Attention Neko atsume fans!

You’ve heard of neko atsume, you’ve might of heard of Boku to Wanko, Get ready for Hamster Collection!

If you like hamsters then you should try out this game since it is similar to neko atsume and also the logo is similar too

And also here is some screenshots from it from the app stores to see what it looks like

It is also a bit different then neko atsume like for example

  • You can pet them
  • of course different looks
  • different company
  • over 3000 unique actions
  • Hamsters change in day to night
  • And other cool stuff too!

if you want a link for it here it is

Google Play:

App Store:

I recommend it if you don’t really like it, but i want u to try it!

-Mod snowball

This is a very exciting moment my lovely baboos!! 

This is the first few transition scenes in my very first commissioned piece of animation!! A company named the Cold Comfort Theater asked me to create a minute long commercial for them to promote their organization. They gave me specific instructions to on what the commercial should entail and will respectively document  each of the theater’s stunning performances. It’s a bit choppier than I would like it to be right now but I’ll keep toying with the fps until it looks perfect. 

I can not tell you how excited I am to have been picked to work on a locally published commercial!! AAAAAAAHH!! I hope you like what I’ve come up with so far and will stick around to see the finished product! 



had you seen this before? ^^


1900s Advertisements Push Black Women to Change their Appearance.

Hair Straighteners, as well as skin whitening products, were advertised as ‘solutions’ to unwanted features. These ads would also appear in African-American newspapers.

“Look on this side (the black African features)- then on this (white European features)”

“Improve Your Appearance”

“War Declared on Bad Hair”


Guess who’s selling stickers… That’s right IT’S ME

I got bored so I decided to try and make a sticker and it worked, look how fabulous they are, but in all seriousness it would mean a lot if you could take a look or something and reblog to spread the word, no pressure though.

Ruby -

Sapphire -