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Mr. Clean is trolling other Super Bowl commercials

What a year for Mr. Clean.

First, the sudsy spokesman reinvents himself as a sex symbol in his latest Super Bowl ad. And now he spends the whole game trolling his advertising rivals.

Mr. Clean tweeted at companies as their commercials aired, often offering his own critiques and ways he could help.

First, he went after Skittles.

Then it was GoDaddy.


Li Hong Yi 李宏毅 as Han Qi Lu 韩七录  for a sanitary pad advertisement… :)

When your man is trying to sell pads to you


It’s pretty much to the point where we just want to throw our televisions in the garbage.

6 Most Blatant Lies Brands Put In Ads

The importance of marketing

Despite our hatred for ads, they are an important part of the capital driven world we live in now and a good marketing campaign can make and break a product. 

The PS Vita is by all accounts a better handheld than the 3DS but the 3DS was marketed way better than the PS Vita was ever, which is why the PS Vita has only sold 15 million units while the 3DS is sitting at 66 million.

As an example I’m gonna take two other Nintendo consoles.

This is one of the big commercials they made for the Wii U and right off the bat you see the problem. When you have a name like Wii U and have a commercial like that that only shows the gamepad, a wii looking console and wiimotes, its gonna confuse your customer.

People for many years thought the Wii U was a gamepad addon for the Wii and honestly who could blame them. 

Then there’s of course that they put too much emphasis on making this a children’s platform, an important market but as Nintendo learned the hard way kids don’t have disposable income and aren’t a viable market to focus on, you need the young adult demographic.

Between this and the fact that they barely ran ads on TV and did a promotion with Pottery Barn of all places lead to the Wii U’s downfall.

Compare it to this commercial for the Nintendo Switch. Right off the bat you can see how Nintendo improved in the marketing department. The name distances itself from the previous consoles by having a totally different name.

The ad shows what the Switch is, what the uniqueness of it is, how its used and shows gameplay of one of the system’s big titles, Breath of the Wild.

That combined with the kickass Imagine Dragons song cut so that the music drops when he puts it in the dock emphasizing the whole hybrid nature of the system was brilliant. 

That and the guy in the ad is in his late 20s, early 30s which is a good thing since young adults are more likely than children to have disposable income to buy your product making them a good demographic to focus on.

It’s a 30 second ad that managed to do more than several of the Wii U commercials ever could.

Also Nintendo has gone from barely showing an ad on TV with the Wii U to HAVING A SUPER BOWL AD. That’s the biggest platform for advertising there is, companies fight for ad spots and Nintendo decided to dish out the cash for a spot reaching more people and benefiting them as a business in the long run.

Just the improved marketing alone is going to make the Switch a better seller than the Wii U and I’m happy Nintendo learned their lesson that their name alone can’t sell consoles, they have to put effort into it.

Unpopular opinion: Onision hates women.

He pretends to be a white knight and fights for women’s rights but in the end it’s either pervy or contradicting. 

Let’s ignore the most obvious proof of it (his videos arguing against Blaire, Trisha, Billie, each of his exes and any other woman) and go in on smaller details. 

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Promotional flyers for Marvel vs Capcom

I’ve always felt MvC1 is Something of an underrated gem living in the shadow of MvC2. While 2 had much more in terms of options, mechanics, and characters, 1 always felt more polished -  each character has their own theme song, and custom win-screens, displaying the name of the attack used to kill the opponent, even going as far as to amalgamate the names of thwo attacks in the case of a double-hyper, furthermore, the stages incorporated elements from the source material, and helped drive home the popular-characters-collide theme of the game.

MvC2, while generally a better game overall, lacked these nice little touches, and it was to MvC2’s detriment. 

We all know consciously to take advertising with a grain of salt. Those McDonald’s burgers can’t look as manicured in person the way they do in the ads. Examples like that are easy to catch. It’s harder to spot false advertising when companies are bending the truth so much, your bullshit detectors don’t know which way is up.

Take Listerine mouthwash. It was originally sold as a surgical antiseptic until some ad men in the 1920s were like, “if we told everyone to wash their mouths out with this industrial cleaner every day, then we’d make so much money we could light our cigars with the cash, but how…”. The answer was in a book of medical terminology. They looked up the fanciest word for bad breath – halitosis – and made an ad campaign telling everyone it was a chronic disease with only one cure.

“Hey, sonny boy! Does your dame ever tell ya you have bad breath?”

“Why, yes mister!”

“That’s simply because you’re dying son. Say here, drink this poison, BUT SPIT IT OUT FIRST. And do it every day for the rest of your life.”

And 90 years later we still use Listerine and still think halitosis is is a disease and not just latin for brush your damn teeth.

Modern movies do this too. Sometimes if studios have a real clunker on their hands, they’ll cut a trailer that’s so unrepresentative of the movie, you would want to sue to get your money back. A lot of times this happens to children’s movies with disastrous results for the parents that think they’re about to spend 2 hours with a rapping kangaroo.

THIS WEEK: Jack O'Brien is joined by Cracked writers Carmen Angelica and JM McNab and producer Brett Rader for a discussion of horribly misleading movie trailers, straight-up advertising lies and the contemporary commercials that are messing with your perception of reality.

Marketing Lies You’ve Been Duped Into Believing

Fuck the light at the end of the tunnel
Cause I’m living for today, trying not to drown in a bottle
Death all around me, drugs seem to numb me
Mental’s getting sicker, the Devil’s getting comfy
—  Action Bronson

tiskycat  asked:

Okay but how would you compare this year's commercials in general to last year's? Because last year's were just terrible in their flat attempts at "random internet humor" but I feel like this year most have learned from their mistakes and either went with either emotional or tried for Actually Humorous.

Yeah, I think in the last few years, advertisers have been trying to harness the meme, which as we all know, is impossible. So it was just advert after advert of random humour that felt both too forced to be random and not even remotely funny.

But this year, like by some collective agreement, everyone dropped that. Instead, there was a lot more of a pull toward the emotional, I think. Some were genuinely funny of course, but the advertising in general turned toward the serious and political. A bit like a hovering cloud, I felt. Interesting, particularly given the “typical” target audience.

Was there even an overtly sexist ad this year? Some that maybe weren’t quite as inclusive as we might want, but I mean even fucking GO DADDY finally said no to that shit. And I saw at least one that was straight up “Women are awesome and we need to encourage little girls so they can keep fighting against this shit.” A PRO-LITTLE GIRL AD IN THE SUPER BOWL. HOW OFTEN DOES THAT HAPPEN.

Which doesn’t even begin to get into the pro-immigration adverts like those from AirBnB, 84 Lumber (this is the full version), and Budweiser.

Again, more than a fair share of silly and lighthearted commercials. They’re commercials, after all. And of those, I think they were generally more focused and creative than we’ve seen from a Super Bowl in a while. But the ones that are going to stick with us – stick with me, anyway – were anything but.

I really love commercials as a particular kind of art form. I feel they’re wonderful snapshots of a particular place and time. You can learn so much about what people valued then, where their attention was focused, the things they felt or the things they were trying NOT to feel. Advertising is often lies, but it’s also a very exact kind of truth.

I’m hopeful that the truth I was seeing today will prove true for the long term, rather than just this one charged moment in time.

A 19 Days Prediction:
  • She Li starts to become a sort of comfort and understanding presence for Guan Shan since his falling out with He Tian.
  • This leads Guan Shan to believe that he finally has someone he can trust and seek refuge in, so he follows She Li, and unsuspectingly becomes She Li’s pawn.
  • We know that She Li means something along the lines of snake, or standing snake.
  • In most mythological contexts, a snake or snake like symbol typically indicates a form of unsuspecting deception. Something along the lines of traitorous work; a deceitful charmer.
  • I don’t think we should take his name lightly since Old Xian typically uses names in her stories to symbolize things, or to tell a story, and so do many other comic artists. (TianShan is a great example) Plus if you look closely, She Li has golden eyes. Just like a snake.
  • Once Guan Shan feels comfortable with She Li, it would be the best plot device from Old Xian’s standpoint to have She Li betray Guan Shan.
  • Just think about it, Guan Shan is fed up with being treated poorly by He Tian. And then when he finally thinks hes found someone who he can trust, he is double-crossed, and then He Tian redeems himself by saving Mo Guan Shan from She Li and his abuse of power.
  • She Li can become a foil to He Tian’s character, and eventually open Mo Guan Shan’s eyes to the fact that He Tian is actually the person he should’ve trusted all along. I mean, just look at He Tian’s and She Li’s appearance. They are almost the exact opposite of each other.
  • This is a typical love triangle trope, I know, but it’s a good way to get two emotionally distant characters back together again. And to get some sort of understanding between their opposite mindsets.

ah yes… the four card suits

  • that thing in yr chest (the thing in yr chest doesn’t really look like that? false advertisement. promoting lies)
  • three leaf clover. not four. useless
  • pointy
  • Leaf