The SCP Foundation is one of the biggest names in science and engineering now, catching up with the likes of Boeing, Lockheed, and Google. Barely a year after coming public with it’s mission and the company is already looking to expand through a new recruitment drive.

If you’re looking to develop your career, or even get a new start, there are many options there. Get in contact with a recruiter or check position listings at scp.so/careers.

The SCP Foundation: Secure. Contain. Protect.

Here’s the newest project I’m attempting. I’m working on the canon that the Foundation is now open to the public to apply to, and works with many of the multinational corporations. They have recruitment ads to hire new specialists.

I hope you all enjoy!


Advertisement for the Disney Channel, featuring Kids Incorporated, Good Morning, Mickey!, Mousercise, Dumbo’s Circus, and Welcome to Pooh Corner; also briefly brought up in the ad copy are Canadian imports Danger Bay and The Raccoons, plus English import The Wind in the Willows. Why Sleeping Beauty was promoted over any other special showing of a Disney animated film, I dunno.

Scan from the fall 1987 issue of ThunderCats Magazine.