TUMBLR, We Need To Talk.

You’ve been placing ads on people’s blogs. I just found out about it.

My initial reaction can be summed up in this: 

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Just,… What. The. Actual. FUCK.

SO, Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear:

MY BLOG - when I’m not getting any of the revenue for myself - Is NOT a place for you to put your ads on!!!! Especially without asking for permission!

I DID NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS! I did not consent to this!!!

Either give me a piece or take them off.

Thank you very much.

If you feel the same, feel absolutely free to reblog

EDIT:  When I posted this, I wasn’t aware opting out was even an option - but still!

It sucks they didn’t inform the users about this properly beforehand, and that one has to opt out MANUALLY - for each individual blog no less - and let alone that we can gain no revenue of them yet, and many likely never even will.

Tumblr, kindly disable the ads and bring them back AFTER you have all the details figured out on this - AND NO SOONER.

a trio of American Airlines air stewardesses help each other into their uniforms, September 1967. The photo was taken as part of a billboard ad campaign for the airline. Photo by Susan Wood


this made me smile :)