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Workshop Planning

The aim of the workshop is to prototype the process of the Imagination Factory and begin to design the curriculum at the Imaginarium. It will be held at the same school as the den workshop and will be children ranging from the ages 9 to 11. 

The task will be for the Imagination Factory. The brief, taken from creative brief outsourcer, Tongal, is for Lego. The brief is to generate ideas to create an advert for Lego, targeting children around the age of 12 and show audiences that Lego is not just a toy. I have split the workshop up in to sections;

Task 1; 

Think about Lego, what words do you think of?

Do you play with Lego? 

If not, what would make you want to play with Lego? 

Task 2;

You have just been given Lego as a gift, (give three options). Write a story, or draw a picture of what you might make or how you might play with the Lego. 

LEGO TECHNIC: Learn engineering and mechanical principles. LEGO 

MINDSTORMS EV3: Create and command robots to walk, talk, think and do anything you can imagine! Learn about robotics and programming. LEGO 

ARCHITECTURE STUDIO: For the budding architect, a true open-ended creative toolkit of white bricks, with a 272-page book filled with design tips from leading architects! Learn about design and Architecture. 

Task 3
Storyboard / Act out scenes

The second part of the workshop will be the initial designs of the curriculum for the Imaginarium. Again, the tasks will be split up.

Task 1;

Draw an adult, label the traits of an adult, initial words you think of.

Task 2;

Draw a child, again, label the traits of a child.

Task 3;

Imagine you are the head teacher of a school. You are teaching adults (like the one from task 1) to be like the children (from task 2). Your aim is to make the adults more creative.

Write, draw or act out what a day or lesson would be like in the school.