Hey Cool Guys! My name is Jared, (@meximerican) and I made my own version of The Enchiridion, something I’ve been meaning to do since I first saw the episode like a billion years ago. I’m going to chronicle my daily life and the people I meet through the lens of Ooo. Record Store Monks, Park Slimes, Bus Stop Trolls, Library Ogres and much more! Follow me on Instagram @el_enchiridion and who knows, if you live in the parts of Ooo that resemble NE Ohio, South Florida, Portland, Oregon or other places I frequent you might find yourself in the pages of this gnarly tome! ADVENTUM FOREM! MAXIMUM CHARISMA! CRITICAL HIT ALWAYS! WHAT TIME IS IT?

This is such a cool idea, thanks for submitting!

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Hello there! I love your blog and you're so sweet :3 you also look like a reasonable person. There is a page on facebook called 'Finn, the Human' i've tried to get in contact with them about their lack of sourcing pictures that dont belong to them, but they have not responded in the slightest! Maybe check their page out and look for yourself but i would hope you could maybe say a word or two about this? :3

Hello there, and thanks for the kind words! I do not have a facebook page other than a personal one I never use, so I can’t really post anything there about this, but I’d be happy to do it here! 

So, sourcing pictures. I know, and if you go back through my archives you can see for yourselves, that I used to be that person that reposted from places like deviantart and flickr, just sourcing willy-nilly and not really thinking twice about it.

Yeah. Oops.

It is so incredibly important not only for artists, but for fans as well, to source your stuff! So here are a couple little tips that hopefully can help you guys out:

1) Copy and paste the URL of the content into the source doohicky at the top right corner of any new post. Don’t know what I’m talking about? Was doohicky somehow not clear!? Let me show you:

Ta-da a new post! See the little gear in the corner? Ya know, the one with the arrow pointing towards it? Click it! Then you get:

Options! Tumblr staff what is with all the drop downs? So many. Anyway, copy and paste the URL of the picture/video/article/ whatever into the content source section. Congrats, you’ve officially not stolen artwork!

From what I understand, facebook, instagram, and other platforms don’t have quite so sophisticated a system, but that’s what the caption’s for! Put the artist’s name, put a link, put something so that artist gets the credit they deserve.

2) What if you don’t have a URL? What if the picture’s from a Google search or, Dracula forbid, that damn weheartit!? Welp, most people would tell you that’s what Google reverse image search is for, but they’re wrong because that’s effing useless. Seriously, try it, you just get a bunch of tumblr blogs in the results. ugh. We suck. Honestly, I don’t know what to tell you, I’ve stopped using search engines to find art because it’s just to damn hard to source. Which brings me to my next and most important point …

3) When in doubt reblog! Most fan artists these days, I’ve found, have a tumblr. I highly encourage you to find the artist and reblog directly from them. If you want something they’ve created on their blog put in the extra effort to track it down, or try sending the artist an ask, chances are they can help you big time. 

If they don’t have a tumblr don’t fret. Find whatever platform they post on and source like crazy. Trust me, no reasonable person would consider it overkill to source both in the corner doohicky and in the caption! You could even go so far as to contact the artist and find out if they have a preferred way for people to share their art, or a link they could give you to a professional page or something.

Life for artists online is not easy. Fan artists on tumblr, tattoo artists on face book, even makeup artists on instagram, all have probably dealt with unscrupulous people stealing, miscrediting, and flat out plagiarizing their work. I know blogging for most of us is not exactly a career in the making, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t hold ourselves to anything less than the highest standards of honesty and integrity. Artist give us all a gift and a part of themselves when they create and share their works. Art is special. It’s a record of who we are, the values we hold, what builds us up and tears us down again. Treat it with respect.

And remember: everything you do, do it well and with kindness; then you will have nothing to ashamed of. 

So, I did some googling, here’s how to get rid of that personality test spam if you did the thing:

  1. go to the little person shaped drop-down menu and click settings
  2. click on the apps link on the right hand side
  3. scroll down a bit, you should see the personality test there, just hit the X on the right to delete the app

hopefully that stops this for good and you guys won’t have to keep seeing it on your dash <3

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Do you watch Cacophonyanddiscord? They're an amazing cosplay channel who does cosplays like Adventure Time, Attack on Titan, there's a few gaming videos.... They're awesome and you should check them out cause funny videos and friendship👍 just thought I'd tell you that

I don’t usually watch cosplay channels, but they look really interesting! Anyone out there who likes cosplay, check them out!

What's Your Ship?

So, I have a question for you guys; I’m not a huge shipper when it comes to Adventure Time, and I tend to stick to what I think is good art, regardless of the pairing depicted. What I want to know is, what ships/pairings/OTPs/couples would you like to see? I’ll do my best to find good artwork or videos or whatever of that couple, if I can. Thanks :)

Hi, everybody!

I was hoping you guys could do me a favor. Please like this post if you’re an artist on tumblr who posts adventure time art. You don’t have to strictly post adventure time related art, just be sure I can somehow search for it on your blog. As some of you know, adventuretimeandahalf is a side blog of mine, so it won’t show up as a follow. So, I’ve decided to start tracking artists’ blogs and checking in periodically for new art! The problem is, of course, I need blogs to track, hence the whole liking this post thing. I want to make sure original artist’s content gets noticed while remaining properly credited, which is why I don’t repost from deviantart anymore. Thanks, guys!