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If you’re Gay and Trans here’s why you shouldn’t support the homophobic and transphobic minds behind Floraverse

If you read ForbiddenFlora, you’ll know that the trans representation isn’t that great. With Glip’s hatred of men and how the characters act, it really seems that Glip just sees their trans women cast penises. A lot of Glips porn that involves trans characters just seems like Futa porn but called progressive. Now, I’m not one to kickshame, but I am one to point out that conveying standard Futa porn and calling it trans representation is horribly transphobic. But don’t listen to me on this, I asked a few of my trans pals their extended thoughts which you can read here.

Transphobia receipts:

Now, since the Floraverse crew is so LGBT+ friendly, you would believe there would be no issue with pointing out how the trans representation is offensive. You would be wrong.

Here is how Glip responded when a gender fluid individual pointed out they were offended by Glips portrayal of trans characters.

Now hold on, you say, Glips right here! Trans lesbians are still lesbians and the sex they engage in is still lesbian sex, the gender fluid person is being transphobic here!


Glip cropped out what the user said. Here was their thread in full.


So it seems the person was more upset about how Glip uses trans women as fetish fuel. Not that trans lesbians aren’t lesbians….How curious that Glip purposely cut out everything they said to make it look transphobic.

Wait. Hold on.

Glip didn’t censor their icon making them easily identifiable and manipulated what they said to blast them on Glips popular twitter account, oh no I hope they didn’t get harassed.

Yeah. Guess what fucking happened.

Btw? One of Glip’s fans who harassed this gender fluid user told them to shut up and listen on trans matters. It went just about as you’d expect.

Now. I’m normally not one to blame a creator for what the fans do, but Glip intentionally made it so this person could be found by their fans, and intentionally cropped their argument to look transphobic.

So basically, if you’re trans and you’re uncomfortable with how you’re portrayed in floraverse: Fuck you! Let me just make it look like you said something transphobic and sic my fans to say transphobic things to you!

Wait…Reading up, something Glip said sounds interesting…

Glip literally hates you if you’re a gay man


If you don’t want to draw m/m porn, that’s fine but when you word it like that it seems like you got some hostility towards the gay male community. Especially since all that person pointed out is how you’re using trans women as a scape goat for not having straight sex….why do you use this opportunity to attack gay men?

Oh! Hey! This reminds me of the time Glip said they hated the furry community because of all the “cis gay men”

Quick questions:

1. Why is Glip uncomfortable in a community dominated by gay men? Why is the fact they are gay important?

2. Why is Glip implying that there’s a connection between being gay and being sexist? 

3. Why does Glip take an instance of a gender fluid individual being upset about how Glip portrays trans characters as an excuse to attack gay men?

The only answer to all three: Glip is actually incredibly homophobic.

Now for my final topic: Beleth. The once Asexual, Agender, and Aromantic doll.

Floraverse LGBT representation doesn’t really matter and will be taken away in an instant because the porn is more important.

I’ll keep this one brief.

When Beleth was first shown off, one of their main traits advertised was how they were ace/aro/agender. Cool, right? Well. People were a bit upset about how Glip portrayed Beleth’s asexuality. Beleth seemed to experience sexual attraction! Something Asexuals don’t exactly do.

Glips reaction was to make Beleth no longer ace/aro/agender. When criticized on their lgbt+ representation, they fucking revoked that representation instead of trying to improve it.

To conclude:

1. If you are trans and are offended by how Glip portrays trans characters, you’re transphobic and Glip will manipulate what you said to open you up to harassment

2. If you’re a gay man fuck you, Glip hates you. Why? Because you’re gay.

3. Lgbt+ representation in Floraverse means fucking nothing and lgbt+ traits will be revoked if you dare criticize it, and the porn takes priority over the lgbt+ representation anyway.

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Had a dream Teen Titans was rebooted and Jericho and Wonder Girl were now part of the main team. Advertising was everywhere and the redesigns were pretty good. Then I woke up :(

give me the wolfman/pérez lineup in their cute cartoon forms, DC, that’s all i ask in these dark times

     “I’m Mr. King Dice,
                   Heed just what I say,
                                The Devil has his price!
                                           And I’ll make sure you’ll pay!

King Dice from Cuphead - Semi Selective - Multiship - OC/Fandom friendly

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nero is a good & fun character but she shouldn’t have taken center stage in extella to the extent she did especially in light of extella’s advertised main girl being altera because now both tamamo and altera are getting thrown aside for nero’s screentime even though what the plot asked for was for nero and tamamo to get about equal attention and in ways which parallel them with altera so that altera gets to be developed thoroughly in the game that is supposed to be about her development 

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I know admin is pro-templar but do you know any pro-mage anti-Anders people?? its rly hard to find pro mage players who aren't like "yeah im gonna blow up a dozen chantries!!! oh but velannas mean and merrills so adorably stupid and childish" but i know they're out there!

@sunlian is, off the top of my head, the most Pro-Mage Anti-Anders person I know, and I’ll give a shout here if any other Pro-Mage folks following want to come forward.

To be quite honest, I feel as though the Pro-Mage side of the fandom has MORE cause to hate Anders than those of us in the (tiny) Pro-Templar camp, because Anders actively hurts the Pro-Mage cause. It doesn’t matter how many refugees he healed over the years or how much he preaches about mage rights; he’s still a demon-possessed abomination who causes mass destruction, mass murder, mass chaos, who invokes greater fear of mages throughout Thedas (that’s what terrorism does!). Thanks to Anders, when the average person thinks of mages post-DA2, they think of destruction. Anders directly causes people in southern Thedas to hate and fear mages more than ever. So WHY do so many of the Pro-Mage members of this fandom worship him as a hero??? And not just a hero but the figurehead of the cause and rebellion? (And why?? Fiona is the one behind the mage rebellion, not Anders!) It doesn’t make any sense to me! It’s basically like if a cookie company advertised arsenic as their main ingredient.

And god, hearing them call Merrill stupid and childish pisses me off! Merrill is smart, intelligent, capable, and knows what she’s doing. As much as I personally am anti-blood magic, it’s undeniable that Merrill is careful and adept at it and that she goes to great lengths to try to prevent it from harming others. And she’s not childish!! She’s courageous yet stubborn, and she stands by her decisions and stands up for herself and her beliefs.

And reducing Velanna to just mean?! Velanna does some terrible things and is motivated by rage and grief, but she comes to regret what she did and will defend humans at Amaranthine.

It’s unsurprising to see that these players only care about certain mages, since that’s exactly what Anders does.

There are so many good mage characters in the series, and so many of them are infinitely better people and much more likable characters than Anders. It’s extremely unfortunate that he’s come to define the Pro-Mage fandom.

Anyway, if any Pro-Mage Anti-Anders people here want to raise their hands, go ahead.

urgent writing commissions

This is just a quick post on my commissions which are currently open! I’m in a pretty tight financial spot and could use some extra cash, so I wanted to make a new post.

I charge $1 for 100 words, and I’ll accept commissions up to 1000 words (more than that I can’t reliably finish.)

Fandoms I’ll write in most:

- Dragon Age (primary)
- Marvel/X-Men (ask about characters as I’m only familiar with some) (primary)
- Miraculous Ladybug
- Star Trek (TOS/AOS)
- Skyrim

If you want something that isn’t one of these, feel free to ask if I know it; I’m familiar with a lot of other media that I’d be willing to write for but not comfortable advertising for.

My main talents are hurt/comfort and introspective pieces. NSFW and descriptions of violence or abuse are potentially okay but subject to my discretion.

Please throw a few dollars my way for a fic if you’re able, it would help me a lot!

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Hey, where are the four swords characters from? The only place i've ever seen them is on this blog; they look really cool!

Thanks for asking!

Basically, Four Swords is a Legend of Zelda game, in which Link is split into four versions of himself through the magic of the Four Sword.  (The fifth Link, Shadow, is his villainous doppelganger.)  There are two games with this premise: the original Four Swords, and the later Four Swords Adventures.

The versions of the five Links that I draw and write about are based on the manga adaptation, Four Swords Plus, which has a different storyline than either of the games.  It’s a really good manga in my opinion - it manages to fit a lot of story and character development into just two volumes.

We’re a small fandom, but I’m proud to count myself as a member.

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hey can we self advertise our main blogs as ace-friendly and/or willing to help other people in ace discourse ?? i kinda wanna go off anon to say so but im not gonna if you would prefer we dont

Nah, that’s cool! Go ahead, I do promos a lot

–Mod Mercy

@sleepypeaknurse ; merciless ( main verse )

Daniel wasn’t sure how to react to the other’s inquiry; ‘Are you hurt at all?’
No, he didn’t think so, though as he looked down to his arm he had realized that, yes, of course he was hurt. His arm was bleeding due to that abomination of a mammal they called a mascot. 

“I guess I am.” he finally said with a bored - if not a tad bit surprised - tone.

The pain didn’t set in until long after he had realized the bite - and the pain made him wince, but he had experienced worse. At least the mammal’s damned bite didn’t have toxins in it.

“y'all hate jaune because he is white and male”

Realise that there are other reasons besides that. I don’t even hate him but he is poorly written. I see people saying he’s a “GREAT CHARACTER” and I cringe at some of his defense squad. You can like jaune and still acknowledge that he can be written poorly and given leading roles in irrelevant arcs that do nothing to move the plot (cardin and the prom). There’s a reason why people dislike his amount of screentime and its not always because “OMG WHITE MALE GRRR.” I don’t deny there are people who hate him for those reasons but there are actual issues with how he’s written that irks others.

He is a character that people see as obnoxious because he can’t take no for answer with Weiss (boring tiresome joke that continued for 2 volumes and into chibi rwby).
He desperately faked transcripts to get into beacon and goes on how he wants to be a “hero” like his grandad yet he doesn’t even try, falls asleep in class, throws a tantrum, pushing pyrrha away when she first offered to help him learn how to fight because “I have to do this all on my own!!11”. Getting combat guidance from a student that is a champion and earned her way into beacon should have been exactly what he wanted but no, “muh pride”.
He doesn’t even know what an aura and semblence is, yet he comes from a family of warriors. YEAHOKAY. How do you not even know the basic rules of your own universe? if he’s suppose to be an “audience surrogate”, don’t write him in a way that contradicts what he is suppose to know.
He is a character, that in already poorly paced show where barely any progression happens in the first volume, makes it feel even slower by giving screentime that people feel could have been given to the 4 advertised leads.

I can see why some people like him, he is dorkish and pretty much a foil to all the other combat-capable characters, and people root for him because he’s the underdog. That doesn’t change the fact his existence highlights the flaws in the actual show as a whole, from the underdeveloped main cast to irrelevant arcs and the poor pacing. He has more character development than the actual advertised main character Ruby, that should already be a red flag.

Some of you act like rwby has this perfect written universe and story, yet the number of plot holes, bad pacing, contradictions and character reversals (adam anyone?) people pretend don’t exist makes me just laugh. Y'all act like the crwby can do no wrong. Miles shat on Korra on twitter but that series had much better story, characters (and character development), world building, universe, much more consistent “superpower” system, actual queer representation… I mean Korra had many flaws but how can he say it “could’ve been something,but missed it by an inch” when his own show is missing its step by a mile? (no pun intended lol)

You can still enjoy rwby and acknowledge its flaws. Hell, I’ve enjoyed some really shitty video games with low scores but at least I know it’s shit.

Oh yeah. don’t get me started on Jaune’s rabid haters too. RT released a hoodie with pumpkin pete and a bunch of Jaune’s loyal haters squad were triggered and had their anuses prolapsed in unison because of…. 1 piece of merchandise. That FANS ASKED FOR. I’m sorry but LOOOOL. That should already tell you how irrational some of the haters are.