advertisement parody

The prints are finally here ♥

  • 8 x 12 inches umm $5 each?  sold out tysm, pls contact if you are interested in a restocking as i would like to know how many i need to print <3
  • high quality fujifilm lustre paper (similar to matte)

Jane St.

A short mockumentary taking the piss out of female empowerment advertising.


Hilo Advertisement Parody!

Because it’s in Indonesian (sorry!!), we’re writing the english translation here.

  1. Asuna [girl 1]: I’ve arrived as Asuna~
  2. [boy 1]: wow, kawaii~! X3 Turn back pleaseee
  3. Asuna: You’re so tall, cool!! (///U///)
  4. [boy 1]: Huh?? tall? lower your view pleasee
  • Asuna [Titania - ALO] - Jerica
  • Sinon [GGO] - Ai
  • Kirito [SAO] - Aaron
  • Kagari [Psycho pass] - Steven

[Pictures by: Natari]


EXO-K - 150512 Baskin Robbing Movie Theater Popcorn Ice Cream advertisement - Parody version - (Additional link: [1]) - [ENG SUB]

Credit: blingdinosaur.