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Hi I'm new here on tumblr and first of all I wanted to say that your art is amazing ! (especially the colors !!!) I want to ask you if you have some ft blogs to recommend to me ? I'd like to follow a lot of ft blog but idk which choose. thank you !!

Heyy! Ok so first of all, welcome to tumblr and the fairy tail fandom, anon _(:3JL) I hope you can make many friends and feel comfortable here! As for the ft blogs, I don’t follow many of them either, but here are (mainly artists) some of them: 

@ackercurve @al-lium @aloosh-s @ayumichi-me @bbiru @blamedorange @blanania @blazexkeys @bludy-chu @chanime @chengggg @dragnoots @epeolatryx @giuloxar @giupear @hirata-s @iluvfairytail @jxlight @kanekkis @karokitten-chan @leons-7 @lolohime @luciasatalina @luckybachi @nanakoblaze @natsv @pinkhinori @proudtobeaginger @rboz @rchella @semi-ordinary @sexuallyfrustratedjellal @shandisworld @shdaria @skydrill @wendychuu @xfairydrawing @zippi44

They’re all pretty nice as far as I can tell, but you should see that for yourself!

Btw I probably forgot tons of good ft blogs, so every1 is free to add nice people to the list 

  • Bryke: "They don't support us with enough advertising or merchandising, they put us online-only in the MIDDLE of a season, and then they cut our budget so much that we had to make a reused-clips episode or lose a third of our team. This is too much, and I have HAD it."
  • Bryke: "I know what must be done."
  • *looks at Korra and Asami*
  • Bryke: " the thing."

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Let's be real for a second, smokebomb, shift2 and ubycotex are business and Carmilla is a product/advetisement. Danny being made bi or gay is a decision that's gonna come down to numbers, are more creampuffs/casual viewers gonna leave if she's made bi because of bi phobia or made gay because of bibaiting is what it's gonna come down to and clearly nobody is sure of that yet. So we may as well leave Ellen alone on it because we all know if it were up to her it'd be no bis allowed.

Lets be realer, if this was purely a marketing venture they would have churned out some boring, overdone but safe heterofest. They’re telling a host of important stories, it’s a lot more than a sales pitch.

Of the demographic who watch Carmilla do you really think it’s going to make a substantial difference once way or the other what Danny’s sexuality is? Because I don’t. I think the vast majority don’t give a single fuck, and of the small minority who do care, most of them won’t care enough to stop watching.

Idk where this “omg Ellen hates bisexuals” attitude has come from, and more to the point idk why it is again all being put on her. Enough with the witch hunt.

The fact is that Danny will be written as planned by Jordan and Ellen and we, as a fandom, really have no right to insist that she be written one way or the other. 

We came here for their story, let them write it the way they’re writing it.