Sapete, è geniale questa cosa che i giorni finiscono. E’ un sistema geniale. I giorni e poi le notti. E di nuovo i giorni. Sembra scontato, ma c’è del genio. E là dove la natura decide di collocare i propri limiti, esplode lo spettacolo. I tramonti.

- Alessandro Baricco

Streamline Moderne: The General Motors 10-coach Aerotrain, Designed and Built by the Electro-Motive Division, 1956

Forty passengers per coach travel in air-conditioned comfort at sustained speeds of 100 miles an hour.

Does anyone know of good outlets to advertise SUPER MARIA RPG?

I’m running an ad on Facebook, I post about the game on Twitter, I’ve got some physical posters in my hometown area, I’m posting pretty consistently here and on the game’s RPG Maker page, as well as the facebook page for the game.

But still, I’m only up to like, 32 plays on both platforms. 

Does anyone know where I can advertise the game? Maybe like a forum or something. Keep in mind I don’t have a lot of money (IE like no money). I’m a game designer / musician not an advertising kind of guy. Thanks.


Ta-Ha 111. And (on that Day) all faces are humbled before the All-Living, the Self-Subsisting One (by Whom all else subsist). And, assuredly, he has failed whose load is wrongdoing.

Ta-Ha 112. Whereas whoever does good, righteous deeds, being a believer, need have no fear of being wronged or deprived (of his just recompense).


Oh my god, this infomercial. I think, in one form or another, it has existed for the better part of a decade. They keep filming vaguely new ones, each built on the refuse pile of terrible acting from the previous one. This commercial doesn’t advertise a product so much as dare you to buy it. You see how dumb this shit is, so why don’t you try to see if you can recreate the dumbfuckery in your own kitchen.

The problem isn’t the product (though if online reviews are to be believed, you might want to look into a different food processor). It’s the Saturday afternoon theater group of actors who try to bring it to life like Frankenstein trying to use friction instead of electricity on his monster, being awkward and weird until it mercifully ends. I have no doubt that infomercials are cheesy intentionally; it probably gets more attention then trying to have Tom Hanks and Daniel Day-Lewis dramatically espouse the virtues of a machine that can make me a quesadilla in two minutes. But there’s a fine line between cheese and “The fuck is this?”

Twelve seconds into this infomercial, we’re introduced to some sour old harridan lamenting the lack of food at what we can assume is a dinner party. And sure, these two hosts are assholes for inviting people over to eat and not only having no food ready but also making them sit for 20 minutes while they make every meal in the same shitty piece of equipment, but show some fucking tact. You’re a guest, you execrable crone.

No less than two seconds later, an older and cronier hag starts slinging shade, suggesting the hosts are either lazy shits or have spent all day boning. My interpretation is for the latter, because seriously, is the lady leading the infomercial wearing a nightgown?

4 Commercials Directed At An Audience That Doesn’t Exist