If you haven’t heard them, you should!!


Black Lake // Durmitor, Montenegro // AdventureSoul Set #005

Along our journey we picked up some fellow adventuresouls hitch hiking. They joined us for a few days, and one of the great adventures we had together was rowing around beautiful black lake high up in the mountains of Montenegro. Neither the scenery nor the company could have been better for this leg of our vanventure.


Raspberry Pickin’s // Lovchen, Montenegro // AdventureSoul Set #003.

From high above a mountain cliff, Dustin spotted a possibly perfect camp spot for the night. We drove down the mountain side curve after urge making our way to the field of wildflowers.

The spot was even better than we expected when we found raspberry bushes hidden amongst the wildflowers. We picked away, eating the delicate and delicious berries as we went. Moments like this make me more and more grateful for this place called earth.


True AdventureSouls Lauren and Dana took a trip to the Pacific Northwest this month. Their video has us dreaming of road tripping back in the States. Keep up the #adventuresplorin you two.