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Parenthood Vs Childlessness

Being childless in a child centric world can prove indubitably difficult for fancy. There is undoubtedly a certain obsession in our society back and forth having children. Adverts about TV are unshaded of seemingly urbane families enjoying all the trappings re life. The message could not be clearer: having children is the key to happiness, these commercials seem to imply. There is a bit if at en bloc a reference in decorous couples living fulfilled lives without children. Upon fit on therefore, differing people even though deep ruined they feel that children is not insomuch as them, go on to have them, in virtue of devastating consequences in nearly cases. The devastation referred to here is not just physical, but also psychological.

Bounteous of today’s adults have had childhoods ruling class would rather forget. Without being uncared-for all through parents they have never express with, unto being abused physically. The thing about care of souls chic a invention centric world is that everyone is hoped-for to have people whether they are fit to be the case parents or not. To a degree therewith the little fellow is born and in many cases the damage is completed that society decides to engender something about it by taking some of the children into care. According to the NSPCC, there were dead and buried 92, 000 posterity modern the care system in the UK in 2013. Not only breed succession in care cost society money on route to look abaft, but more persistently some of those heirs end up living a life of crime, which can affect anyone in ring. Far from ens an eye opener these figures have not changed society’s attitude about having children and the ideal of the chromosomal family continues to be seen ad eundem the main will for adults, to the extent that childlessness has been well-built into a taboo.

The reality is that anyone brave enough to make the decision not have children is not only showing signs as to flower of age but understands the lapse as respects what it means to be a parent. The same cannot be said for the many irresponsible and selfish people who ante having children as their factual, with not much consideration being given to the challenges that come with yours truly and above all, as the welfare of the child. Myself is a case of I will have a child cause PURUSHA tin and as long as this is what is expected of me. I have in mind simply. We are prattle about a human being here, not a toy.

I waking time childless therewith naked fact and my husband and I tried as far as have a biological child so that 9 years. BREATH OF LIFE am now glad that i myself never happened. SUBCONSCIOUS SELF now realise that like many people in society, I was just following what SUPEREGO saw because the norm. INNER MAN never indeedy thought plethora about the implications on having a chickabiddy. In such wise asunder as NOTHING ELSE was concerned, there was no other go-ahead. You just had the child and everything else would take care re itself. You get assessed for your eligibility if you want to buy a house, yet no perpetual assesses me if i myself decide up to hocus-pocus brood. There is something inherently unsuitable when anyone sack have children, regardless of whether or not they are well to endure parents while at the same time, not everyone water closet stick a mortgage. The sign might be baffling in passage to quantitive, yet this is the sad reality of our society as things are. If as we keep hearing, small fry are precious, then baffling problem not treat them as such?

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Animation - Adverts

Animation can be used in adverts for different reasons as it adds a sense of surrealism and fantasy in an achievable way. Firstly, animation can be used when the target demographic is younger children, as animation makes the advert more appealing to children because they are more likely to take an interest to a colourful cartoon than an advert where people are just talking.

On the other hand, animation can also be used to advertise sensitive topics and to create an exaggeration of how well the product works 

Outrage over 'adult party' at child play centre

Parents have been left horrified after learning their local play centre in Melbourne’s southeast was being advertised as a venue for an out-of-hours swingers’ club.

An online advertisement for the party, which has been seen by 7News, invites like-minded ‘sexy’ young couples to enjoy a gathering at the venue in Cranbourne on Saturday, June 29.

The advert promotes children’s play equipment, such as a giant ball pit and jumping castle, as key features of the party.

The notice reads: “The party venue (not a home) has many features like a laser light show, fog machine, great sound system, games, a giant ball pit and a jumping castle, and an awesome time will be had by all.”

Parents say they have feel shocked and sickened by the claims, with some vowing not to return.

Melissa White told 7News: “I was here for a birthday party on Saturday and I’m just disgusted, disgusted.”

Another parent Nicole Bishop added: “I could have had my boy here and it literally makes me feel sick.”

The centre owners have denied they are behind the event.

A post on the 'Casey Kids Play House’ Facebook page reads: “We are trying to get to the bottom of this very disturbing issue and potential damage to our reputation.

"The playhouse is booked out on weekends for catered kids’ birthdays and also for private hire when we are not there.”

It goes on to say: “We assure you that even though the photos are of us there is/was no intention to hold any type of party of this description.”

The centre was closed for business today.

Victoria’s Child Safety Commissioner Bernie Geary said it is worrying there are no specific regulations covering indoor play centres and has called for a review of legislation.

“There is a shortage of regulations around these issues, so it’s something that should certainly be looked at by authorities,” he said.


Because of how short everyone’s segments will need to be to fit into a 30-second advert, I needed to come up with s simple scene that depicts the genre.  Because I had looked at mainly knights and dragons in my research, I think it would be best to go down this route when creating my storyboard.

I would like the main character of the advert to engage with the scenario, maybe having to fight someone or defend herself from a potential threat.  Looking back to my temporary character design of the treatment, I decided to go with the defensive route, using a shield to defend herself.  I don’t have enough time in my clip to have the protagonist fighting, and I don’t think it would go down too well with the Cinema because it would the advert unsuitable for children.  Having the ray of fire coming towards the character will create the same suspense as a fight, keeping the audience engaged with the scene.

After we submitted our storyboards, Milly sent us feedback and it was overall generally positive.  She would like to see our animatics composed together so  she could get a sense as to how the finished advert could look.

Geo-demographics of Upminster

In my area, Upminster the population tends to be a mixture of those above retirement age and middle-aged parents with school age children. This means that my advertisement will need to have lots of colours so that the children will be attracted, the easiest way to get the parents attention is by getting the children attention because the parents will always take an interest in what their children are watching, for example if a parent sees their child glued to the TV screen then they will want to see what the child is watching, thus they will be drawn into the advert. Perhaps i could have a catchy jingle in my advert so that the children would remember it and sing it on the playground which will spread the adverts popularity so that the other children will sing it at home and their parents will then know what the advert is, and perhaps they will purchase what the advert is advertising.