Yes, it’s Holidaytime, aka that part of the year where, no matter what holiday we celebrate, we’re generally encouraged to get presents for people, so I’ve been making some cool new things (as well as keeping some old favorites) for…

My Etsy store, InfinitePlethora!!! (yay.)

All the stuff you know and love is here (including those Gravity Falls “Mystery Twins” bracelets that seem to be exceedingly popular for whatever reason). There’s new stuff, too. And I’m gonna keep adding new stuff, too. Because new stuff is fun.

Anyway, if you want to know what to get people for the holidays, check out my Etsy and my cool stuff. Happy Holidaytime to you all.


You cannot make a show without lesbianism in all fairness
— Katie McGrath (x)

you know that skittles advert where they touch something and it turns into skittles katie’s like that but with gay everything she touches becomes gay


Cats are so awesome that they’ve taken over all the advertisements in the Clapham Common Tube station of the London Underground. The Citizens Advertising Takeover Service (aka C.A.T.S.) is the first project by a collective called Glimpse. After running a successful Kickstarter campaign they photographed cats from two animal rescue charities, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home and Cats Protection, and posted those photos in place of all 68 ads in the subway station.

For the two weeks that the cat photos are up, Londoners who pass through the station are given a break from advertising and all those cute kitties in the photos have a greater chance of finding homes.

“We hope people will enjoy being in the station and maybe think a bit different about the world around them.”

Visit the Glimpse website to learn more about them and their other projects.

[via My Modern Met and Colossal]

TUMBLR, We Need To Talk.

You’ve been placing ads on people’s blogs. I just found out about it.

My initial reaction can be summed up in this: 

Originally posted by ffsimsohigh

Just,… What. The. Actual. FUCK.

SO, Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear:

MY BLOG - when I’m not getting any of the revenue for myself - Is NOT a place for you to put your ads on!!!! Especially without asking for permission!

I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS! I did not consent to this!!!

Either give me a piece or take them off.

Thank you very much.

If you feel the same, feel absolutely free to reblog

EDIT:  When I posted this, I wasn’t aware opting out was even an option - but still!

It sucks they didn’t inform the users about this properly beforehand, and that one has to opt out MANUALLY - for each individual blog no less - and let alone that we can gain no revenue of them yet, and many likely never even will.

Tumblr, kindly disable the ads and bring them back AFTER you have all the details figured out on this - AND NO SOONER.


Floccus animation - the most popular type of animation pictures. With what their history began? Initially it was the usual set of pictures, live photos. Then someone thought up more, and there were gifk which have a plot. 

And now they are used as well as one of types of advertizing in the world of the Internet. For example, today the team developed a floccus animation for one of investment companies. It would seem, what here such difficult to place pictures in a certain order? 

It it isn’t enough for creation attractive hyphas animation: the designer thinks over the scheme of emergence of the text and graphic elements speed with which one picture replaces another and so on, all to the slightest nuances, as a result receiving worthy result. 

Create for the company advertizing for placement on the Internet in the form of gif-animation, having ordered development of its model on www