Advice for aspiring creators

To paraphrase Egoraptor:
“Just because a scenario is treacherous doesn’t mean what you’re doing is actually treacherous.”

You can imagine a lot of interesting and exciting things for your character to do. You could have them climb up a mountain, have a battle on a moving vehicle, or while dangling from a rope. You could have them walking sideways on the outer wall of a skyscraper.

But all of it is meaningless if beyond that exciting dressing, the core of your experience is still the same.

If being on the side of a building is practically the same for your character/viewer/reader/player as being on a horizontal surface, then they might as well not be there.

If the mechanics of a battle on a moving vehicles are the same as a battle on solid ground, then the moving vehicle setting is pointless.

Try to change up the core of the experience to fit the scenario. Maybe have the sideway gravity play a role in how your character is interacting with things on the side of a building. Have balance, relative speeds and oncoming obstacles be part of the battle on the moving vehicle. Include the cold, elevation and thin atmosphere in the mountain climbing.

It’ll make the experience better and more memorable, and more than just a setpiece.

To anyone right now who is writing an essay, planning to write an essay, procrastinating writing an essay...

There’s a piece of advice I wish I received a long time ago at the beginning of my academic career: don’t write by page numbers; write by chunks of time. I’ve been tackling this 15-20 page research paper in 45 minute chunks with breaks in between, and it is going shockingly smoothly. This may not be ground-breaking to some (it’s kind of like pomodoros), but thinking of writing a huge mass of words in manageable time chunks instead of pages is super uplifting instead of intimidating.

Also stay hydrated and use Forest because it is an amazing app and, if you feel moved to, check out my model for writing “brilliant paragraphs.”