isn’t it weird how one simple existence can impact your very own so much? it’s like, you’re sitting in class and then one day the boy with brown eyes passes you a paper, flash forward four months and you’re dating. you’re different now. you notice the sun on your skin, you hold hands under the desk but you’re a little less patient. you rush into everything now. flash forward five months and you’re broken up. you’re angry at everything now, winter feels 10x colder this year. you don’t really notice a difference but it’s getting harder for you to walk. there’s a permanent chill in your bones. then you meet the girl who tells stupid jokes and you become best friends. she shows you the highs of life and how you can get through your lows. she makes the chill in your bones a little more bearable. see, you go through things and they change you whether you want them to or not. you become vulnerable. when their hands trail along your kin, your bones fit into a mold, you become someone else, you unfold. and once you walk into something, you never walk out quite the same. last winter made me so cold, and then i met a boy who made my bones ache a little less, i caught on fire this time. and i became a wildfire, i set every single tree around me on fire. my forest came tumbling down. i didn’t notice this until he left. i didn’t notice how flammable i was until his skin was pressed against mine. the thing i didn’t realize was that you never really know how easily you collapse until someone sends you flying forwards.
—  i have met thousands of people and every single one has changed me in someway. i have yet to determine if this is good or bad.

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Hi! I'm an INTP in high school who's is often bored by his classes. They're not effortlessly easy and I'm a far cry from genius, I just don't find them that interesting or useful. I want to take some online courses from programs like Khan Academy and MIT Opencourseware, but I'm not sure where to start. Have you heard of either of these, are there any others you would recommend, and what courses should I take to generally prepare myself for life after highschool? Thanks so much for your blog! <3

What to study outside of school?

Study whatever you’re interested in! Those courses are free, anyway. Try out everything and stick with whatever you find interesting. Don’t worry about whether they’ll be useful. They will be. You can always adapt anything you learn to apply to other things. At the very least, it will give you new perspectives that someone who has only been studying in that field wouldn’t have.

If you want my opinion, I’d say learn how to code. You’ll open yourself up to so many possibilities where you can create and test things for yourself. At least you should know the basics at this day and age. Both Codecademy and Treehouse are good, depending on what you want to learn.

For things that will actually prepare you for real life, I recommend:

  • How to Adult for everything from how to write a resume, how to do taxes, to how to cook and do laundry. They also have a tumblr blog @learnhowtoadult
  • @mr-entj​ for how to be successful and kind
  • The School of Life helps you explore things in life that you should have figured out, but isn’t common sense/never taught to a lot of people
  • My blog also has tips on INTP-development, improving social skills and emotional intelligence (INTP-specific, general self-improvement)


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What You Do After Work Determines Your Future
Five Tips To Impact Your Future

This article is not animation related per se, but the tips and advice in the article is pretty extraordinary, and can be related to your animation goals and career. 

Here is a brief take from the article, and you can read it when you have time:

1. What You Do Every Night is Important. Will you spend more time watching tv/videos/video games? Will you take time to working towards your future position/job? Take time to practice what you want to do for a lifetime.

2. Do More Reading. Take time to read (offline if possible). Read about science, history, technology, things that you are intrigued to know, but have yet to venture in. Then, transfer your new knowledge into your work and group.

3. Do Some Projects. Do not wait for someone to give you a chance to work on a project. Create one yourself, and apply the knowledge you just learned or currently learning. Create deadlines for those projects, to keep your activity sharp. 

4. Build Your Network. Connect with those in the area(s) you want to be in, and build your network. You cannot achieve your dreams/goals alone.

5. Start Making the Change Tonight. Begin finding at least 30 minutes to an hour of your time to focus on what you want to improve on and change. 

I do hope this inspires you and motivate you to continue practicing and achieving your goals in animation. Don’t give up, there’s just one more frame that can take you to the next level! 

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how do you have an image to the side of your posts? is that a part of the theme? please tell me, I'm learning how to code and I want that kind of effect for a future project of mine! ;u;

Yes, it is part of the theme! :D What I did was that I created a new class in the CSS part of the code. It looks like this:

   right: -10px;
   bottom: -20px;

The z-index ensures that the image will appear behind all of your posts.

Then in the HTML part of the code, you can put this piece of code literally anywhere, but I put it at the bottom just before the </body> tag:

<img src=“[image URL here]” id=“sideimage”>

I hope this helps!

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Although I know we'll probably never see Bioware do it properly, I'm really interesting in writing an ex-templar companion seeking redemption, for that Dragon Age 4 Companions Challenge you reblogged a while ago. In your opinion, what would be the most important things to consider for writing a templar who seeks ACTUAL, PROPER redemption?

  • The #1 thing that I absolutely cannot stand is “redemption arcs” where things are just denied or excused. As in victim-blaming and/or “it was just a misunderstanding” for example. That is really not fair to to the mages that suffered under this proposed character. The character should fully acknowledge everything they’ve done wrong, understand why it was wrong, and not continue to do it.
  • Beyond acknowledging it, they should be clear with this in voice and action. Redemption entails doing something good, to try and atone for your bad.
  • Do not rely on other characters to explain what a changed and good person your character is. Let them prove it themselves too. And in fact, it is very unrealistic that everyone would just forgive them. Having people argue with them every once and a while, and how the character handles this would be a great show of changed character. Do they listen with understanding, or do they try to justify themselves? If they really do look back at their actions with regret, then they would understand why universal forgiveness is realistically unattainable.
  • And if you’re looking for some really grand event of redemption, have it be in some way related to those they hurt. Have them help the mage underground, just for an example. 
  • If something is going to happen to give them an “initial wake up call” of sorts, I would much rather prefer it be at the benefit of a mage than the expense. And by that I mean, the “___ was made tranquil and now ___ see’s the light” fics kind of bother me. I’d personally much prefer a situation where say, “___ was about to be made tranquil but ___ helped them escape.” 

Those are just some quick tips I guess IMO?

I’d really love to see what you come up with if you’ll be sharing!

Need Advice?

Hey Y’all! I want to start something new here at blackgirlnerds! If you or anyone you know needs advice, I will gladly try to help you out. You can DM us with the questions you have and I’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!

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When my girlfriend of two years was two months pregnant she found out I got oral sex from one of my sisters friends. She fell into deep depression and over all lost the baby I feel like it's my fault. Even tho I felt bad I cheated on her again with one of my boys girlfriends girls I bought her a drink at the bar insisted she came home with me but she didn't I called the girl babe all night and my girlfriend found out she's been very distant with me I don't know how to make up for this I am dumb

You really are, you keep fucking up & you make these choices, if you’re not gonna get it together you need to let her go that’s if you really care about her, cause you’ve proven you’re not ready to get it together so why stick around & continue to hurt her especially after all she been through, she lost her baby because of you that right there should’ve motivated you to do a 180 & get your shit together & if that wasn’t enough for you then idk what is at this point…let her be happy with someone that will treat her right

Tarot Advice

Hey anyone, I recently got out of an abusive friendship, and she liked to play with my fears alot.

One of those was insisting if I kept reading tarot cards that supernatural events could happen to me. And that… legitimately one of my worst nightmares.

So if anyone with Tarot experience could tell me if she was for once being honest for once or if she was lying to scare me…

She even said that she had stored it with a deck that she tried to speak with the dead with. That maybe my deck could have been touch by it.

But I really miss my deck, and reading, even more so when my deck told me exactly what was going to happen between me and this friend.

Do you also have any advice to keep the spooks away? I have crystals on me at all times. I really took to citrine, and I’m known for my good luck.

I’m also the cusp of Rebellion.

I’m not sure if that helps but I’d like to practice safely.