“She’s the new, the one and only, the true Living Barbie.

Featuring Maureen McCormick, more famously known as Marcia Brady on The Brady Bunch.



Brilliant visual ads for recruitment agency show alternative take on our everyday conveniences

Stumbled across this set of graphic advertisements for recruitment agency Jobs In Town. I absolutely love the idea that inside the machines we use every day there could be someone slaving away to provide the conveniences we seek. Such a fun little idea brilliantly implemented. 

Images from: Design Taxi

Okay, soooo as a black person, I’ve never had sunburn. Since I’m going to Puerto Rico & it’s hotter annnd i have this thing where if i get toooo hot, I’ll possibly have a subtle allergic type reaction (rare) i decided it would be wise to get some sunscreen…..i stood in the sun screen aisle for 10 minutes not knowing what brand to get or anything. Then i remembered, well of course I’ve never payed attention to the commercials, they don’t advertise to me anyway. Then i turned the corner & saw this. Thank you Palmer’s because no other brand made this statement. -Rena

The signs as memes

Aries: do you crave that mineral

Taurus: pepe

Gemini: I’m a snerson (snake person)

Cancer: I’m a snerson (snail person)

Leo: blowing the trumpet and slamming the oven door


Libra: I’ve never heard of a George Glass at our sküle

Scorpio: left shark

Sagittarius: inappropriate audition songs

Capricorn: *looks at smudged writing on hand*

Aquarius: I came out here to have a good time and I’m honestly feeling so attacked right now

Pisces: putting things in that weird-ass advertisement frame