advertising lies


It’s pretty much to the point where we just want to throw our televisions in the garbage.

6 Most Blatant Lies Brands Put In Ads

Fuck the light at the end of the tunnel
Cause I’m living for today, trying not to drown in a bottle
Death all around me, drugs seem to numb me
Mental’s getting sicker, the Devil’s getting comfy
—  Action Bronson
A 19 Days Prediction:
  • She Li starts to become a sort of comfort and understanding presence for Guan Shan since his falling out with He Tian.
  • This leads Guan Shan to believe that he finally has someone he can trust and seek refuge in, so he follows She Li, and unsuspectingly becomes She Li’s pawn.
  • We know that She Li means something along the lines of snake, or standing snake.
  • In most mythological contexts, a snake or snake like symbol typically indicates a form of unsuspecting deception. Something along the lines of traitorous work; a deceitful charmer.
  • I don’t think we should take his name lightly since Old Xian typically uses names in her stories to symbolize things, or to tell a story, and so do many other comic artists. (TianShan is a great example) Plus if you look closely, She Li has golden eyes. Just like a snake.
  • Once Guan Shan feels comfortable with She Li, it would be the best plot device from Old Xian’s standpoint to have She Li betray Guan Shan.
  • Just think about it, Guan Shan is fed up with being treated poorly by He Tian. And then when he finally thinks hes found someone who he can trust, he is double-crossed, and then He Tian redeems himself by saving Mo Guan Shan from She Li and his abuse of power.
  • She Li can become a foil to He Tian’s character, and eventually open Mo Guan Shan’s eyes to the fact that He Tian is actually the person he should’ve trusted all along. I mean, just look at He Tian’s and She Li’s appearance. They are almost the exact opposite of each other.
  • This is a typical love triangle trope, I know, but it’s a good way to get two emotionally distant characters back together again. And to get some sort of understanding between their opposite mindsets.

Li Hong Yi 李宏毅 as Han Qi Lu 韩七录  for a sanitary pad advertisement… :)

When your man is trying to sell pads to you

ah yes… the four card suits

  • that thing in yr chest (the thing in yr chest doesn’t really look like that? false advertisement. promoting lies)
  • three leaf clover. not four. useless
  • pointy
  • Leaf