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When will companies learn that the best way to advertise their product is to just have the weirdos of the internet namedrop the product in shitposts. No “official accounts”. No “Having People on Vine make Vines with your product in it”. Just have someone with a decent number of followers post like

My friend: Hey man, you always seem down in the dumps
Me, doing a kickflip and taking a bite of Nutter Butter: It’s what I do.

10 rules for writing a good headline

1. Self-interest. What’s in it for the reader. 

2. Arouse curiosity. Make them STOP and ask, “How can that be?” or “What do they mean by that?” Then answer the question well. 

3. Does your ad SINGLE OUT your intended audience? 

4. Is it EASY to understand? 

5. Is it newsworthy? 

6. Is it believable? David Oglivy: “The customer is not a moron. She’s your wife.” 

7. Quick results. 

8. Be specific. 

9. Something of value. 

10. Make it well known. Brand names and testimonials make people feel comfortable.

source: Murray Raphel "Mind Your Own Business,”

People ask me how to get into animation, and I tell them (for starters) to put something on the internet. If you show that you can attract an audience without the support of massive advertising money, companies will want to hire you. The internet is a great way for new talent to make itself known.

If net neutrality goes away, though, we’ll have to return to a system where it’s all about “who you know”. Where your ideas are bought (and generally discarded) before you even have them. In short: Finish up those internet films, comics, and cartoons before you’re directly competing with the Big Six. They’ve already got Batman and Star Wars and they don’t want you.


DOWN THE ROAD AND BACK AGAIN by @godihatethisfreakingcat

When someone takes and sells a shirtless photo of King Thorin II of Erebor without his knowledge or consent, advertisers grab the opportunity and run with it. So does the Internet, and now Erebor’s firewall is under siege with everything from marriage proposals to the unprintable. Being a Dwarven king in the age of technology is already a job and a half, and Thorin needs help if he’s going to keep from going completely mad.

Enter Bilbo Baggins, Esquire, belligerent barrister of the Shire. He’s small, he’s furious, and he’s here to help.

(At least that’s what Thorin hopes.)

happy chanukah hallie!
Big Media Companies And Their Many Brands — In One Chart
AT&T wants to buy Time Warner; Verizon is buying Yahoo — and analysts predict more media deals. Who owns what these days? We built a chart of the many brands of some of the big media companies.

AT&T’s bid to buy Time Warner for a hefty $85.4 billion has unleashed a flood of excitement on Wall Street, where analysts are now predicting a new wave of deal-making in the media industry.

The heated competition for our attention and for advertising dollars is increasingly pitting traditional media and entertainment stalwarts against Internet and telecom giants. And some media companies are once again seeking refuge in larger conglomerates.

To wade through who owns what, we decided to build a chart that outlines some of the notable holdings of big media companies.

This attention-merchant model has spread to so many areas of our life, where we’re completely used to everything being free. But then the pay-off, or the exchange, is that then we also agree to stuff that is compromised, because it is always trying to get us to click on ads at the same time. So we have this bargain that we made — and you can call it Faustian, you can call it whatever you want — that we have decided that we have to have everything for free, and I think we’re starting to pay for it in terms of our mental states.

Facebook lets advertisers target you by race

Facebook’s advertising platform lets its advertisers target certain ethnic groups, ProPublica reported. Using simple drop-down menus, the advertisers can choose to exclude groups like “African-American” or “Hispanic.“ Depending on what they’re selling, this could be in violation of civil rights laws.

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  • bob’s not happy - sad bob

  • bob is happy - glad bob

  • bob’s angry - mad bob

  • bob’s s’wasome - rad bob

  • bad bob is bad - superbad bob

  • bob graduates college - grad bob

  • bob wears a checked shirt - plaid bob

  • bob does advertisments - ad bob

  • bob tells bad jokes - dad bob

  • bob becomes a popular internet meme - fad bob

  • bob dresses up as brad from the rocky horror picture show - brad bob

  • bob becomes a bro in britain - lad bob

  • jack has kids - grandad bob

  • bad bob mousepads - mousepad bob
  • bob hangs out with shitty - unclad bob

  • bob is not allowed to do things - forbad bob

  • bob takes no shit from reporters - ironclad bob

  • bob meets his alternate universe counterparts - myriad bob

  • bob reads the iliad (he cries) - iliad bob

  • bob waits for the next olympics - olympiad bob

  • bob has his own helicopter - helipad bob

  • bob has a weekly schedule - hebdomad bob

  • bob is really into horticulture - gesneriad bob