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i can’t get over the fact that the “can you hear me now” guy from the verizon commercials back in the day became a traitor and is now advertising for sprint… can’t trust anybody these days

The root of all Trust Issues: Part 1

From the mind of a dirty nigga who you thought gave a fuck about you are you still down for me ?
I know you hurting and there’s pain baby but you don’t want to see me so what the fuck do you want me to do
You should have never gave me bomb head I would have never mistreated you
I should have never said that you was like all of them other bitches I understand that’s a hard pill to swollow coming from a nigga who you thought completed you
It wasn’t me baby I didn’t fuck her I had every opportunity to tell you the truth but my mind was like a committed married man I never thought I needed two
The money in the bank went towards the hot rods and slippery poles and I guess like a blue dog next to a man with blue balls we didn’t need to sit around playing blues clues
From the mind of a dirty man who didn’t give a fuck about you I wonder are you still down for me
Do you want to ride in my rental car and stay in my cousins crib again because none of that shit really belonged to me
I played you all the way through like the brand new beats cds I bought you to write your rhymes to while I used to rub your feet
Them was the times I stayed on my job never had you crying never caught a sob but then I would run the streets trifling and catching stains like a pack of always discreet
I did you dirty momma I wasn’t careful with my creep I even let your homegirls hit my beep and I even had like 4 other bitches in your sheets and one was a virgin so she was bleeding

From the mind of a dirty man who still don’t give a fuck about you I wonder are you still down for me
And my nigga Daze ain’t really that cool either he took you out when I wasn’t there only because when I did my dirt I needed to make sure you was in bed sleep or atleast having a half ass time without your man in the streets
Remember that time I let Kreesha and Tanisha sneak through the window while you was cooking dinner and then I had em in the bed because Nisha was finna let me get in her
Or that time when you caught me on the stairs with the neighbor you used to beef with I would’ve never got caught if she didn’t spray me with her cheap glitter shit

From the mind of a nigga that won’t give a fuck about you I wonder are you still down for me
I used to get in between your legs and make you feel all good so that you could go to sleep and not trip about me going to the hood
I never took you with me because I didn’t care who could’ve popped you I was fucking bitches everyday my life would’ve still been all good
Remember when I used to have you thinking you was pregnant then I made you eat a pill cause I’ll be damned if I let you raise a better man than his pappy
You was a good girl, smart and went to church but that shit don’t matter I don’t care if you stayed down for life I still ain’t getting married
I did you wrong baby and I know you like Jesus so forgive me. Let me give you some advice baby I ain’t gone never love you but I can hit it right baby.
You know you liked to call on God every night that I was in you. You said you liked the way I slow stroked and called you baby I just liked the fact that I was no good but I drove your body crazy.
From the mind of a dirty nigga who ain’t gone never love you.

Think about this: Sansa orchestrating Littlefinger’s downfall in a way that mirrors him orchestrating Ned’s. Ned counted on LF providing him the gold cloaks’ support when he would expose joffrey’s illegitimacy, and LF betrayed him? I want sansa to play LF like a violin like HE played Ned and make him believe that she’s on board with his plan to reveal Jon as an impostor, a targaryen bastard, Not A True Stark, whatever, and then at the crucial moment ordering the knights of the vale to turn back on him, while she reveals, in a beautiful j’accuse speech in front of all the Vale and Northern Lords alike, what LF did: his betrayal of Ned, how he whispered in Joff’s ear to execute him, his role in the PW, Lysa’s murder (and probable planned murder of Sweetrobin), his intention to use Sansa to secure Winterfell and the Iron Throne for himself and possibly that he killed Jon Arryn starting the war of the 5 kings in the first place.


Hey guys! Let me recommend you an amazing game that you should try in 2015. 

It’s called Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean for the Nintendo Gamecube. It’s an old game, released in 2003. It is my single favorite console game of all time, and the graphics and story DEFINITELY hold up to this day. It never experienced a huge amount of popularity due to the time it was released and it’s lack of advertising, but trust me, this game is GOOD.

The game’s plot revolves around a world where the sea has disappeared. All the landmasses float in the sky, and as a result the people living in these landmasses have evolved to grow wings.

Our protagonist, Kalas, is a hot-tempered young man with only a single wing.

That’s just the premise, let me give you a list of reasons you really should try this game out:

  • You are a canon character in this game. Yes, YOU. You have to play to find out how, but the characters constantly talk to you and you actually support them throughout the story.
  • The battle system is a real time card game, and the cards are treated like real items. You can also GET new cards by using cards in unison during a battle, for example if you use a fire spell and a wood card in the same turn, you’ll receive a charcoal card that you can use permanently. 
  • Any cards you have in your inventory evolve over time. If you keep a young bamboo shoot for too long, it’ll turn into a stick of bamboo, and then into a fishing pole. All these have different uses!
  • The plot is amazing. I’m serious. I was so shocked on my first playthrough, because I did NOT see the twist coming. The story is /GOOD/, and I feel like this game really upped my expectations for the plots of many games I played afterwards.
  • The graphics are still fantastic and hold up to this day. Check out this photoset for some screenshots. Also, the music is beautiful.
  • You make money by taking PHOTOS! Depending on the amount of light or dark spells you used during a turn, you can take a photo whose quality will differ and can be sold for cash. This is the main way of making money in the game.

You can find it on Amazon, ebay, or by now you can probably emulate it off of an average computer with ease. Please make your 2015 better by trying this game out!

Thanks for reading!

Why BBCAmerica needs to put an effort into promoting Orphan Black in Canada

I may sound like a broken record on the topic, but BBCAmerica needs to start promoting Orphan Black in Canada the same way they do in the States.

Orphan Black is a Canadian show. It may be a co-production with BBCAmerica, but the writers, directors, actors, crew members from every area, are Canadian. It was created by Canadians, written in Canada, and filmed in Canada.

For a Canadian, this is a huge deal. The first time I ever watched a movie or television show where I recognized part of the setting because I had been there was Hancock (the Will Smith movie about the superhero? Yeah, that one) and the only reason I recognized it was because I was currently in LA, where the movie was set, and the theatre I was sitting in was part of the film.

The next time I remember recognizing an area was Scott Pilgrim. That movie (and the graphic novels it is based on) is proudly Canadian and I recognized areas of Toronto and I was so happy because I was finally seeing my city on the big screen.

Well, I was finally seeing my city as my city, because while Toronto is often used for filming, it is dressed up as various American cities.

Flashpoint was next - they kept it a secret for the first few episodes, using generic street names that could have been in most English speaking cities around the world, but the moment they mentioned Nathan Phillip Square, I cheered. Because they were owning their Canadian-ness. They hid it at the beginning, my assumption being they wanted to get picked up by American networks, but it was the moment they claimed Toronto as their place that I knew I was hooked and I knew I would be watching this show.

Rookie Blue is another show that came out and declared they were in Toronto. And it was lovely. It was a breath of fresh air from New York and LA and Miami and Chicago and all these other cities that are not mine.

But it was Orphan Black who came in right away. Canadian trains, Canadian money, Ontario drivers licenses, Scarberia. Never a doubt in your mind that this was Toronto, this was the city the characters knew, had lived in, grown up in, were a part of.

Orphan Black is all about identity, and as a Canadian, I have waited so long to see this level of television come out of our country and be recognized for how wonderful it is. Being Canadian is a part of my identity and that is one of the reasons that I connect so wonderfully with this cast and these characters. There are (arguably) 12 main characters who are Canadian - Beth, Alison, Donnie, Aynsley, Art, Angela, Paul, Vic are for sure, but I would argue that Mrs. S, Felix, Sarah and Kira are at least honorary Canadians, if they don’t have their citizenship - it seems like Kira was born in Canada, and I find it hard to believe the police would let so many offenses stand if Sarah was not a citizen (realistically, would we not try to kick someone like that out if they were not a citizen and causing so much trouble?).

The US actually has the lowest number of clones, if we decide to look at the Euro clones as a unit (and it did seem like more of them knew about each other.)

You might be thinking, “Jackie, you have really gotten off topic.” Well, yes and no.

Orphan Black, as I’ve said, is about identity. There are many people that are so excited to see people representing them on television, and the Canadians cannot be excluded from that. It is rare, in the deluge of programming from the States, to see people that represent ourselves.

We are currently be excluded from much of the fan interaction that is surrounding this show. Not from cast members themselves, or the writers, who are very active on Twitter, friendly in real life encounters, and great supporters of the fandom in general. But the giveaways that are being hosted, the Cloneversation (which I am currently watching as I type this, on a fuzzy livestream because it isn’t airing in Canada) and the early premiere on April 17th are exclusively available for US fans.

Imagine a show that was filmed in the States, had American actors and writers, but was produced by a Canadian channel and didn’t have any events in the States! It would never happen. Never.

We Canadians are being ignored by the promoters for this show. This wonderful, fantastic, amazing show that has completely changed people’s lives. That has made people feel better about who they are. A show that has inspired people in many ways. A show that has shown aspiring Canadian actors that you can be taken seriously in a Canadian show.

It hurts. It hurts to see this wonderful show that is filmed here, that Canadians are so proud of, that was so celebrated at the Canadian Screen Awards, being almost exclusively marketed to US viewers. They had billboards before we did, they have the exclusive content, the special shows, the giveaways.

It’s been said before on the OB tumblr that something is coming for the international fans, but I haven’t seen anything and I’m not holding out much hope here.

I’ve been tired of Americans making fun of Canadians for a long time, but now it feels like they are stealing one of the things we are most proud of, and I just cant wrap my head around the fact that they can’t seem to advertise to the same level here. I can only hope someone from Temple Street, or Space, steps in to say they want more advertising here and that BBCAmerica actually makes it happen. If you can afford to fly a sign over Coachella, you can afford to advertise in Canada. Trust me.

Maybe we will get a screening party for season 3, but until then, It looks like Canadian CloneClubbers are on their own.

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thank you thank you thank you for reblogging that post about tummy hair. it made me so happy and i could actually feel a little confidence boost. (sadly i shave it off because i was so embarrassed by it, so it grows back thicker but even so) <3 you're a lovely human being

of course! your tummy hair is a part of you–a beautiful and completely natural part of you… unfortunately, in recent years we’ve come to idealize hairlessness in women, capitalizing on the false notion that women aren’t supposed to have hair on their legs, armpits, faces, tummies, toes, chests/breasts, around their nipples, etc., effectively shaming those who do (see: the vast majority of women) into removing that hair.

i mean, we’re so fucking disgusted by body hair on women that advertisements for razors and other products marketed to remove said hair NEVER EVEN SHOW IT! they all just show soaped-up, smiling women dragging razors across their ALREADY HAIRLESS SKIN! it’s some whacky shit.

if you want to remove it because it makes you feel more confident, then that’s great! take care of yourself, and do whatever makes you feel good! just please hear me out when i say that you have absolutely nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of, and your body–fuzzy or not–deserves all the love and kindness you can give it. it’s okay for you to love yourself.

(p.s. tummy hair/happy trails are totally cute, and anyone who tells you otherwise is wrong and cannot be trusted)

Why Not?

It’s time for another ‘Taking the Bull by the Horns’ post. Sorry.

I’ve just had three people say, “Yeah, it’d be awesome if Sterek would happen, but it’s just not.”

Why the fuck not? 

Jeff? Jeff’s openly gay and says 400 times a day 'Write the story you want to see.“ I don’t honestly believe the story Jeff 'wants to see’ is Stiles ending up with Malia. Do you? Same with Russell.

MTV? MTV has been consistently recognized by the industry as being both progressive and having a LGBT positive attitude. If this does happen, the response is going to be off the charts, gaining the show more viewers and thus more advertising revenue. Trust me, MTV is not going to be the problem.

Hoechlin? O'Brien? Have you seen these two? 'Mutual admiration’ doesn’t even come close. Plus Sterek would also do much to increase their visibility and advance their careers.

There really isn’t anything standing in the way of it happening.

I can tell you how it won’t go down, if you are curious. THis is Jeff’s baby and he is doing everything he can to protect it and keep his vision whole. He can’t win every battle, because that’s life. But one thing he won’t do is let this get turned into something cheep and gimmicky to solely boost ratings. They’ve got plenty of hetero couple and guys taking off their shirts for that.

Sterek when it does happen is going to be a well written and thoughtfully developed storyline that’s going to take it’s own sweet time. It’s not going to be rushed, it’s not going to be untrue to the characters, and it’s not going to be unbelievable. 

When it happens, there is not going to be a doubt in any one’s head that these two love each other. THey already would take a bullet for each other, and they’ve learned to trust each other. (and a hard learned lesson that!) 

But now they need to figure out how to love each other. And it’s not going to be an overnight thing. That’s okay.

But just because it’s not happening tomorrow, doesn’t mean it’s not going to happen. Take a step back and look at the mountain of evidence we have built up. Walk away from my blog and look at Athena’s, look at Cupid’s, look at Aunt Pol’s and Sublime’s.

We’ve all separately and as a group have taken this apart and twisted and turned it in every way we know how, and we’ve all gotten to the same place. 

So why are people still saying it’s not going to happen?

Because we don’t deserve it? Because a well written love story involving two bisexuals is impossible? Because some (mythical) old man is going to point and laugh? Because it’s wrong?

We’re letting fear control us, and we don’t have to do that. It’s not wrong and we do deserve it. And I believe that as long as he can do it believably and well, Jeff is going to write the Sterek love story.

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In finding a college, you mention applying to colleges you see on TV are a for-profit scam. They are very expensive, but what if it's the best choice or only choice when it comes to having the major you desire and close to home? Would you recommend it? (I'm considering re-researching colleges in state, out of state, and out of the country + online classes)

Not to contradict my co-mod, but not all colleges that advertise on TV are scams. Many colleges, especially junior or smaller colleges, will air ads on local stations in order to reach those nearest to them. Both of my undergrad colleges used television advertisements.

The advice I would give is that you shouldn’t just trust an advertisement implicitly, no matter where you see it, whether it be online, on tv, or in print. You can see it on TV and get the basic information, but it’s your job to do further research on the college, its majors, and its transfer/graduation rate to make sure it’s a valid option for you. Don’t worry about where they advertise, worry about whether or not the degree is accredited.