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This is the dumbest thing I’ve gotten completely sucked into this stupid Japanese McDonald’s Part-Time Job Advertising Campaign and its lovable cast of characters.
The cast includes the two girls in the commercials, but also a bunch of other people who are working at McDonald’s for various reasons. One girl is a high schooler, one guy is saving up as he works towards being a performer, one woman is an old housewife who hasn’t had a job in a while, etc. 

My favorite is Carlos, a study-abroad college student who’s working there while he’s in Japan. Carlos’s profile says he was nervous about coming to Japan, but he wants to improve his Japanese skills and his hospitality skills. 

So I’m like “wow, that’s really cute! What a neat campaign”. Then I start reading his story and I freaking lose it. Here’s what I could make of it: 

4:30 PM. Its almost that time of day, when that person comes. Without a doubt their order will be a coffee and an apple pie. It hasn’t changed once since that rainy day.

About half a year ago, there was a cold, rainy day. I had recently come to Japan for my study abroad and was getting used to working at McDonald’s. When I was cleaning the parking lot, I met this older woman. She seemed to be confused. I was at a bit of a loss, but I boldly tried to talk to her. It turned out that she was on her way shopping when she realized she didn’t have her wallet or house key, and she was making the return trip from the supermarket
(then something about finding her in that state, maybe she was at her wit’s end? idk lol what is my life)

I consulted with the manager. We let her rest in our store and gave her a coffee and an apple pie. Warmed up from the coffee, her relieved face became happy. (After that, something about an old man (her husband?) coming in and seeing her face, becoming really happy as well). 

Since then, the two have come into our store every day and ordered a coffee and an apple pie. 

“Is Carlos here today?”

Ah, its the old woman’s voice. From the open door, together with the old man, she always comes in smiling. 

“A coffee and an apple pie, right?”

“Hmm, should we change it up for today?”

Those sudden teasing words had the three of us smiling.

Male artist makes statement by installing sculpture in public w/out permission. Outraged that artist installs sculpture in public w/out permission.

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‘Charging Bull’ creator says NYC, 'Fearless Girl’ statue violated his rights

“Speaking at a Manhattan news conference, Arturo Di Modica said he placed the “Charging Bull” statue in front of the New York Stock Exchange in 1987 as a symbol of America’s resilience following the stock market crash that year. The city later relocated the sculpture to a small public park area nearby.

“The bull represents strength,” said Di Modica. “The strength of America, the strength of the market.”

The iconic statue over the years has become one of the city’s most popular tourist attraction. But on the eve of International Women’s Day, State Street Global Advisors placed the new a statue of a little girl, hands defiantly on hips, in front of the bull.

The new sculpture virtually overnight became a representation of a lack of gender diversity and equality on Wall Street and in other  U.S. workplaces. The investment firm said it commissioned the artwork as a part of its call on behalf of the more than 3,500 companies that benefit from its clients’ investments to make sure their governing boards are diverse.

Created by artist Kristen Visbal, “Fearless Girl” gained widespread attention as tourists flocked to the site to take pictures with the statue. 

By March 27, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio agreed that the “fearless girl” statue would remain on Department of Transportation property as a part of a municipal art program through February 2018.

Many hailed the announcement. But Di Modica was far from pleased. He said “Fearless Girl” was part of an advertising campaign that altered the artistic message behind “Charging Bull” without his permission.  

“What they did, it’s a negative,” Di Modica said of the new message conveyed by “Fearless Girl.” Now, the message is “I’m here, what are you going to do,” he said.

Read the full piece here

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The Noid infected pop culture so much in the ‘80s that he crossed into the realm of t-shirts, toys, and video games. But he mercifully disappeared from our TV screens by the '90s, not because the ads weren’t selling pizzas, but because of the kind of public relations nightmare that only a mentally ill gunman could create.

In January 1989, a man carrying a .357 Magnum revolver broke into an Atlanta Domino’s restaurant and held two employees hostage for five hours. 

Eventually, the hostages escaped and the man was apprehended. His name? Kenneth Lamar Noid.

That was no coincidence. Kenneth Noid had been suffering from a dark carnival of brain problems that led him to believe that the bombardment of TV commercials inviting pizza fans to “avoid the Noid” were making fun of him, personally. The advertising campaign drove his psychosis to the point that he believed the Domino’s Pizza Illuminati were breaking into his apartment while he was away to monitor him.

5 Dark Real-Life Followups To Movies And TV

The best thing about WNT boycotting

They aren’t just doing it for them.

Like, yes, they will be super stoked to finally get paid to do what they love, and that’s awesome. But they aren’t only asking for compensation for themselves.

They’re asking for youth and development team funding, they’re asking for advertising, they’re asking to grow the game.

They posted about it on social media so they can get attention, and what a lot of people in America love right now is women protesting for equality. But also, all this attention to Women’s Hockey, will probably work to increase revenue to Women’s Hockey. Campaigning for youth and development teams, campaigning for advertisement, will probably work to increase revenue to Women’s Hockey.

Listen, I don’t know what the real endgame is here besides getting pay for WNT, but I’m here for it.

USA Hockey is do or die


Dior Rob made unexpected appearances

A video of Rob having fun with some photography crew for a Dior campaign shoot, same location as the shared photo with Diane Nguyen, presumably more Dior Homme campaign judging from the sharp suits he is wearing *very Kris Van Assche designed*.  (Both Torbjørn Rødland and Diane Nguyen who posted the video and photo have since removed their posts on Apr 22, 2 days after original posting).

The stills are from various magazines: GQ, Esquire & Vanity Fair France (April |May issue), all shot by Karl Lagerfeld. Showcasing various Dior Homme fashion and accessories (sunglasses, bag, hoodie).

Rob also attended a function in LA wearing a Dior Homme sportwear jacket but not showing because those are paparazzi photos. *2 days after, Suki Waterhouse and Poppy Jamie shared this picture of Rob wearing the aforesaid Dior Homme Sport jacket at their products collection “Spring Soirée”. So no missing out for anyone.

Dior Rob has been pretty busy doing his thing!