Liasanya, by Leo Black

I feel like the best mages to work with are the humble ones, and Lia here in no way strikes me as the arrogant or flamboyant type. To me she looks like the competent, somewhat extroverted type who enjoys working with others but functions well enough on her own. It was interesting that Leo referred to her as ‘semi-elf,’ which suggests to me an elven ancestry through a grandparent at the most recent. While I’ve never seen fiery, red hair on full-blood elves, it seems to be pretty common among half- and partial-elves.

In addition to my penchant for confident redheads, I think it was Lia’s smile that drew me to her character. She has a very sincere and open expression, and I find it hard to imagine her not being of the Good alignment. Additionally, I like the all-around practicality of her travel dress. Leo refers to her simply as a mage, which tends to suggest wizard or sorceress, but I can see her outfit working for a cleric or traveling priestess, or even a druid with connections to a decent tailor.

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On "Adventuresses"...

From time to time I read something that makes me go “AAARGH.”  One of those things was this article.  I wrote a comment which I left “awaiting moderation,” but my response was never published.  

There were several things that irked me, one of which the author of the article thinks that Arthur Conan Doyle was a feminist and very progressive for his time.  Makes me wonder what the hell did she read.  ACD, like many men at this time, was chivalrous towards women, which mostly meant that he was condescending.  Women at the time were believed to be incapable of taking care of themselves, not too intelligent, and too emotional for things like voting people into office.  ACD was an against the women’s suffragist movement (he didn’t believe women should vote).  He was however, for equal divorce rights for women, because he worried about women being attached to drunk and abusive brutes.  So not a complete chauvinist pig and neither a complete feminist.  But he was a creature of his time, and that *has* to be kept in mind.  

The biggest beef most people have (and so does the article), is that BBC Irene Adler went from being an adventuress and Opera singer to a dominatrix in Moffat/Gatiss’ version of Sherlock Holmes.  From which I get the really strong impression that new and younger ACD readers don’t understand the context and the language of the original Sherlock Holmes’ stories.  When it came to matters of sex, Victorians avoided dirty words like the plague.  They preferred to be as delicate as possible and use words with double meanings.  A so-called “Adventuress” at the time, was a cleaner term for a courtesan, or a “loose” woman who won the favors of rich men.  A sluttier version of a Geisha, if you will.  Some of the Adventuresses of the time, also had low-level or “exotic” talents (dancing, acting, singing).  But ACD did a favor to Irene Adler by making her actually talented.  Not only that, ACD made her immensely clever, and a *decent* woman by marrying her off at the end of Scandal in Bohemia.  I can’t stress the word “decent” enough.  It’s positively necessary to point out how much marriage makes a woman respectable.  Not *independence*, but her contract to a man and her subscription to her “female duties.”  I don’t see how the original ending and the original Irene are more “feminist.”

Current BBC Irene as a dominatrix, was not a whim, was not thought of in a vacuum.  It came from scholarship and historical analysis of ACD’s Sherlock Holmes stories.  Moffat/Gatiss could have made her a high class prostitute who’s a world class pool player, but instead made her into a dominatrix.  A position in the sex industry that (is considered) attracts more intelligent, strong-willed people, and where penetration is not necessary.  If you ask me, they made Irene Adler classy as hell.  A profession that is in her own terms, and she didn’t run off as the wife of a man in the end.  Well, maybe he did sort of run off with a man (Sherlock) in the end…  The only HUGE difference from canon, that I could see in the BBC version, is that it’s Irene who’s noticeably infatuated with Sherlock, and not vice-versa.  In ACD canon, Irene has no feelings for Sherlock whatsoever.  She goes, “See ya suckers!” and Sherlock is like, “Well, at least she won’t be up to no good.  Gawd, she was hot.  Urm, I mean, an intriguing member of her sex.”  And Watson is like, “No, no, no, no, no.  You’re a superior being with no pesky intrusive emotions, you can’t have a boner over a *girl*!?!”  Well, that’s how I read ASiB, and if you don’t choose that interpretation… Welp, whatever. 

There’s plenty of interesting books and literature out there about Arthur Conan Doyle and Sherlock Holmes.  I’ve been digging stuff here and there, as well a historical accounts of the time.  Some stuff is old and out of print, which is a shame.  

Asami, by Astri Sjursen

Whatever part of the Legend of Korra fandom you follow, I think you have to admit that Asami Sato has class. For starters, I love that she’s a true Renaissance woman. She’s a pilot, racecar driver, businesswoman, adventuress, martial artist, inventor, philanthropist, industrialist, engineer, and even a soldier and a resistance fighter when need be. Asami is tough and intelligent, and I truly admire that at no point in the series does she play the damsel in distress. Whether against chi-blockers, renegade earth-benders, or mecha tanks, Ms. Sato is never afraid to mix it up alongside the rest of Team Avatar. She kicks as much ass as anyone except Korra, and does it without their vaunted bending abilities.

Secondly, Asami is incredibly selfless and dauntlessly loyal to her friends. She sides with Avatar Korra against the Equalists, despite being a non-bender (and despite other reasons I won’t spoil here). Though heiress to the Future Industries corporation and an engineer and businesswoman in her own right, Asami is willing to put her work aside to accompany (or even chauffeur) Korra and the others on their latest adventure to save the world.

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Live & Local 5: New York Public Library


Welcome all to the latest edition of Baker Street Babes Live and Local: New York Public Library Edition!

This June, Babe Lyndsay was honored to be a guest panelist for a fascinating discussion of the Holmes mythos at the Mid-Manhattan Library.  Helmed by the erudite and charming hostess of the monthly ASH Wednesday meetings, noted Adventuress and Irregular Susan Rice, the panelists engaged in a rousing discussion of all things Holmes, followed by a sprightly (occasionally very sprightly) audience Q&A.

Otto Penzler is a longtime Baker Street Irregular and world-famous editor of mystery fiction.  His brick and mortar store, The Mysterious Bookshop (located in downtown Manhattan) is a Sherlockian’s Mecca, and he yearly contributes to the BSB’s Daintiest Thing Under a Bonnet Charity Ball.  He is also the editor of Lyndsay’s upcoming short story collection, The Whole Art of Detection: Lost Mysteries of Sherlock Holmes.

SJ Rozan, a former architect, is the author of fifteen crime novels and around four dozen short stories.  She is an Irregular, and has won the Edgar, Anthony, Shamus, Macavity, Nero, and Japanese Maltese Falcon Awards, to name but a few.  A tireless volunteer for Mystery Writers of American and Sisters in Crime, SJ is also the former president of the Private Eye Writers of America.

Lyndsay Faye is a Baker Street Babe and shameless nerd you can learn more about on if you’re not already all too familiar.

Hosted by the NYPL and programmed by Mystery Writers of America NY Chapter, please join us for a rollicking conversation regarding All Things Holmes!


Lyra and Thistle, from Daughter of the Lilies, by Meg Syverud

I pretty much instantly fell in love with Meg’s lovely fantasy/adventure webcomic, Daughter of the Lilies. It’s a smart, sometimes satiric take on the standard motley-crew of slightly dysfunctional adventurers story. I love stories and characters that play upon and play against genre archetypes and tropes with equal skill. Meg’s comic does this extremely well and maintains a strong balance of action/comedy/drama.

Daughter of the Lilies takes place in a fantasy world where magic is a part of everyday life and fantasy-adventurer tropes are legitimate job descriptions. The four lead characters are fairly well-balanced adventuring party, featuring an orc barbarian, elf archer, mostly human fighter, and a hooded mage. While the male fighter and barbarian are the heavy-hitters in the party, I appreciate that the ladies in the story are by no means weak and don’t take a back seat to the blokes. Not all writers have that kind of integrity, not mentioning any names (you know who you are).

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Day 2 New Hampshire Adventuress

We went up to the White Mountains and saw the lookout and the Flume. We got food at the Tilt N’ Diner, returned to downtown for pokemon adventures, then finished up out at the Beech Hill farm to eat ice cream and pet goats. Meredith thought he loved her but he just wanted her ice cream.

Also I wrote most of that fic while in Vienna so you can kinda see where that whole middle part came from. It includes a mention of one of my rare OCs… the infamous Fräulein Ulrike Bauer, Rose’s 19th century Austrian socialite and certified Adventuress gal pal.

My Thoughts

Well today was ok but last night i cried, i didn’t know the pain i would feel would hit this hard. however, i would not change anything because i got 2 months with amazing girl called Bella. she is una bella donna, a sexy Latina, smart, wise, funny, a good cook, playful, loves to capture the moment, amazing in bed, caring, kind hearted, at times stubborn, loves children, going to be a great mother,  adventuress, loves to travel, loves animals, loves poetry. writes poems, loves to ride roller-coasters, a nerd/geek, loves Italian food, always has faith in me, always wants the best for me, and there is so much more about her. these last 2 months were the best memories that i will cherish for a life time. right now im trying not to cry, but, when i think of her its hard not to cry. the reason why is because i love her. however, i want the best for her and she need to do what makes her happy. so lets change the subject, i went rock climbing today and kind hurt both of my arms but they are fine now. i took her advise and stretch for like 10 mins. and climb for give or take 2hrs. i plan on getting back into shape and getting tan ^.^. oh yeah i joined CSADD for the navy and im still working on IDW. so i guess this is good night and also Bella if you are reading this i hope today was a blessing and brought a smile to your beautiful face and Goodnight sweetie TI Amo Bella sweet dreams.