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I'm dming a campaign and my players are headed to a cursed town to find some emissaries from their secret organization. the town is cursed with a sort of reverse groundhog day stuff. every night every resident/building/etc ages 2 years. my players need to find the cause of the curse and cure it before everyone in the town dies of old age. my problem is; i dont know what the cause is yet. i have no idea where to start, can you help me out?

A lich is feeding off of the towns people, trying to regain his human form. This requires a large amount of life, over a long period of time.

A nearby hidden fountain of youth is feeding off of the town to retain its powers.

Another nearby town is also rapidly aging, but has a witch/wizard/etc. that protects it, who steals “years” from a different town to save their town.

The town’s buildings were arranged in the shape of a symbol by accident. With the recent construction of a barn/church/whatever, it completes the symbol. The symbol is associated with time/life draining/whatever you want.

This was hard to think about, sorry anon! If anyone else has any ideas please reply! 

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*curtsies* you seem like a 'take no shit' person so I beg you, how do I stop being so sensitive? Today my Drs secretary kept laughing at me and made me feel stupid/crazy and I cried for 30 minutes curled up in a ball. The smallest thing sets me off.

*Curtsies* So, this is something I actually really struggle with in other people. My mother and one of my close friends from college are both extremely sensitive. I’m really not; I tend to bounce back quickly from fights and slights and get on with the day, and I don’t know why that’s easier for me to do than it is for someone else. (Probably because I’m selfish and I don’t like being mad about anything for any longer than I have to, truth told.) But the biggest things I struggle with in communicating with super-sensitive people are that (1) they take everything personally and (2) they can’t let anything go. Some of the things people have taken personal offense to absolutely astound me, like mentioning to my mom that I had a really horribly long wait at the doctor’s office (which she perceived as somehow aimed at her because she had recommended the place). Another friend once burst into tears, walked out of a restaurant where all our friends were hanging out because I wanted to know what to do with a bunch of stuff she’d left at my house (which she perceived as being a criticism that she hadn’t cleaned up after herself; it wasn’t, I just genuinely wanted to know what to do with her stuff). 

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m emotionally obtuse and could have said something in a hurtful way without meaning to, but I also think it’s a bit dangerous to always assume that what another person does is done deliberately to hurt you. Because what I’ve found in these kind of situations is that nine times out of ten it’s actually just a misunderstanding, where intent and impact don’t align. So. Maybe it would be good to step back and try to ask yourself whether the secretary is actually laughing at you, or if maybe there was just something funny about the situation, or if maybe she was just trying to be friendly, or if maybe she was nervous and that was why she laughed. Human behavior happens for a lot of different reasons and assuming that it’s always meant to do you some kind of harm is a hard way to live. The best take-no-shit advice I can offer here (because that is what you asked for) is that next time something like this happens, stop and ask these questions before you get upset: 

  1. Is this really about me or am I making it about me?
  2. Am I possibly overreacting?
  3. Is there a way to clarify the situation?

That last one is really key. I can’t tell you how many fights could be avoided if people just stopped and said, “Wait, what did you mean by that?” But here’s the other key component: If the other person says, “Oh no, I wasn’t laughing at you at all,” you have to actually take them at their word. Give them the benefit of the doubt, because if you don’t you’re going to spend a lot of time weeping about insults that never actually happened, and they will have no idea what they’ve done wrong (and will feel terrible without knowing why). Communication is key. 

Hope this helps.

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Over spring break, a teacher saw me and said "hey cripple!" I really wanted to cry because this isn't the first time he's done something like that. I was walking past him in the hall one day and he told me that I needed to quit faking. I'm the only physically disabled student at my school so if I take my problem to the admin, he'll know it was me. I don't know how to make him stop. Do you have any ideas on what to do?

I can tell you this: you shouldn’t have to be going through this on your own. This guy is harassing you.

If there is an adult in your life that you trust, please talk to them about this. I would also suggest going to staff about how he’s treated you and if you’re worried about him finding out that it was you who reported his behavior, let the staff know that too. They might be able to keep your involvement out of it. 

Just know that he deserves any disciplinary action taken against him and I sincerely hope you don’t have to deal with his ableism in the future.

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i feel hopeless and useless to the people around me and i hate it but i don't know what to do to help it. sorry to bother <3

hello, love. 

we can talk about this more over chat if you want to? i would like to know the backstory as to why you feel that way. for now, i can give some general advice.

when you feel that way, try to remind yourself a few things. one, those people probably don’t think about it as much as you do. (if that comes off as rude, it’s not meant to be, i promise.) what i mean is that everyone has their own thoughts and worries swimming around their heads, so they’re most likely caught up in their own stuff to worry/think about other people. second, be yourself and the right people will come to you. if you’re feeling useless around the people you hang out with, there’s probably a disconnect. find people you click with and understand what you’re feeling and still love you for it. 

to be completely honest, i feel this way sometimes. it’s a hard feeling to shrug off, too, i know. but figure out some little things you like about yourself and focus on those things. find something to smile about and do something to help someone/something out once in awhile, even if that’s just holding the door for them. little acts of kindness do wonders for both sides of the situation. 

i hope this helps somewhat. if not, i can just give you a little hug :) 


Being Different and Dealing with it. - Kirblog 3/25/17

Well over a year ago, I received a question responding to my “Surviving High School” Kirblog from ChibiAmethyst about dealing with being different, being mistreated by others at school because of it, and mostly having online friends as a result. This weekend’s topic will be our first serious one in a while, but one I’m happy to cover. I go into my thoughts, opinions and advice about how to deal with the social anxiety that comes with being different, how to carry on in a safe and comfortable environment, while also continuing to learn how to grow and not necessarily stay ‘bubbled’ in the process.

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You're so lucky to cut somebody out of your life so easily. I'm stuck in such a bad relationship and I have no where to go and no one to tell. My family|friends will never believe me because everyone loves him. If I broke up with him people would blame me and everyone would hate me for it. At least I'm good at faking happiness I guess.

It is a matter of a choice, not a matter of luck. I am willing to let everything go in order to detach, including myself. That is how much I am willing to sacrifice for peace. This is your life. You are the one in the relationship, not your friends, not your family. You do not need them to believe you. For happiness is always in your hands. Do what you have to do.

I broke up with my boyfriend last night. He wasn’t abusive or a bad person and I still have romantic feelings for him, but I saw no future. I told him and he said that’s inconvenient but he didn’t try to stay with me or anything, he just agreed to end the relationship. I always felt he didn’t care as much as I did and that was my confirmation. I guess I just want my younger followers to know you don’t need a big reason to end a relationship if it feels wrong end it. Your relationships shouldn’t drain you. You can leave whenever you like.

There doesn’t have to be a huge reason to celebrate. One can rejoice simply because we are alive. We are breathing. And with this, we are able to chase after the things that make us infinitely happy, and spend time with those who we love. So, take a moment. Celebrate.
You never did anything in this world but to search for somebody to save you from falling. Like a trampoline that will catch you when you jumped to the endless void; like a light at the end of the tunnel that will save you from the dark. All you did is search and wait for someone to hold your hands and complete the spaces in between your fingers—as if they can save you from your fear of nothingness. All you did is find, and find, and find without realizing that you won’t fall if you wouldn’t jump; that the light at the end of the tunnel is nothing if you brought your own fire; that your fingers complete the spaces in between when you stick them all together. You always think there is someone out there who will save you with his swords and strong arms, but newsflash: you, too, can save yourself.

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Emotional abuse tw. I really really need advice. I love my girlfriend. The thing is, she's slightly emotionally abusive. I keep telling her what she's doing wrong and I keep telling her how it makes me feel and how she's gaslighting me and it's not okay but she just, keeps doing it. She just keeps doing it and doing it and doing it and she never stops and I can't leave her because I love her. What do I do?

It hurts, but you need to leave her. You’ve tried telling her, tried to get her to stop, but she won’t. Staying with her will just hurt more, as it seems she’ll any change. Any amount of abuse isn’t okay

Do not let yourself be bothered by the inconsequential. One has only so much time in this world, so devote it to the work and the people most important to you, to those you love and things that matter. One can waste half a lifetime with people one doesn’t really like, or doing things when one would be better off somewhere else.
—  Louis L'Amour, Ride the River

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Hi guys, Trill here. I need some advice. So, I have these two friends who make me feel just so calm and okay and I know I promised to tell my parents about my anxiety, but I didn't and I think I might be getting worse. I want to talk to my two friends about it but I can't, because every time I feel like I'm about to force my problems onto them and I just don't know what to do.

Trill, these guys is your friends for a reason. They love and care bout ya. They’ll wanna help ya in any way they can. Trust me. -Crutchie

Same goes for your parents. They love ya, and they’s gonna wanna help ya however they can. Ya ain’t a burden, Trill. We all just wants ta make sure you’s alright. -Jack

Promise us you’s gonna tell somebody this time? We all care about ya, Trill. -Crutchie

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I read somewhere that the best sign for a Pisces to be with is an Aries because they'd counter the Pisces' natural down moods, and anxieties with their upbeat personality, and "can-do" attitude. I've never really felt that way, though, and thought that I'd just bring down my Aries partner with my insecurities, and stuff... Can you give me any advice? If it's not too much of a hassle or anything, of course! ^^; Thanks in advance!

Oh wow uhm, I’m not usually great with advice and sign reading but I guess I could try c:>

I don’t read a lot on Pisces, but as someone like me who’s an Aries, we tend to be very charismatic yes! and an Aries would never make you feel like you’re bringing down; we love people whom are honest enough with us. and like any sign or human beings, we all have insecurities! 

Aries share emotional attachment issues, and I guess for me, the only way to make an Aries feel at ease about this is well, sharing their insecurities with anyone really, including Pisces.

So really what I’m trying to say is, you don’t have to talk about your feeling to your Aries partner right now, but don’t be discourage to tell them either; we Aries love to lift people to the bright side as much as we can. The only challenge you have is that…we’re quite stubborn haha;; and can get brutally honest, but sometimes it’s really because we care so much for the person, so if this happens in the future, don’t take it personally. 

I hope that helps in any way! If you need another’s perspective;
This is the site for you. Take care! <:

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My emet is controlling my life. I am 23 years old, and I can't do things everyone else is. I don't drink because I am afraid of v*. I've accepted that. But I can't even go out with my friends, because I spend all of my time worrying about other people being drunk and the possibility of them v*. I just wish I could be normal.

It’s super challenging, isn’t it? A lot of the things so many people take for granted are huge obstacles for us. Baby steps. It CAN and will get better. There was once a time when I wouldn’t leave the house because I was convinced someone would randomly v on the street. Now, I don’t think twice about it.

That timeline is different for everyone though. Be patient with yourself. Take chances where you feel comfortable (such as deciding to go out for 2hrs and leaving at a certain time, or making plans to go out earlier in the evening to avoid the super drunks). It really helps if you have a buddy you can confide in. They can be an extra support when going out.

And you’ve always got us!

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Hi, I need help getting over my ex fp... she has bpd too and used to be attached to me,but then she met another person and became distant, and we'd still talk every day but she wasn't texting me first anymore and I guess I asked her if she was going to leave or if she hated me a lot but I don't remember anything of what I did but she said that the "accumulation of [my] daily dramas" was 3 monthsAnd now she left and it's hard for me,I miss her so much,I want to be better,it's hard to eat

Hi there,

I’m sorry I’m so late with this, I’ve had issues accessing a computer & I’ve also had difficulty answering the question tbh.

Ugh this is so hard I’m sorry. Losing a friend is catastrophic, especially when it happens this way.

I’ve honestly found that it’s hard for me to be really close friends with others who are struggling when I am. I really hate that but every friendship I’ve had with someone who was also struggling has blown up in my face. It’s always my fault, of course, because I get competitive about being the Sickest and I get too clingy and too manipulative and just yuck. ANYWAY that’s not to say that you shouldn’t or can’t, I’m just saying what I’ve found in my life. I just find myself constantly triggered.

You know that saying that goes like “the best revenge is having a bomb ass life”? Ok well I kind of made it up probably I just combined like 3 sayings. I also really don’t like revenge in there BUT the best way to get over someone is to dive into your own life. This same thing happened to me years ago & I only got over it like literally several years after it happened when I built my own life enough that I forgot about my ex-friend (well not forgot, but didn’t obsess over what happened or think about it constantly or seek reassurance in nasty ways).

Now let me tell you that this fkn sucks. The best way to forget about someone or move on I’ve found for me is to cut them completely out of my life. Then I can really move on. But that’s 1) not easy and 2) shitty. Idk what is possible in your situation, but regardless I still recommend really digging into living your life.

For me, this method works because when my life is so full and I’m doin the do and maybe even enjoying stuff (gasp!) then I just don’t have time to think about the people who have hurt me. Obviously this is super hard when we are depressed bc depression traps us. But if you can make any steps towards this at all I think it would be helpful.

Get lost in the things you like. Read a lot of books, watch a lot of movies. Make a quilt or some crafty thing if you’re into that. Volunteer somewhere. Go hiking. Idk, this sounds dumb I’m sure but forcing yourself to engage in your own life really helps you move on from other people.

You deserve people who will support you through both your best and your worst. Everyone deserves healthy relationships. Keep searching for those best pals.

I’m not satisfied with my answer here so please please please reach out again if you want to talk more and maybe I can be more helpful.


p.s. everyone, the “living your bomb ass life” strategy works wonders is most situations btw

blegh I’m working on a fic and idk how I’m liking it so far, so I had to remind myself that not everything I write is going to be super intricate and long and detailed and my pride and joy. sometimes a fic will just be a little piece that maybe someone somewhere will enjoy, but it won’t be something I’m super proud of and that’s okay. this isn’t like the publishing industry where a creation will go through countless of edits and people and processes in order to get out into the world. this is just me practicing for something that I hope I will make a living off one day. this is me brainstorming ideas with other people and trying out different styles and putting my stuff out there for people to consume and for me to just get ideas out of my head. sometimes it’s written purely so that the person who requested it can read it. it’s not always going to be something I want to shove in everyone’s faces because I love it so much. writing nowadays is so different from how it used to be, because no one has to give me an okay for me to post something on the internet for everyone to see, and that makes writing so much more fun because writers are evolving and switching things up and sometimes they will write something they don’t necessarily like and it’s their choice if they’re gonna post it or not because there will be both pros and cons with either option. someone might adore something I post that I personally dislike. someone might hate something I’ve worked my ass off on and love with all my heart. you never know.

what I’m trying to say is: writing on the internet is wonderful and heartbreaking simultaneously, but it can be so so worth it, and it doesn’t matter if one piece isn’t as good as another. you’re creating and that’s the important part, and you need to remind yourself to keep going no matter what.

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What do you think of neurodivergent using trigger jokes as a coping mechanism? i mean it still makes people think that being triggered means being offended...

I guess it depends who they’re with. If they’re around people who understand why they’re doing it, aren’t offended, and won’t copy it and encourage it in others, it can be okay.

However, in other situations it’s not. It could offend some other ND people, and make NTs think its okay to make those kind of jokes and hurt people.

In the end, it upholds the stigma of triggers and supports the idea that they’re a joke, which isn’t okay