This city in France is getting rid of all outdoor ads in favor of trees

Riding the over-crowded subway on the way home from work, clicking from page to page as you browse the internet, going for a stroll through your neighbourhood – these are typical things that people do every single day. These are the things that people do while being bombarded with advertisements – 5,000 a day to be specific. The amount of advertising that we are exposed to is in direct correlation to the society we live in: over-saturated, over-hyped and dripping with greed and consumerism. Now, imagine this wasn’t the case.

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‘How a wife should and should not undress’ , ca.1937

A curious collection of photographs from the 1930s (published originally in LIFE Magazine in 1937), illustrating step-by-step how a wife should - and should not - undress for her husband. 

Using burlesque dancers as models, Allen Gilbert, who was promoting his new Manhattan School of Undressing, gave readers a few pointers and lamented in the article that wives with a faulty 'disrobing methodology’ were largely responsible for America’s ballooning divorce rate.