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okay, this is not a misattribution of any kind.

but, in slowly losing my sanity in the shakespeare tag, i stumbled upon this.

and oh, it made me laugh for a long time. FOUR FOR YOU, GOOD SIR. 

see? this is the kind of fun we can have when we practice safe quoting

(ren also informed me that this person is female; i just like the word sir.)

You know what scares the shit out of me?

That I keep asking myself…CAN IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS? And the answer is YES. And I know, deep within my gut it’s going to. Because there is just SO much more to explore and I TRUST the writers because they still have the ability to make me laugh, make me cry, and then BLOW MY MIND like they did tonight.

So yes. I’m scared sh*tless. Because I don’t know how much more perfectness I can handle.

OMG. That was so utterly perfect I want to cry.

Even though I know Marlowe has already done everything right by this show so far, it still is a scary thing watching the episode after the premiere (the morning after, if you will) and worrying if it’ll match up to your expectations. I’ve done everything I can to keep my expectations at a reasonable level, but of course my heart went with the sky is the limit, I WANT IT ALLLL.  And damn, they did a spectacular job of getting the entire dynamic of them working together, figuring stuff out, the relationship off to this very real and very beautiful start.

THE BIGGEST thing for me was seeing them talking, and trying, and GOD that SMILE on her face at the end. I CAN’T. It actually choked me up seeing her that happy. We have never seen her THAT happy. I mean, she’s freaking GIDDY, and practically bouncing on her toes in front of him.  I love that they both realized they’re dealing with their own set of insecurities and issues, but instead of trying to solve them individually, they’re going to help each other solve it as a couple, together. And just, THAT is the biggest message to come out of this whole episode, because she was so upset by the prospect of somehow screwing this all up, but everything else is just small potatoes once you get the COMMUNICATION down.  That was my biggest concern moving forward with this season, and second episode, they knock it out of the park. Obviously they didn’t talk about everything, because not only is that unrealistic, but I wouldn’t want that. THAT communication is now the driving force of the character development, watching them work through things, and so long as they have that, they’ll have a show. And it was just SUCH a relief to see that they made that statement loud and clear from the beginning like, “We know where we’re going” but “We’re going to TALK about it along the way” CHECK.

Second key note, I was RIDICULOUSLY pleased with how much of a fight Castle put up. I mean, I knew he would. But seriously, aside from the big doofus getting into that mess in the first place, lol, watching him fluster and flounder, and really honestly look frighted during certain moments was AWESOME. I don’t mind that he was turned on at moments - because honestly, he IS a man, but the point was that there wasn’t a single moment that he ever looked TORN. Turned on, and truly conflicted are two entirely different things, and that was one of my biggest worries that we might see some struggle there, but the fact that he spent 90% of the time looking nauseous and freaked, had me pretty darn happy.  CHECK. CHECK.

And third. Is it just me or is Stana Katic getting MORE beautiful than last season. I honestly didn’t think that was possible but GOOD GOSH. I really am starting to believe that she bathes in unicorn tears, or whatever the current going theory is. :P CHECK CHECK CHECK.