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Think about this: Sansa orchestrating Littlefinger’s downfall in a way that mirrors him orchestrating Ned’s. Ned counted on LF providing him the gold cloaks’ support when he would expose joffrey’s illegitimacy, and LF betrayed him? I want sansa to play LF like a violin like HE played Ned and make him believe that she’s on board with his plan to reveal Jon as an impostor, a targaryen bastard, Not A True Stark, whatever, and then at the crucial moment ordering the knights of the vale to turn back on him, while she reveals, in a beautiful j’accuse speech in front of all the Vale and Northern Lords alike, what LF did: his betrayal of Ned, how he whispered in Joff’s ear to execute him, his role in the PW, Lysa’s murder (and probable planned murder of Sweetrobin), his intention to use Sansa to secure Winterfell and the Iron Throne for himself and possibly that he killed Jon Arryn starting the war of the 5 kings in the first place.

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In finding a college, you mention applying to colleges you see on TV are a for-profit scam. They are very expensive, but what if it's the best choice or only choice when it comes to having the major you desire and close to home? Would you recommend it? (I'm considering re-researching colleges in state, out of state, and out of the country + online classes)

Not to contradict my co-mod, but not all colleges that advertise on TV are scams. Many colleges, especially junior or smaller colleges, will air ads on local stations in order to reach those nearest to them. Both of my undergrad colleges used television advertisements.

The advice I would give is that you shouldn’t just trust an advertisement implicitly, no matter where you see it, whether it be online, on tv, or in print. You can see it on TV and get the basic information, but it’s your job to do further research on the college, its majors, and its transfer/graduation rate to make sure it’s a valid option for you. Don’t worry about where they advertise, worry about whether or not the degree is accredited.