Adidas collaborated with Parley for the Oceans (an organization dedicated to raise awareness about the pollution of our oceans) to create their first footwear concept. These innovative and very stylish shoes were made from ocean waste. To be exact, their coating is made of illegal deep-sea gillnets. Via

Interesting Internet find: Feeley & Pollinger Advertisement in Life 

I enjoy seeing what easy internet searches come up with while I am drafting new posts.  Sometimes, I do geneologies of the people who owned the item; sometimes I look up the business that manufactured the piece.  Often I come up with nothing; somtimes I come up with amazing things. In a recent search I found that Google Books had digitized a 1891 copy of Life,  and it contained several advertisements for Feeley & Pollinger Ladies’ Tailors and Dressmakers. Our Feeley & Pollinger dress is from around 1891 so I felt this advertisement was a fitting one to share.    

Life. Life magazine, Incorporated, 1891. Accessed 7/30/2015. Google Books