rubberduckyjnr answered: HE WATCHED KILL BILL

I WAS LIKE SHE’S O-REN ISHII MAN AND HE WAS LIKE WHAT WHO AND I WAS LIKE SHE WAS IN CHARLIE’S ANGELS AND HE WAS LIKE WHATS CHARLIE’S ANGELS and then i decided he was culturally uneducated b/c come on seriously. charlies angels. 

okay so my boyfriend was like hey try on this cute pyjama dress thing it has music notes on it so I did and it fit really badly across the chest so I took a photo to prove it didn’t fit to show him and then he decided he wanted the photo on his phone so he stole my phone and messaged it but because their names are similar he accidentally messaged it tO HIS MUM NO NO NO AND THEN SHE REPLIED “Gorgeous!! But where is your head” (it was a shoulders down mirror selfie) I am actually going to die I just need to lie on the floor and turn into dust

at least it wasn’t like erotic though it was just mortifying but now we’re in the car on the way home with his mum please end me

Carson I am going to enact so much revenge you have it COMING BOY

me & carson hurt our necks snowboarding so we spent all day lying on our backs trying to marathon sword art online without moving but oh my god nECK PAIN i don’t think i can get up but that’s okay my immediate future of anime marathoning is looking good