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Darth Vader Over Shibuya por Tokyo Fashion
Por Flickr:
Darth Vader looks down on Shibuya from a DoCoMo billboard on the side of the famous Shibuya 109 department store. This is a tone mapped image created by combining three exposures taken with my Canon 5D Mark II in November of 2010.

does anyone remember waaay back in the day when there were specific types of blogs that people wold have

  • fandom (usually superwh*lock omg)
  • hipster (lots of triangles and whitegirls in glasses)
  • bohemian/beach (always 5 columed themes with pics of skinny tanned white girls)
  • pastel/glow (primadonna girl ♡)
  • grunge (urls like toxicfairy and multicolumed themes w/ black backgrounds)
  • hd pics (like those suuuper hd pics of random things and tumblr models)
  • plain old photography blogs (like pics of roads and mountains and lakes)

im having war flashbacks


Watch below the U.S. trailer for Alê Abreu The Boy and the World (O Menino E O Mundo), a gorgeous animated feature that premiered last year in Brazil, and will now open in New York and Los Angeles on December 11th, with more theaters following in January. Here’s the official synopsis: 

Cuca lives a life of quiet wonder, exploring all that the countryside has to offer. But his cozy life is shattered when his father leaves for the city, prompting him to embark on a quest to reunite his family. The young boy’s journey unfolds like a tapestry, the animation taking on greater complexity and variety as his small world expands. Simple line drawings of the village give way to broad brushstrokes forming giant bushels of cotton lining country roads and sweeps of pastel churned into roaring waves. Approaching the city, industrial landscapes are inhabited by animal-machines, whirling carnival colors and exploding fireworks fill the sky above decoupage favelas, while flashing neon advertisements and garish shop windows illuminate the night.

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The most iconic sky tv ad in New Zealand history tbh