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me: I’m writing this fic for Myself, because I want to and it’ll make me happy. Psh I don’t care if anybody likes it or not because it ain’t for them.

also me: *times things perfectly to have the highest number of people read it the instant it is posted* *advertises it on tumblr and twitter and various other social media* Come read my fic and shower me with praise so I feel validated in failing two finals and a project because I spent all my study and prep time writing this! Tell me I did good!

also me when the reception is (inevitably) not as warm as expected: As God as my witness, I will never write again. Let my soul float away from this mortal coil, for it is not worthy.  

Grumpy Cat used to be a fun internet curiosity until she became an inescapable marketing juggernaut that answered the ancient question: Can a cat be a corporate sellout?

The word “bae” had a bread stick stabbed through his heart when the Olive Garden’s Twitter page used it so often that the account seemed like it was run by an AI that went bonkers after a lab assistant spilled marinara on an iPhone playing Beyonce’s Lemonade.

Nothing kills internet trends faster than the greedy inauthentic touch of corporate America. And that greed may be the only thing that can keep America safe from the spread of the fake news that threatens to erode trust in our journalistic institutions.

The One Thing That MIGHT Be Able To Kill Fake News

The best thing about WNT boycotting

They aren’t just doing it for them.

Like, yes, they will be super stoked to finally get paid to do what they love, and that’s awesome. But they aren’t only asking for compensation for themselves.

They’re asking for youth and development team funding, they’re asking for advertising, they’re asking to grow the game.

They posted about it on social media so they can get attention, and what a lot of people in America love right now is women protesting for equality. But also, all this attention to Women’s Hockey, will probably work to increase revenue to Women’s Hockey. Campaigning for youth and development teams, campaigning for advertisement, will probably work to increase revenue to Women’s Hockey.

Listen, I don’t know what the real endgame is here besides getting pay for WNT, but I’m here for it.

USA Hockey is do or die

A little rambling on the workings of PR

I don’t usually post about things like this.  In my opinion, celebrity’s private lives and just that “private”, but there comes a point where a person gets tired of all the games…and especially of seeing people played.

 Do I think Sam/Cait are a couple?  I don’t know for sure, the only ones that do aren’t saying, but what I will say is that I think the two of them are a hell of a lot closer than normal co-stars.

 Do I think Sam/MM are a couple?   I don’t know that either, but I do know there’s something off about that relationship. I’m by way of being kind of an expert in body language and Sam is always too stiff and guarded in proximity to MM. Until I see Sam act and look at MM like he does Cait, then I’m far from convinced.

 Do I think there are PR games being played?   You better believe it!!  And I hate to tell you all this but the fans and even Sam are being played like a fiddle by a gal that doesn’t even know the proper attire for a birthday party.  

 So, what can we – as fans – do about it?

 Let me tell you a little story.  Once upon a time in the land of daytime TV there was a show called Days of Our Lives and a couple named EJ and Sami, dubbed with the portmanteau of “Ejami” by their fans.   Ejami had Sam/Cait level chemistry and the characters had danced around each other for 8 years, finally coming together in 2013.  Fans were happy and while Days was not the highest rated soap, it had the largest social media presence of all the soaps thanks to happy viewers who had and posted and tweeted and campaigned for years to get their couple together.    However, in 2014, their love story took a nose dive when EJ began a sexual relationship with a much younger girl to keep her from telling on Sami for murder.  At least that’s how it looked on the surface.

 The truth was, Days producer Ken Corday had concocted a rather devious plan.   In 2014, the Nielson ratings group began incorporating social medial statistics into their overall ratings and on January 13, 2014, Corday was scheduled to present these social media statistics to advertisers to help set the advertising rates for the upcoming year.   Days was already the highest rated soap in social media, but Corday was greedy, so on January 10, 2013, he had EJ fall into bed with a young blonde twit thinking that Ejami fans would react like always and blow up social media over the weekend with their displeasure, with making Days social media numbers even higher for the meeting on Monday.

 Thankfully though, this time the fanbase realized what Corday was up too and decided to take a different approach – they went silent.  From January 10, 2014 to January 13, 2014, Days of Our Lives went from being the highest rated soap on social media to not even ranking…something they have NEVER recovered from.    Simply from the actions or lack of actions by fans, Days slipped heavily in the overall ratings to the point of cancellation and in a last-ditch effort are now bringing back the two actors for an upcoming sweeps period to give fans what they should have given them in the first place!

 What’s my point in all this?   My point is that MM is taking PR lessons from Corday.   That picture she posted with the rainbow wasn’t some innocent thing, she KNEW using a rainbow would rile fans up.  You see in Hollywood, there’s one simple and very true rule “There’s no such thing as bad publicity!”  Every time you interact on MM’s Twitter or Instagram, whether to say yay or nay, whether you call her a saint or a slut -she benefits from it.  Every single time!   Don’t think social media is that important?   I have a friend that’s an actor – a relatively well-known soap opera actor at that -  who was just turned down for a role because his social media presence wasn’t that strong. No joke!

 Which brings me to ask if you’ve ever heard of a Q-score?   Quite simply a Q-score is a measurement of the familiarity and appeal of a brand, celebrity, company, or entertainment product.   Used to be, Q-scores were measured by a celebrity’s appearances on TV/film, talk shows and in entertainment magazines.  Nowadays, the score is figured almost solely from social medial statistics.  To put the score in perspective, right now Johnny Depp has the highest Q-score at 92. Trump’s Q-score is 98.  Sam and Cait’s Q-scores range from 38-42 which is a very respectable range for actors in their genre. The interesting thing is that this time last year, MM had a Q-score of 18, which has risen to over 30 as of today and why?  Because of Sam.   Here is a girl that has chased fame since she was 12 years old and she’s finally got her hands on something that can help her achieve that.  She’s going to continue to use him and us unless we do one thing.  

 Ignore her.

 Just like we did to Days of our Lives that fateful January.  Block little Miss M on every facet of social medial.  Don’t follow, don’t comment, pretend she doesn’t exist. The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior and MM has shown herself by her past behavior.  When she’s no longer getting any attention from being Sam’s perceived girlfriend, the truth will out and at the very least, she’ll stop posting those “in your face” pics of hers.            

 Sometimes the adage of “Ignore something and it will go away” just works.

I used to be one of those women who spent an hour or more doing my makeup every single day of my life. Like I wouldn’t leave my house to go get a cup of coffee or do grocery shopping without caking on a full face. And I lied to myself every single day about it. I told myself, as I penciled on my eyebrows, and lined my eyes with white eyeliner to make them look big and doll-like, and used thick oily foundations and concealers to hide every visible inch of my actual skin, that I loved doing this. That I was feeling more and more empowered with every inch of my face I covered up. That somehow, if I wore a bold lipstick shade or a unique eyeliner shape, I was making a feminist statement. By making my own flawed face flawless and therefore more marketable to men, I was taking charge of my own body and my own femininity. That’s how powerful advertising and media and social conditioning and all those other forces are. I thought spending hundreds and hundreds of dollars on makeup products and putting on a mask to cover my face just to leave my bedroom every single day was somehow empowering me. 

And the point of this post is not to criticize women who wear makeup, I totally understand the pressure. In fact, I still do wear a little bit of makeup most days. And I still fucking lie to myself about it. I tell myself “Oh, it’s just a little concealer to hide my zits, and it’s just a little brow pencil- I’m no longer wearing makeup to make myself look like an unrealistic caricature of a woman, it’s just to enhance my natural beauty.” Which is just another lie that the beauty industry has sold women for years, that’s taking a long time for me to unlearn. 

But overall as I become more and more comfortable without my makeup mask on, the more I realize that there’s nothing empowering, nothing glamorous, nothing healthy, nothing feminist about makeup and makeup culture. It really hurt me in my early teens, all the way up until now, and I want every woman who feels like she has to wear makeup, and every woman who knows she doesn’t to know that I totally support you. I’ll never be supportive of makeup culture ever again but to all those women who are still stuck in it, just know that your face doesn’t need to be fixed. Covering it up won’t ever make you feel better about it. 

Pepsea PR Disaster

Kicking off what would prove to be a month of PR fails, water flight’s corporate beverage producer, Pepsea released what swiftly became one of the most controversial advertisements of all time. Released just a few weeks ago, the ad campaign began promisingly, Pepsea sparing no expense on the hopeful commercial. Even Kendall Glimmer, half-sister of TV personality Crim Kardashian agreed to star in the film, claiming to support the supposed emphasis on the youth of Sornieth.

Unfortunately for Pepsea, the commercial cannon-balled into failure, and controversy swept through Sornieth almost immediately. In fact, in less than 24 hours after its release, the ad was taken down, and the campaign halted on every platform, and move undoubtedly costing the drink company millions, and leaving them rather dry.

The cause of the controversy? It initially seems unclear, as the entire commercial is rather ambiguous. The ad takes place amidst an unnamed, vague protest. Young dragons are running through the city waving banners advocating for peace, without really naming what threat to peace they oppose to begin with. The closing scene involves Glimmer handing a Pepsea to a police-dragon on the opposing side, sending the crowd into cheers of victory. So what’s the issue? Vocal bloggers chimed in with their two gems on the matter.

“The issue is the vague, ambiguity of the whole ad. A protest on a real social issue is hard, and there is great cost in acting for justice. This advertisement cheapens that, and commercializes real movements – things like Beastclans Lives Matter (BLM). You can’t use a cause like that to sell your re-branded seawater, Pepsea.”

Much of social media was in agreement over the resemblance to the BLM movement, and the issues with looking like it without actually affiliating with the movement itself.

Shortly after removing the public relations disaster, Pepsea Corporate issued a public apology, promising that “no harm was meant,” and that the damage caused was “clearly unacceptable on our part.” Fortunately for the soft drink company, their PR mistakes would soon be forgotten as U-Flighted Airlines would one-up the marketing disaster not even a week later.

Bringing you the news a little late, this has been The Sornieth Times.
That Heineken Ad Isn’t Sweet; It’s Dangerous – Athena Talks – Medium
It’s supposed to be heartwarming. Strangers work together on a project and get to know one another, not knowing anything about each other’s…
By Mirah Curzer

This is the danger of the feel-good “let’s just talk to each other” approach. It’s just a more cuddly version of that horrible bothsidesism that equates being called a racist with actual racism as reasons for hurt and anger. Both sides are not the same. The transphobe who agrees to have a beer with the trans woman is sacrificing nothing. She, on the other hand, is giving up a certain amount of dignity by breaking bread with someone who thinks she shouldn’t have the right to exist. She’s risking her mental and physical safety, volunteering for the hard emotional labor of arguing for her right to be a person. And with ads like this, that labor is being demanded of her with no consideration of how much it may cost. Worse, it’s heavily implied that if she were to walk away, it would make her just as intolerant as the bigot who views her with disgust.

Lego Brutalism by Arndt Schlaudraff


In response to the social media campaign Stop Funding Hate, which urges companies to drop adverts from newspapers accused of promoting “hatred, discrimination and demonisation,” the Danish company has announced they will no longer advertise with The Daily Mail :-).  (Link to the video: