung – Wants you to sit on his face.  Please, please, please sit on his face.  Super enthusiastic about pussy eating in general, but loves it best when you take control of things and get yourself off by using him.  Tell him what to do and he will – licking, sucking, flicking, tongue fucking, whatever it is that you want, just order him to do it.  Gets super excited when you grind against his face or have him stick out his tongue just so you can rub your pussy against it. Even better if you tie him up first.

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Jungkook –  Has a bad habit of changing things up too quickly. Needs to be reminded that when you are moaning in pleasure, that is the worst time to suddenly switch to something new. Responds well to feedback.  Really good at finger fucking you at the same time as eating you out.  Likes to twist you into crazy positions, like holding you upside down to eat you, or bending your knees to your ears so you are spread wide and unable to move easily on your own.

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Out of curiosity, what do you think about the Meyers-Briggs?

It’s kinda shit.

Some reasons of the many reasons why:

  1. It wasn’t developed by scientists, there was no experimental testing in its development, and it’s based on Jung’s (very outdated) theories.

  2. In real life, people exist on a spectrum; in the MBTI, you have to be 100% an extrovert or 100% an introvert, with nothing in between.

  3. There’s about a 50% chance that you’ll get put in a different personality category if you take the test after only a five week gap. If it were a good test, you’d be in the same category consistently.

  4. It ignores a lot of other key personality traits, for example, emotional stability vs reactivity (how calm you stay under pressure). It also doesn’t even completely measure the categories it’s supposed to.

So take it and wear the label if you want; humans actually often like putting ourselves in snappy-sounding categories - it’s validating and satisfying to know we belong to a group.

Just realize that it has about as much meaning as your astrological sign - you get what meaning out of it that you put into it.

(By the way, I’m either INFJ or INFP. It switches practically every time I’ve taken the MBTI over the years.)

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Each of us holds an innate power to do great things, and as creatives, we have a unique set of skills for putting that power to work. Whether your talent is rooted in words, images, organization, persuasion or just having an audience, it’s both a manifestation of that core ability and a method to harness it.

Part of recognizing your power is acknowledging your obligation to use it to stand up for what’s right. There’s so much in the world that needs our attention. Some things could simply benefit from a little compassion. Other issues are more complex and require deliberate steps towards change. Remember that you have the ability to create impact of some kind, and when your power is rooted in communication, your silence speaks volumes. You have the tools to do at least something, so please try. Use your power for good. –Adam J. Kurtz

coming out tips

we’ve gotten a lot of asks about this in the past few days and can’t answer all of them – here’s a little list of tips. feel free to add on!

- be calm. you got this. be firm and decisive.
- give them time to process. tell whoever you’re coming out to, then leave them alone for a while so they don’t act impulsively and get upset.
- coming out via text or a similar method is okay.
- don’t come out if you aren’t ready, or if your safety isn’t guaranteed. it isn’t worth risking.
- be prepared to bust myths about your sexuality (yes mom, bi people can be monogamous)
- be prepared to answer questions! leave communication channels open and make sure they know you’re open to answering questions.
- be prepared to debate a little, especially if the people you’re coming out to are religious or conservative.
- stay calm. you can handle it, and i believe in you.

Find yourself someone

who’d call out your name the same way jaehyun calls out “jeffrey!”

who’d take care of you the same way taeyong takes care of the other members

who’d cheer you up and make you feel ten times better the same way haechan tries his best lighten up the mood in every scenario

who’d make you feel love and appreciated with their sweet words, the same way Johnny encourages the other members as much as he can

who’d hug and cling onto you like a leech for no reason, the same way Yuta hugs WinWin

who’d make your days brighter and much positive with just their smile just like Jaemin’s

who’d put in their every effort and time into the relationship and for you, just like how Mark is hardworking in everything he does

who’s willing to scream and go crazy with you even at their lowest, the same way Chenle always does with his dolphin laughter

who’s not afraid to give you honest opinions and advice, so as to help you improve and do better, just like Doyoung and his straightforwardness

who puts their love for you as their priority, and is not willing to show it off, just like how Kun sets nct as his phone’s lockscreen

who smiles at every word you say or action you do, making you feel confident about yourself, the same way Jeno always does when he watches the other members

who’d be down to do anything with or for you, no matter what you ask, like how Taeil always listens to what the younger members ask him to, and does it without hesitation

who is willing to let go of their dreams or sacrificing for the better or your sake, the same way winwin gave up his dream in China to being an idol in Korea

who dedicates all their time spending quality time with you, and enjoying every single second of it, the same way ten practises hard on dancing every single day because it’s his passion

who supports you and knows every of your likes and dislikes, inside and out, the same way jisung are the bestest of friends with chenle

who won’t ever give up hope on you or the relationship, and continues working hard to achieve your/their goals, the same way hansol doesn’t give up being a trainee and works had every day, knowing that we’re all waiting for him

lastly, find someone who loves you as much as renjun loves moomin

charging $30 dollars for unprofessional internet therapy isn’t a mistake, like if she was trying to give the advice for free than yeah maybe id believe it’s a simple case of someone trying to help without realizing her limited expertise  mixed with her popularity could do more harm than good but no she fucking tried to sell health advise without any licence or schooling (which I’m pretty sure is illegal?)  and she already get’s paid by ad revenue by reblogging ads and the like (which isn’t necessarily bad but it certainly doesn’t help her case of doing sixpeneceee heals for helping people and not for the money) so yeah sixpenceee heals is without a doubt a scam that i will not forgive