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Real Talk: Jackson. Appropriation VS Appreciation.

This is about Jackson Wang from Got7 wearing dread locks in a Chinese advertisement, just in case you haven’t seen all of the drama and people attacking him. (pictures below)

I’ll start off with saying, I don’t give a fuck that he wore dreadlocks. There, that saved you a lot of reading and time, so if you would like to unfollow/block me, go ahead. Agree to disagree. People want MY opinion on this, so here it is:

The way people are attacking him is all kinds of wrong. I’m ok with people explaining nicely about the history of dreads and how people can take an offense to non Black people wearing that style, that’s their opinion, even though some where being way too harsh about it but reading all the hate comments are disgusting. You would think Jackson got caught in an animal cruelty case (God forbid) or rape case (God forbid), so I’m reading twitter and instagram and saying to myself…what is happening? I’ve never seen K Hip Hop artist get THIS much heat and they wear dreads and braids on a daily basis, but when Jackson wears them in an ad, he gets so much hate and death threats.

“He’s so wrong”

“Educate him”

“He doesn’t care about Black people but he’s wearing our hair style” - Oh I’m sorry I didn’t know Jackson hated Black people..

Let me tell you something, I know people are going to hate me for my opinion, but they hate me anyway lol, so fuck it. I understand where their passion comes from, people hate that other races look up to Black people and want to dress like us, be like us, but at the end of the day they don’t want to be with us or could care less about us for real, I GET IT!. I get it, there’s a lot of people out there that don’t like us for real but wear our hair styles. I understand appropriation. I understand the history of it all. I’m proud to be Black and love my race, my culture and the passion we have.

And I also love that other races look up to our people sooo much that they want to dress like their favorite rapper, or try their style, the rappers themselves are even flattered and don’t care, they just love that they are looked up to and inspire people of all races.

Oh wait, my antil Blackness coon-ness is showing, let me stop! (sarcasm)

But personally, If people who are not Black wear braids, dreadlocks and they’re NOT doing it to mock us, profit from us, claiming it as their own, not a racist, and fucks with my people heavy and NOT doing it to degrade our race (like Jackson!), then I don’t give a damn how you wear your hair, bitch you can wear dreadlocks til yo ass 90, I do not give a damn, there’s some fuck up things going on out there in the REAL world of appropriation. Like this fashion show that was urban themed, gave them afros, braids, but there were no Black people in the show, obviously I was annoyed, because what are they doing? Profiting off of Black people and NOT giving any credit and claiming it as new/ their own. That’s the problem with appropiating. It’s stealing from one’s culture and giving no credit.

What is Jackson doing? Is he racist? is he claiming it as his own? Is he constantly doing it? Is he discrediting Black people and acting like it’s a brand new thing he’s doing?

What did Jackson do that SOOOOOOO MANY other non Black people do every day and are getting their hair braided as I type this. I’m lost as to why people are jumping down his throat and giving him threats and demanding an apology like he said “N*gger” or something?

This girl shared my inner thoughts on appropriation. (should watch this).

And also this.

^ He’s right!  What I said above, he’s NOT doing it to degrade or profit from our race. I said my thoughts before he even responded.

+ People are offended by his response saying he “is saying fck you to us, he doesn’t care about our culture, he doesn’t listen to us”, damn! what do you want him to say? Do you not see the hate comments he’s getting?, telling him to die, saying racial slurs, you guys want to play victim in every little thing so badly, there is NOTHING wrong with his responses, they are haters. He could’ve said worse.

+And “you are on the wrong page” he’s right! If you don’t like him and want to send him hate, then you ARE ON THE WRONG PAGE. If you have a problem with him, then don’t be on his page. don’t even click on it.





The last thing on my mind is someone’s hair. I don’t know about y’all but I got bigger fish to fry in this racist world, and Jackson’s 2 minute twists are the least of the problem.

And I know they will say, “So who cares wrong is wrong, he needs to be educated”, HE IS! He knows about Black people, his role models are Black, so of course he’s going to want what they want, you guys are acting like he wore the dreads to be ignorant and racist and you’re acting like he constantly “steals” from our culture and profits from it, he doesn’t.

I’m out.

Here’s the picture:

Watch the haters come in 3, 2, 1…


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Too Close To Love You

Chapter 3 - (It’s Hard to) Start Again

Not every wound is physical. Even if an emotional wound is small, it can fester and spread, planting seeds of doubt in the mind.

“So,” the brunette hesitated again, but eventually the words on his mind came out, “you forgot about me?”

Bertolt wasn’t sure what reaction he’d get, but his words made Reiner’s eyes snap up to look at him again.

“I’d never forget about you.“

As Reiner spoke, his hand which was placed on the bed edged closer to Bertolt’s. The brunette thought for a moment that Reiner was about to grab his hand, but the distance between them didn’t close.

Chapter 3 of Too Close To Love You can be read here on AO3. Please check the chapter notes before reading.

You can also read Too Close To Love You from the beginning.

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When you’re running an Artist Alley table, it’s important to advertise! Many find it wise to advertise by getting endorsement from celebrity figures. But you should always consider who you get endorsement from very carefully…


Cons: Might hoard your buttons to himself, making them hard to actually sell.
Pros: Is very cute.


Cons: Doesn’t actually care whether people buy your artwork or not.
Pros: ?????? Lapis you’re not very good at advertising… 

In any case, LAST CHANCE TO STOP BY TABLE 145: DAZLIOUS DESIGN for commissions, prints, and buttons! (… If you can get them away from Trico.)

anonymous asked:

im very okay with your answer being essay cause i mcfcukin like omnics too

I kept this ask in my inbox because I needed an excuse to talk more about omnics. And because I’m currently poking at a hole in the last pair of trousers I had that didn’t have holes, I want to talk about omnics wearing clothes.

Quite a few do it. Zenyatta has his trousers, that omnic from Sombra’s short has decided on a ridiculously hot tank top, others prefer to go without.

But there’s no real practical reason for them to wear clothes. Temperature regulation would become more of an issue with additional layers of fabric, threads might get stuck in the moveable parts.

And granted, I never had a practical reason to wear a modified gas mask decorated with pipe cleaners and did it anyway, but I’m not entirely sure omnics even go through a puberty equivalent and usually if you wear impractical stuff you combine it with the necessary things (for example, I almost always wore pants)

So what would be practical clothing for an omnic to wear?

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This is a public service announcement.

During the World Cup we were working with Millward Brown Digital, a market research firm, to understand the impact that Sponsored Posts have on user attitudes towards advertisers. What we found was that engagement, especially earned engagement, is incredibly effective at boosting key awareness and association measures. Adweek did a quick write up about the study here, but we also thought you might be interested in seeing the results first-hand.

“BecauseFútbol is all about the celebration of fan passion, and our partnership with Tumblr was the key to connecting, inspiring and engaging fans—turning that futbol fan passion into Hyundai brand engagement.”

—Steve Shannon, Vice President of Marketing, Hyundai Motor America

Hyundai’s goal

As an official sponsor of the FIFA World Cup since 2002, Hyundai wanted passionate soccer fans to associate their brand and message with one of the biggest sporting events in the world.

Their campaign

Hyundai and their agency, INNOCEAN USA, envisioned and executed the #becausefútbol campaign using Tumblr as the hub for engaging soccer fans across multiple social channels. In addition to the community’s incredible passion for fútbol, Tumblr provided them with the flexibility to run a complex multi-channel campaign from a single platform. Their content, which was designed for Tumblr and cross-published to other networks, came from three main sources: Hyundai’s marketing team, commissioned artists from the Tumblr community, and submissions from followers and fans.

To help their content stand out amid all the activity surrounding the world cup, Hyundai sponsored a number of the posts they created and curated. By getting #becausefútbol content to their target audience faster, they increased earned engagement during their campaign and, ultimately, sponsorship and message association among Tumblr users.

Hyundai also encouraged people to share their passion in the real world. More than 100 pieces of content created for were featured on a digital billboard in Times Square. They also curated a list of venues where fans could go to watch the games together.

The results

Based on the analysis from Millward Brown Digital it’s clear that engagement was the primary driver of sponsorship and message association with Hyundai’s FIFA World Cup sponsorship. While paid engagement had a clear and measurable impact, it was the resulting earned engagement from users sharing #becausefútbol content with others and advocating for Hyundai’s brand that had the greatest return on investment.

Lift in Sponsorship Association

Both paid and earned engagement with a Sponsored Post increased the number of Tumblr users who knew Hyundai was an official sponsor of the FIFA 2014 World Cup.

Compared to the control group, there was a:

  • 31% lift in sponsorship association among people who engaged with Hyundai’s paid placement, and
  • 176% lift in sponsorship association among people who engaged with Hyundai’s earned media (earned engagement).

Lift in Message Association

Both paid and earned engagement with a Sponsored Post increased users’ association between Hyundai and the #becausefutbol tagline. 

Compared to the control group, there was a:

  • 38% lift in message association among people who engaged with a paid placement, and 
  • 135% lift in message association among people who engaged with Hyundai’s earned media (earned engagement).

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In early 2015, we were approached by a luxury apparel retailer about designing an advertising campaign that would help the company convert more of their engagement into sales. The client had built a large and loyal audience by cultivating a luxury lifestyle image that appeals to Tumblr’s young, aspirational, and affluent audience. One thing they noticed was that their most engaged followers were existing shoppers, so a key criteria of their campaign was that it would target those users and their followers.

Our solution

Tumblr and Curalate (curalate) designed a unique ad targeting solution using their advanced image recognition software, which made it possible for the client to target users based on images as well as text. First they scanned the client’s online store and built a library of product images—these could be standalone photos of a handbag or blouse, or of a model wearing the client’s merchandise.

They then scanned the Tumblr firehose, a massive stream data containing all the public interactions on the network (posts, likes, reblogs, etc.) looking for anything pulled from the client’s online store. Since the software was scanning the image, not the source, it could even identify images that came from another social network. 

The whole process looked something like this:


By targeting users who were already actively posting and sharing the client’s content, image retargeting drove a 59% increase in overall engagement compared to the month before. That engagement translated directly into additional site traffic and sales:

  • 2.4x increase in unique visitors to their online store.
  • 20x increase in sales attributable to a Tumblr post compared to untargeted Sponsored Posts. 
  • 31% reduction in the campaign’s effective cost from earned media.


  • Reach known shoppers with image retargeting to increase sales and reduce cost. Tumblr and Curalate’s image retargeting solution allowed the client to focus on users who share content from from their online store. These users were naturally more receptive to the client’s advertising and were much more likely to be converted into shoppers and buyers.

For more information contact your brand strategist or


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The interest form is here! 

This is just an interest form so no payment yet. When the ordering starts I will be opening an order form and will start collecting payments. 

Feel free to ask me anything if you are confused or want clarification on something. :)


Hi, I’m LaVena Johnson. I was a 19 year old soldier who was found dead in my tent in Iraq with a broken nose, swollen black eye, missing teeth, acid in my genitals and a gunshot wound to my head. My death a ruled a suicide.

19 year old, U.S. Army Private LaVena Johnson, was found dead on Balad military base in Iraq, in July, 2005. She was the first female soldier from Missouri to die in Iraq. Her death was officially declared a suicide by The Department of Defense, they claimed that she died as a result of a self-inflicted gunshot to the head with an M-16 rifle. Amid confusion and the viewing of her body, her family decided to investigate and what they found was shocking.

Do you know the story of US Army Private LaVena Johnson and her alleged suicide? If you get most of your news from the mainstream media, probably not, considering the mainstream media has mysteriously cowered from her story of how a loving and happy 19-year-old suddenly killed herself in 2005 while serving in Iraq.

But now that the Cold Case Investigations Research Institute of Philadelphia has agreed to tackle the case, perhaps the story of LaVena and the mysterious deaths of other US female soldiers on bases in Afghanistan and Iraq will finally become recognized by a much larger audience.

Each year the Cold Case Investigations Research Institute (CCIRI) takes on a high-profile cold case. Past investigations have looked into the murders of Tu Pac and Chandra Levy, for instance.

So far, CCIRI has had their own ballistic and forensic experts and a psychologist who is an expert on suicides, take a good look at the military’s investigative file and autopsy photos. All have serious doubts LaVena took her own life.

“There’s no question the military’s [investigation and conclusion of suicide] has problems,” says Sheryl McCollum, director of CCIRI. “If there are any signs of murder, you can’t automatically call it a suicide.”

But while the CCIRI has found the courage to take on this potential military cover-up, major media such as CBS News’s 60 Minutes and ABC News have attempted to report on LaVena’s death, but backed away from airing the story, even though both CBS and ABC spent thousands of dollars on Lavena, sending multiple teams to the home of the Johnsons. 60 Minutes also paid to have LaVena’s body disinterred for a second autopsy, this according to LaVena’s father, Dr. John Johnson of St. Louis.

“No one will touch LaVena’s story with a ten-foot pole,” says Dr. Johnson about the mainstream and corporate media.

He believes the Pentagon has a choking grip on a media industry that has become so financially injured, if 60 minutes or ABC News were to air stories such as LaVena’s, the military would pull advertising from those channels, he says.

“The military sure as heck don’t want to admit black female soldiers are being raped and murdered because they’re having a hard time recruiting and retaining black females,” he told Toward Freedom. “Major media stories of brutally raped black female soldiers would devastate recruiting.”

Indeed, the Pentagon has tried to intimidate reporters and editors working on stories about LaVena. Essence magazine, for example, was threatened to have their military ad dollars pulled if they ran a story on LaVena. The magazine eventually caved to the Pentagon running a watered-down story as the editors reportedly said their survival depended on military advertising, which in Essence’s case, is seeking young black women recruits, such as LaVena.

Nonetheless, LaVena’s family continues their effort to raise awareness about a daughter who loved serving her country and lived for making a difference to help others.

24 hours before this fateful night, says her mother, LaVena called her with a global phone. Her daughter sounded happy, says the mother, as they made plans for her homecoming at Christmas and LaVena told her, “Don’t decorate the tree without me.”

But within the KBR tent, just one day after making plans for Christmas, LaVena was distraught beyond any hope after the breakup with her boyfriend – this according to the military. So Lavena found a can of aerosol, lit the break-up e-mails on fire, and lit the tent on fire. The military says Lavena then took her M16 and pulled the trigger. The happy soul and young life of Private Johnson was gone; a suicide.

Evidence doesn’t back the army’s theory but the the case went cold anyways. WE NEED JUSTICE FOR LAVENA!!! Stop trying to fake our suicudes.

To read more please visit [ ] and sign the petition to get this case reopened and investigated. This petition is endorsed by LaVena’s father Dr. Johnson.

You don’t have to reblog this if you don’t want to but please just sign the petition. please. It’s been years since this petition for 50,000 signatures was created, and it still needs thousands of signatures to achieve the goal. Sad. But if it was about a celebrity it’ll have millions of signatures.
Welcome to Night Vale as an Example of Unreliable Narration

The podcast Welcome to Night Vale gives a view of the titular town inaccessible through other formats because of its unique narrator and format. The narrator, the character Cecil Palmer, presents the town through his personal biases and through the lens of his position as a local radio host. The podcast is the local news for the dystopian town of Night Vale, within which frequent unexplained supernatural events are accepted as normal. 

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A preeminent beauty brand approached Tumblr about running a campaign during a major tentpole event that they were sponsoring in order to target Tumblr’s young, fashionable, and affluent community of tastemakers. They used a combination of sponsored and organic content developed by the Creatrs Network as a way of increasing message and sponsorship association.

The campaign

Tumblr and the client chose five members of the Creatrs Network to develop a total of 35 posts highlighting the brand’s connection to the tentpole and bolstering their reputation as a leading maker of beauty products. The content included typographic art and illustrations carrying the client’s message, and later, behind-the-scenes photography showing professional stylists at the event using the brand’s products.

The results

Members of the Creatrs Network have an intimate knowledge of the audience their client wanted to reach, so they were able to develop content that garnered huge amounts of earned engagement. In fact, 29% of all notes the client earned from Creatrs Network content were reblogs—twice the benchmark average for CPG brands. This word-of-mouth product recommendations from popular voices in the community spread the client’s message beyond the brand’s core following and reduced the campaign’s effective cost by 23%.

We asked a third party market research firm, Millward Brown Digital, to measure the lift in message and sponsorship association among users who had engaged with Creatrs Network content. The study found:

  • 23% lift in message association, the rate at which people matched the campaign to the client’s brand name. 
  • 36% lift in sponsorship association, the rate at which people matched our client to sponsorship of the tentpole.
  • 18% lift in overall purchase intent, which is how likely someone is to buy the client’s product. 


  • Content produced by the Creatrs Network is as native as native gets. Artists in the Creatrs Network come from the Tumblr community and understand the audience that brands want to reach. They use that knowledge to integrate a brand’s message into their own original work, and the result is content that resonates with users even more than traditional advertising in a native placement.